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Snapshot: Whistler, BC with Robin O'Neill - Video
21 Jun 2016
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In this Episode: Robin O’Neill learned to bike and ski in the Whistler Valley, and both sports gave her an endless appreciation for the beauty the area provides. Nowadays, she’s a professional photographer making a living by capturing that same beauty. In search of images for Freehub’s Photobook, Robin heads out to Micro Climate, one of Whistler’s premier trails, with Jesse Melamed, Dylan Wolsky and Sarah Leishman. The weather’s a bit variable, but a little artificial lighting goes a long way and being in good company makes for inevitable success.

Robin O Neill behind the lens for Snapshot Whistler BC with Robin O Neill

Snapshot is a Freehub original series focusing on four different photographers and the communities in which they live and work. World-class photography is a mix of amazing locations, unique characters and capturing the moments that happen in between. This series tags along with some of the world's best photographers in the Sea to Sky corridor and provides a glimpse into the way they operate while documenting the area’s remarkable trails.

Whistler mountain biking trails

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Defining the Cup, Episode 1: Amanda Cordell - Video
6 Jun 2016
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Defining the Cup: Episode 1: Moab, UT with Amanda Cordell

In this Episode: Amanda Cordell prepares for the first stop of the SCOTT Enduro Cup in Moab, UT with a few days of practice on the course. Some windy weather mixed with back pains force Amanda to abandon her camping plans and retreat to a hotel. After a good night’s sleep, she prepares for race day with stretching and a good breakfast before heading off to battle the course’s slick rock and sandy corners.

Amanda Cordell at the first stop of the SCOTT Enduro Cup in Moab UT.

Series Description: In the simplest sense possible, racing is all about who’s the best. However, the end results or final rankings are not always what’s important, it’s that personal limits are pushed, and everyone is competing for themselves, not just a spot on the podium. Defining the Cup is a series that follows four racers, Amanda Cordell, Stan Jorgensen, Teal Stetson-Lee and Sonya Looney, along four stops of the SCOTT Enduro Cup, documenting their personal experiences and racing philosophies.

Stay tuned for more episodes of Defining the Cup throughout the summer.

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Episode One: Made With Love, Devinci Cycles - Video
23 May 2016
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Mountain bikes have come a long way in just a few decades and now a process that was once trial and error is a dialed system, equal parts science and art. Devinci Cycles, based out of Chicoutimi, Quebec, is a company that takes pride in their locally sourced aluminum, in-house fabrication, and rigorous safety standards, all of which culminate in high-quality frames with a well-deserved “Made in Canada” sticker. Take a look at every step of the process, from design to powder coating, in this episode of Made With Love.

Manufacturing—most people don’t think of it as glamorous, but there is an allure to it that inspires and drives creation. The process and production behind modern mountain bikes and their associated products is an art form in itself, one that captivates both bike nerds and bike jocks alike. Made With Love is a series designed to capture the literal nuts and bolts upon which our sport is built: The components and people that bring bikes from the assembly line to trail.

Stay tuned for more episodes of Made With Love throughout the summer.

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Forest of Progression: Old Growth Culture Meets New Age Riding - Video
2 May 2016
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The Sunshine Coast is slowly making waves in the mountain bike world. Just a short ferry ride away from Vancouver, British Columbia, the coastal towns have witnessed logging, fishing and mining industries both thrive and dive. In the midst of all this, there’s been an insurgence of trails everywhere, from logging road networks to old landfills, that have caught the attention of the communities and riders alike. Nowadays, the weekends see a mass-migration of bikers to Coast Gravity Park and pickup trucks filled with bikes getting on their second ferry to Powell River. Tourism has become the area’s newest industry, one that is welcomed by the communities and thankfully has no signs of slowing down.

This video complements our print story Forest of Progression: Old Growth Culture Meets New Age Riding from Freehub Magazine Issue 7.1, which is on newsstands now. Pinkbike readers can save 40% on a one-year subscription with our Shared Reader Discount.

