Just got a new job, a dream job, I'm building trail for a living now.... Really stoked, like outta my mind, helping to develop an historical camp ground with mountain bike trails, hiking trails, and all sorts of other stuff. Dream Job!!!

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bikermaniac101 PedalShopLLC's photo
Nov 30, 2014 at 9:18
Nov 30, 2014
I remember lusting over this frame, this and the Azonic Steelhead, both badass frames...

bikermaniac101 mattwragg's article
Nov 21, 2014 at 4:25
Nov 21, 2014
Pinkbike Poll: How Will You Be Spending Your Winter?
You didn't put BUILDING TRAIL as an option, I would have thought that was an obvious one but I guess not..... Now that I'm getting paid to build trail the trees where I have been working have finally shed their leaves and I am BEYOND excited to start digging in and get some DH going, its going to be EPIC!
bikermaniac101 PedalShopLLC's photo
Nov 20, 2014 at 5:33
Nov 20, 2014
Thats pretty cool man! How thick is that plywood though? Is it goin to be reinforced more?

bikermaniac101 PedalShopLLC's photo
Nov 14, 2014 at 4:30
Nov 14, 2014
Ok, well let me play the devil's advocate for a second then, is it fenced in? If not and ppl can still access it, I would look into the insurance thing.... Its kinda like the "No lifeguard on Duty" signs that are required near all pools, basically the pool is private, or you have to pass through a choke point/gate to get to it and as soon as you pass the threshold you're on your own, can't sue em cuz technically they can claim "no lifeguard".... If someone can access your land illegally and gets hurt on your stuff, unless its private land, idk, its just a weird spot for building trails. Liability has to be assumed by the builder and covered, irregardless of where/how/when etc.

bikermaniac101 PedalShopLLC's photo
Nov 13, 2014 at 5:50
Nov 13, 2014
May as well take the time to make it sustainable, wood you have to replace, dirt and rock is MUCH easier to maintain. I had to learn this the hard way, I learned how to build trail fast, but not very sustainable. Yeah it may take longer to build it, but the end result will be worth it, the trail I'm working on right now we're aiming for a minimum of 20 year lifetime..... So I'm having to go back in some sections and put the time in, its kind of nice, taking the time, to do my best work, and create something that is going to last! With that being said though, you could make a frame out of wood, to start the process, but I wouldn't make another hit out of wood, plus when it comes to insurance the more mother earth you use the better off you are. McKay insurance out of Nashville, TN is one of the leading "extreme sports" insurance companies, and they won't insure wood, but if its made out of rock and dirt, its covered!

bikermaniac101 PedalShopLLC's photo
Nov 12, 2014 at 4:57
Nov 12, 2014
Looks like that lil wooden ramp could be hucked, I been waitin on the leaves to fall before I start movin dirt on some DH, got some new property near Chatty (600 ish acres with 750vert ft)! Eventually we will open to the public with DH, AM, old school XC, hiking trail, "geriatric walking paths" (what I'm building right now) and a music venue for 20K ppl..... STOKED!!!!

bikermaniac101 Filp's article
Nov 10, 2014 at 6:11
Nov 10, 2014
Video: From the Supermarket to Madeira Island
Dude is so fast, he shreds like there is no tomorrow! Stoked now, need to get back on the DH sled real soon its been too long!!
bikermaniac101 mikekazimer's article
Oct 24, 2014 at 7:16
Oct 24, 2014
Pinkbike Poll: Mountain Biking - What Should it Cost?
It really depends on what you want, does everyone need to buy a brand new bike, no, definitely not. I like building my bikes, I've got a 6" AM build in the other room for $1500ish, used parts go a long way, and the "new technology" isn't so new and life changing that you have to have it, the same bits can be had several years old for sooooo much less money. Being smart with your build and using the resources that we are given as mountain bikers goes a long way and you can have a lot of bikes for cheap. The industry is going towards the more expensive carbon shit, and thats great, if you want to race, I don't, I just like riding my bike and am not afraid to push if my bike doesn't handle climbing well.
bikermaniac101 MikeZinger's article
Oct 5, 2014 at 21:09
Oct 5, 2014
JumpShip 2014 Practice
Sooooo change the name if there's no boat.... I mean, they didn't even get creative with the boat idea, two barges? Jumps back and forth across a water gap? I mean, if you're goin to step it up at least keep the water aspect, that was the cool part!!
bikermaniac101 dbaker's article
Sep 26, 2014 at 4:44
Sep 26, 2014
Red Bull Rampage 2014: Just the Tip - Day 1
Seriously? I thought riders wanted to go back to the "old school ways" no wood, all natural and stuff, and now they're out there with rock saws and generators? That seems so backwards to me, its not a freakin park trail, its FREERIDE, you got your shovel, and your mattock and your water and build crew, not making a freakin Buttah Pak line for your boys to train...... Ok, over and done with the rant, well kinda, Tippie made a good point, "It looks like ya'll have been out here for 3 years" Freakin new venue, great, just took three years off the life of this "zone" good job, so much for old school.
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