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  • flag Delhi

    Utkarsh: 2016
    in: Dirt Jumping

    8514 views | 31 comments | 62 faves

    Pedalers Village
    akshay chaudhary

    "The Playground" Diwali was just around the corner, being the festival of light it signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance and i wanted to create an image wishing everyone around the world a very Happy and prosperous Diwali, although i failed to complete this image as it got really technical and i messed up lighting the rider hence its low on action. There were fireworks involved and a lot more stuff but just couldn't bring it together, learnt from my mistakes, will definitely be producing crazier images with newer concepts(enough with the mushroom soup).

  • flag Half Moon Bay, California

    filmdrew: Misc-photos
    in: Street/Park

    10202 views | 17 comments | 40 faves

    allan cooke

    On a hot, hot day in North Carolina, Allan repeatedly pedaled into this monster jump over his house. After a few scary bails, he landed his 360 whip. Camera: Kodak disposable Film: Kodak B&W 400 Edit: unretouched

  • flag Victoria, British Columbia

    revelco: LAPSE
    in: Dirt Jumping

    11548 views | 30 comments | 97 faves

    Photo by: Toby Cowley

  • flag Ölgii

    joeyschusler: FlashesOfTheAltai
    in: Freeriding

    7063 views | 10 comments | 70 faves

    Altai Tavan Bogd
    Mason Lacy

    Images from Joey Schusler's Flashes of the Altai article.

  • flag Nelson, British Columbia

    lisamadleine: Freeride-Mountainbike
    in: Freeriding

    3988 views | 4 comments | 56 faves

    Shitaka Trail
    Jeff Herb

  • flag Revelstoke, British Columbia

    longwheelie: POY-2014
    in: Freeriding

    5254 views | 7 comments | 69 faves

    Boulder Mtn, Revelstoke
    Stu Dickson

    You know you are railing hero dirt and maxing it out when you get a perfect double-tire spray on the way out of a corner. A shot similar to this one ran in the Bike Magazine Photo Annual but this one is my favourite from that day. I can clearly remember the sound of Stu's tires railing the dirt and seeing the perfect outline of both tires pop at the same time as my flash.

  • flag Whistler, British Columbia

    mike-gamble: 2016
    in: Freeriding

    7095 views | 14 comments | 27 faves

    Stone Loam
    Ruben Guibert, Neve Abraham, Felix Abraham

    The 3 Bromigos shredding a fresh loam line.

  • flag Hanksville, Utah

    diamondbackbikes: DB2016
    in: Freeriding

    6453 views | 10 comments | 43 faves

    Mike Hopkins

    Photo by Bruno Long

  • flag Cogolin

    Variable-Visual: Led-It-Out
    in: Dirt Jumping

    5955 views | 11 comments | 21 faves

    Andres Biersteker

    Led It Out project with Andres Biersteker full story video / photo

  • flag george

    InsideLinePR: Cape-Pioneer-Trek-Stage-1---Giraffe-encounter
    in: XC Riding

    35362 views | 42 comments | 194 faves

    Gondwana Game Reserve

    Stage 1 of the Cape Pioneer Trek international stage race in South Africa took riders through the Gondwana Game Reserve where some competitors had a close encounter with a giraffe. Photo credit:

  • flag Nitra

    EwiaProduction: ewia
    in: Freeriding

    6893 views | 11 comments | 29 faves

    Jakub Béreš

    Another day, another planet. #LIFEofKUBO // photo @ewiaproduction

  • flag Järvsö

    emrikjanssonphotography: 2016-JBP
    in: DH Racing

    4159 views | 3 comments | 58 faves

    Niklas Wallner

    Orange is the color of this season...

  • flag Lyon

    JbLiautard: 2016
    in: Dirt Jumping

    3031 views | 4 comments | 37 faves

    Bibi's Ranch
    Mehdi Gani

  • flag Virgin, Utah

    parisgore: Rampage-2016-Day-1
    in: Freeriding

    5129 views | 4 comments | 84 faves

    Darren Berrecloth whipping into the sunset.

  • flag La Chaux-de-Fonds

    malikmtb: Other
    in: Street/Park

    6045 views | 7 comments | 40 faves

    Malik Jeannet

    Semifinalist at Red Bull Illume 2016 in "enhance" category. // The family team teamed up for this shot. // Rider : Malik Jeannet @malikjeannet Photographer : Benoit Jeannet @benoitjeannet . The photographer himself upload this photo into that account, that we are both using.

  • flag Retallack, British Columbia

    Margus: Hofffest-2016
    in: Freeriding

    5520 views | 7 comments | 74 faves

    Retallack Lodge

    Hofffest 2016

  • flag Kranj

    berto1969: All-Mountain
    in: Freeriding

    9817 views | 21 comments | 123 faves

    Šmid Blaž

    For a long time we planned this steep technical mtb descent from 2k high peak in the Alps which we visited mostly in the winter. We start our descent just before sunset when the light was warmer and softer. Lake Bled can be seen in the background.

  • flag Vancouver, British Columbia

    brycepiwek: 2016
    in: Freeriding

    11270 views | 12 comments | 100 faves

    Freeride Lives
    Dylan Sheffer

    Happy Thanksgivin'er from Canada

  • flag Moscow

    stupendousman: Season-2016
    in: Freeriding

    4413 views | 18 comments | 53 faves

    Moscow river jump
    Kirill Benderoni

    Benderoni is working on some crazy stuff again! We shot this stepdown flip for a big article in Freeride Magazine Germany, back in july. He has some more spectacular plans for this location, so just wait a bit and see :)

  • flag Gloucestershire

    davidarthur: Whyte-G160
    in: Bikes - Freeride/DH

    2936 views | 6 comments | 10 faves

    Whyte G-160 RS

    Whyte G-160 RS

  • flag Virgin, Utah

    mdelorme: rampage-numero-dos
    in: Freeriding

    12442 views | 15 comments | 180 faves

    Aggy was up sending it early in the day, then hit up an afternoon session.

  • flag Barcelona

    lisamadleine: Freeride-Mountainbike
    in: Freeriding

    5806 views | 5 comments | 66 faves

    Red Bull Rampage
    Graham Agassiz

    5 days to go and it´s on again! Stoked to see who is gonna take the win!

  • flag Fuerteventura

    lunatyk: dirtjumping
    in: Dirt Jumping

    13422 views | 32 comments | 161 faves

    Blake Samson

    superman // published in men's fitness //

  • flag Trysil

    emrikjanssonphotography: 2016-Trysil
    in: Freeriding

    6144 views | 9 comments | 30 faves

    Steve Murphy & Lina Skoglund

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