Old Growth Culture Meets New Age Riding

Gibsons mountain biking trails

Roberts Creek mountain biking trails

Sechelt mountain biking trails

Powell River mountain biking trails

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Defining Home with Jill Kintner - Video
23 Feb 2016
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HOME // Episode 3: Defining Home with Jill Kintner — Presented by Maxxis Tires

In this Episode: In the final episode of HOME, Jill Kintner rides one of her favorite backyard trails in the Chuckanut Mountains. She pins the straightaways and takes the high line in a fashion that can only come from knowing every turn of the trail. A little extra inspiration comes from a simple question: "What would Bryn do?"

“Home” is a term that has a very solid meaning, yet the concept itself has a very loose structure. Home is a place. Home is people. Home is a trail. Bryn Atkinson and Jill Kintner recently moved to Bellingham, Washington, where all of these aspects converge into a community that matches their own passion for riding. Some things about their new locale might take some getting used to—like 34-plus inches of annual rainfall—but it’s all these elements together that make it what it is: home.

Watch HOME // Episode 1: Defining Home with Bryn Atkinson.

Watch HOME // Episode 2: East Side Adventure with Jill Kintner and Bryn Atkinson.

Continue the story in Freehub Magazine Issue 6.4. Pinkbike readers save 40% on subscriptions.

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A Casual Afternoon with Kelend Hawks - Video
9 Feb 2016
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A Casual Afternoon with Kelend Hawks: Spring Cleaning on Rainbow Road

Last spring Freehub Video Director Chris Grundberg spent an afternoon in the woods testing out a new sensor in the RED camera. However, friend and test subject Kelend Hawks' idea of "keeping it causal" usually translates to "sending it" for most normal people, especially on the perfected jumps of Rainbow Road. The resulting footage was too good to be forgotten on hard drive, so Chris put together a short edit of Kelend nonchalantly cleaning every jump and berm on the trail. Enjoy.

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East Side Adventure with Bryn Atkinson and Jill Kintner - Video
26 Jan 2016
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HOME // Episode 2: East Side Adventure with Bryn Atkinson and Jill Kintner

Episode 2: Jill and Bryn pack up the Sprinter for a weekend adventure to Washington's east side. The destination is Angels Staircase, a 23-mile trail that loops through the Methow Valley and climbs more than 5,000 vertical feet. Topping out at just over 8,000 feet, it's the highest singletrack in the state and has the extraordinary views to prove it. This being a "relaxing" weekend and all, the two opt for a smaller loop around Eagle Lakes before returning to the van for some much-deserved tacos and camp vibes.

Series Description:Home” is a term that has a very solid meaning, yet the concept itself has a very loose structure. Home is a place. Home is people. Home is a trail. Bryn Atkinson and Jill Kintner recently moved to Bellingham, Washington, where all of these aspects converge into a community that matches their own passion for riding. Some things about their new locale might take some getting used to - like 34-plus inches of annual rainfall - but it’s all these elements together that make it what it is: home.

Continue the story in Freehub Magazine Issue 6.4. Pinkbike readers save 40% on subscriptions.

Feature Article from Freehub Magazine Issue 6.4.

Enjoying Angel s Staircase

Photos: Sam Saimo

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Northern BC’s Bike-Powered Renaissance - Video
12 Jan 2016
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The recipe for a good party is pretty simple: good people. Any time there’s a group of quality human beings, good times are likely to ensue. When mountain biking is added to that mix, not to mention a week-long road trip through Northern British Columbia, it’s one hell of a party. The idea was to explore some of the province’s small towns that are aiming to revitalize their tourism industries and specifically working with mountain bikers to make this happen.

Kelli Sherbinin of Endless Biking crosses a creek on the way to Cronin Pass outside of Smithers BC. Photo John Wellburn

Kelli Sherbinin of Endless Biking crosses a creek on the way to Cronin Pass outside of Smithers, BC. Photo: John Wellburn

The results have been impressive thanks to the effort the small towns of Prince George, Fort St. James, Terrace, Smithers and Burns Lake have put into their surrounding trails. The seed has been planted and all of these areas have become home to riding that rivals many of the well-known meccas in the province, with more on the way. The only thing left now is for everyone else to realize it.

The crew takes a short break to take in the views on the way to Cronin Pass. Photo John Wellburn

The crew takes a short break to take in the views on the way to Cronin Pass. Photo: John Wellburn

Continue the story in Freehub Magazine Issue 6.4. Pinkbike readers save 40% on subscriptions.

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Home: Episode One, Bryn Atkinson - Video
28 Dec 2015
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“Home” is a term that has a very solid meaning, yet the concept itself has a very loose structure. Home is a place. Home is people. Home is a trail. Bryn Atkinson and Jill Kintner recently moved to Bellingham, Washington, where all of these aspects converge into a community that matches their own passion for riding, which is where this new video series from the guys at Feehub Magazine begins. Some things about their new locale might take some getting used to, especially for an Australian like Bryn (like 34-plus inches of annual rainfall), but it’s all these elements together that make home what it is.

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A Few Thousand Miles To Go - Video
11 Dec 2015
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"A Few Thousand Miles To Go: 200 Year-Old Tire Tracks with Mike Hopkins on Montana's Continental Divide Trail"

Back in July, the Freehub crew joined up with Mike Hopkins to ride a 26-mile section of Montana’s Continental Divide Trail. As fate would have it, this five-man, bike-powered expedition passed Montana’s Lewis and Clark Pass on July 7, 2015, 209 years, to the day, after Meriwether Lewis passed it on his journey back east. The trail winds through Helena National Forest and passes over nearly every kind of terrain, from expansive ridges and burnt forests to steep scree fields. With the help of Pat Doyle from Bike Helena and Emmett Purcell from Prickly Pear Land Trust, the route was planned and supplies were stashed. The following days consisted of every type of weather imaginable, mixed with plenty of grueling climbs and exhilarating descents. The small-scale expedition provided a glimpse of the area’s endless terrain, and the unwavering quest for discovery that was required of early adventurers.

200-Year-Old Tire Tracks with Mike Hopkins on Montana s Continental Divide Trail
  To continue the story, pick up a copy of Freehub Issue 6.4, the Adventure and Escape issue. Filled with trips from around the world, the photos, and stories are sure to fuel your need to get out and adventure, whether it be in your backyard, or on the other side of the globe.

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"Buy One, Gift One" from Freehub Magazine
2 Dec 2015
Buy One Gift One is back for the holidays For the month of December when you purchase a print subscription to Freehub Magazine you can send a gift subscription to a friend for free Treat yourself and send a gift all at once or double your gift buying efficiency and send both subscriptions to friends as gifts. The choice is yours Tag your friends and let them know you want Freehub Magazine this holiday season. Warning New issue day may cause your pet to resent you but don t worry it s only temporary .

"Buy One, Gift One" is back for the holidays! For the month of December, when you purchase a print subscription to
Freehub Magazine, you can send a gift subscription to a friend for free! Treat yourself and send a gift all at once, or double your gift buying efficiency and send both subscriptions to friends as gifts. The choice is yours! Also, be on the lookout our for Issue 6.4, our Adventure and Escape Issue, on newsstands and at on December 8th. (Warning: New issue day may cause your pet to resent you, but don't worry, it's only temporary).

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Finding Enduro with Chris Johnston - Video
23 Nov 2015
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In this episode: The love of riding bikes and the notorious loam was all it took to get Chris Johnston to British Columbia, Canada. Originally from Wellington, New Zealand, Chris grew up in an active family, where there was always an element of competition. This drive transferred well into mountain biking and he's been crushing everything from the Enduro World Series to chainless downhill races since he started competing. However even after eight years of podiums, he hasn't forgotten what brought him to the Sea to Sky Highway. Whether it's Crankworx's Canadian Open or his backyard trails, Chris is always riding fast and loving every minute of it.

FACES” is a four-part series dedicated to telling the stories of four Race Face athletes, looking at what drives them to race and ride as well as what drives them, in general, life. The series covered a variety of team members, spanning all ages, riding styles and genders. Check out the first three episodes here:

Lorraine Blancher
Dylan Sherrard
Wade Simmons

Title image by Dave Trumpore.

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Video: Shredding on Rainbow Road
10 Nov 2015
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Shred edits are one of mountain biking’s purest forms of stoke. No interviews, no B-roll, just a trail and a rider—or four. However there is so much more than meets the eye, a long story behind the slow-mo and cuts. In this particular case, it took six months of hauling dirt, shaping and busting ass. Another long day of filming: hiking the trail multiple times and lugging pounds of gear. These gentlemen, along with the help of a few others, started the initiative. They single handedly scoped, dug and perfected this trail, turning dreams into reality. It is truly a work of art, and the proof is in the way they ride it.

Riders: Andy Grant, Spencer Baldwin, Dylan Evanger, and Scott Scamehorn

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Video: Riding Pisgah - Exploring Western North Carolina
20 Oct 2015
(Password protected)
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This video is password protected.

For each volume of our photo book, we choose a destination that is a microcosm of highly renowned trails and Pisgah National Forest is no exception. However words and photos can only go so far, so in collaboration with our photo book, we continue the story here, talking with the locals and touring the riding destinations. While the trails are certainly one of the biggest factors of any mountain biking community, they would simply be dirt paths if it weren't for the after-work warriors, the local shop employees, the young groms, the advocates and the local brews. So welcome to Pisgah, a unique place of Southern charm, wild geography and serious mountain bike fanatics. — Presented by New Belgium Brewery

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Freehub Magazine's Pisgah Photo Book Out Now
13 Oct 2015
Freehub Magazine Vol. 6.2 - Pisgah Photo Book on sale now

The Pisgah Photo Book, an inspiration for adventure.

As Freehub's second annual photo book hit newsstands and mailboxes last week, the trails of Pisgah National Forest will have a new level of exposure. While some people might say, "There's no such thing as bad publicity," most mountain bikers would probably disagree; no one likes crowded trails. However, the photo book is so much more than trailhead directions or elevation statistics. It's a visual guide to one of the country's premiere trail networks, giving a sense of the playful riding and glory dirt. It also highlights the eclectic mountain bike hubs that surround the area, including bike shops, nightlife and—of course—beer. But most importantly, it's an acknowledgement to the pioneers and current advocates that keep it all dialed.

Four local photographers, TJ Kearns, Tim Koerber, Tommy Pennick and Derek Diluzio, covered their four respective regions, working with local pros, industry insiders, and the young groms who are the heirs to these trails. This issue is an effort to capture the community that keeps the ever-growing network of trails alive in the area that surrounds the East Coast's tallest mountains: Pisgah.

While we were certainly welcomed by all the people that make this area so unique, our week of riding only scratched the surface. The twelve trails that are explored in the photo book range from classic loops to DH shuttles and lift-accessed park laps, a little bit of everything. However there are still plenty of amazing trails out there, some we were told about but didn't have time to explore, and others that were just whispers of epic descents and insider knowledge. Everyone has their secrets. So if there is one thing that this photo book is successful in, we hope it inspires those who open it to explore, be it North Carolina, or their own back yard. There's always new trails and more adventures to be had.

Views: 1,101    Faves: 4    Comments: 3

Along with our photo book, we wanted to hear what the locals had to say, so we continued to tell the story beyond words and photos. After all we've written about Pisgah's trails, there are still some inexplicable aspects, but after a few seconds of watching riders like Evan Voss and Walker Shaw rip the trails, it will all make sense. Enjoy a tour of Pisgah as both a riding hub, and a community of like-minded people, all seeking the satisfaction that only two wheels can provide.

Freehub Magazine Vol. 6.3 - Table of Contents
Freehub Magazine Vol 6.3 - Tim Koerber

Brevard, NC

Born and raised just outside of Brevard, photographer Tim Koerber is a true local. The town has firm Southern roots and is well within the Bible Belt, but once the timber industry flatlined, people became more accepting of non-traditional lifestyles, cycling included. At the heart of he Appalachian Mountains, the town has world-class singletrack right outside most people's front door, dubbing itself the 'Cycling Capital of the South'. Whether it really is, or isn't that's for the riders to decide, but the adventure within its surrounding network of singletrack, that undisputed.

Partnering with fellow locals Sarah Hill, Jon Angermeier, Bernadette Merriman and Daniel Sapp, the crew rode a few of the area's most popular trails, chasing sunsets and waterfalls. Squirrel Gap is an out-and-back loop that provides a fun combination of ups and downs, both ways. It traverses ridges and cuts through lush sections of greenery, with a unique playfulness. Next up was Daniel Ridge, another loop that winds along ridges and rivers. It's a fun mix of off-camber and rocky tech, a classic Pisgah trail. Finally, the Brevard riding tour ended with the Laurel Pilot Rock trail, a ride that gives stunning views and trail-side swimming holes. The scenery is beautiful, but the descent is beastly, filled with loose rocks and roots.

Freehub Magazine Vol. 6.2 - Derek Diluzio

Hendersonville, NC

Directly south of Asheville, Hendersonville sits equally as close to Pisgah National Forest, and thus, epic singletrack. One of the older towns of the area, many of its building date pre-1900s, however like many other nearby areas, it's recently seen a refreshing influx of bikers and outdoor-enthusiasts alike. Photographer, Derek Diluzio and NC Locals, Evan Voss, Walker Shaw, Dan Ennis and Michael Mcqueen explored both sides of I-26, the infamous DuPont State Forest to the west, and the lesser-ridden Green River Game Lands to the east.

The Green River Loop is one of the most well-known rides in the area, and after a short climb, gives way to a long stretch of singletrack, a few large rock gardens, and some technical root sections. It parallels the Green River itself before it climbs back up to the ridge for another descent. On the west side of town, the Hickory Mountain Loop provides a ride with less vert, but just as much flow. The area's dirt is also notoriously tacky. In the DuPont State Forest, Big Rock is one of the more well-known trails, and aptly named. It's got more than a few sections of slick rock that grip like no other when it's dry out, but become a biker's nightmare when the rain hits.

Freehub Magazine Vol. 6.2 - TJ Kearns

Boone, NC

Mountain bike towns always seem to have a unique draw, and Boone, NC is no exception. TJ Kearns first visited the area in 2009, and although he lives by the rules of the road, Boone is a frequent destination. The area has lush forests filled with some intensely technical trails, "The epitome of East Coast gnar," as Kearns says. That gnar also happens to breed exceptionally gifted mountain bikers, like Mike Thomas, Alex Dawson, Tim Haren, Scott Besst and Kristian Jackson. Just a few years of Boone's masterful trail work will give any rider a knack for choosing smooth lines. And although the area's home to serious gnar, it's also got a healthy share of flow trails and jump tracks, keeping anyone and everyone entertained.

The crew started at Rocky Knob Mountain Bike Park, a 185-acre park with eight miles of singletrack. Originally established in 2009, the area's been expanding ever since. After that, it was off to Wilson Creek, home of the aforementioned gnar. The area's Woodruff Ridge Trail has more than a few trail-side waterfalls and a swimming holes, the perfect cool-down for summer rides. Finally, they ended their Boone tour at Beech Mountain, where a network of trails built by Mike Thomas is the only lift-accessed ones in the area. The Emerald Outback trail delivers serious flow and sunset views, leaving little to be desired.

Freehub Magazine Vol. 6.2 - Tommy Penick

Asheville, NC

Photographer, Tommy Penick explored the trails outside of Asheville, or "Hype City," as he calls it. Over the past decade, the small town has experienced a culture explosion, meaning young professionals, art districts and a plethora of breweries. However Tommy's crowd is more established than these new residents, they've been running the trails of the nearby corner of Pisgah National Forest for some time now. Along with local riders Sam Anderson, Tim Haren, Cam Garrison, Eric Wolfe and Claire Tuttle, the six rallied Asheville's native trails that encompass everything from flowy trails to "steep, rowdy drainages (if you know where to look)," as Tommy says.

The first area they covered was Bent Creek, just outside of downtown Asheville. The area has 44 miles of trail, with every type of riding you could ask for, making it a perfect post-work destination. Next was the Kitsuma trail, a descent from the summit of Black Mountain—steep, flowy, singletrack-galore. Finally, their crew headed to Big Ivy, a shuttle that gives you two miles of pure downhill exhilaration.

Freehub Magazine Issue 6.3, the Pisgah Photo Book hits newsstands October 13th or you can subscribe and have Issue 6.3 along with 3 more issues delivered directly to your door. Pinkbike readers can save 30% with the Shared Reader Discount.

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