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forkbrayker ReyGaetan's article
Nov 14, 2014 at 3:47
Nov 14, 2014
Video: Remi Thirion Gets Loose
goddamnflinkiblip video, that got me so stoked to go riding then i looked out my window and its hosing it down, its 11:45 and not even light yet. more of thse pinkbike, to get me through the winter!!!!!
forkbrayker mikekazimer's article
Nov 7, 2014 at 0:42
Nov 7, 2014
Five Ten Impact VXi Shoes - Review
hmmm. i have used fivetens for severeal years now. I usually get a season (9 months) out of the older impacts, before the sole resembles butch the dogs plaything. whilst other friends of mine get 3 years. but i do ride a lot...typically 15hrs a week. i got the new fvivetens 1 month ago and whilst they are better in nearly every respect, i have two issues. 1... the sole is already looking knackered after appx 25 hrs use, and 2 - the edging just before the toe cap is peeling away already. i have contacted my seller and i need to send photos then a warranty may be on its way. but i do know someone else who's edging came away after 2 rides (same as me) and if the durometer of the sole is lower then i can't see the wear issue being resolved at all. can see me trying the specialized ones soon.. at least the crappy cardboard midsole seems to be changed to some kind of plastic foam now.
forkbrayker LeeDevelopment's article
Nov 3, 2014 at 0:42
Nov 3, 2014
Video: The Welder
amen to that. being a firefighter i got a million stories of that nature. put plainly. i ve always found that the more dangerous something is the more attention you pay to your vulnerability, thus the safer you probably are - the more PPE/safe protocols you have the less attention you seem to pay to looking after yourself. of course theres no accounting for plain ineptness/stupidity. FTW, ftw. i got an old spooky frame from you that needs welded, but that frame was da bomb before i chucked some big forks on it lol.. keep it real Frank. and thanks for being one of those guys!!!!
forkbrayker laurenjenkins's article
Oct 24, 2014 at 11:40
Oct 24, 2014
British Cycling will not back Enduro for 2015
hmmm, not sure what it means...does it mean the enduro race organisers have to find another insurer to avoid getting sued if someone crashes after having only one practice run?....could be more expensive than the current BC insurance. what about support. Ive recently got super lucky and secured a sponsorship with Bianchi bikes for Enduro racing for next year i was asked about getting a UCI race licence...which I don't think I can get as the EWS isn't UCI sanctioned, but on the back of that if there's not even a BCF backing in my country for the event will new companies to the sport shy away....hopefully not as the participants will vote with their feet showing where the passion and spending is happening. good things of course are freedom to do what the organiser wishes for their enduro race. making things much more fun hopefully allowing this niche aspect of bike racing to flower in its own retarded way.....more crazy ass tracks hopefully
forkbrayker dbaker's article
Sep 29, 2014 at 0:38
Sep 29, 2014
Red Bull Rampage 2014: Wil White
i feel for him but yeah his attitude is a bit low. picking your battles is definitely the best advice on this thread. as for being noticed, just being 1% below the capability of the top guys puts you out of contention at events like this, its truly top tier at this level. probably the top 0.01% of cyclists and the top 0.1% of mountainbikers at this event. He needs to have a better way of promoting himself. he should get the respect he deserves at this level this level he has to seriously earn that respect. Think of all the riders from over the past decade, how many have gone from obscurity to fame just through their own promotional videos. The net today is the best medium to get who you are and what you do across to the masses and interest the sponsors. its a dogs life, not everyone can have a 1 in a million chance like Basgiota at crankworx.
forkbrayker longnguyen's article
Sep 20, 2014 at 10:47
Sep 20, 2014
Day 2: DH and Legends - Kamikaze Bike Games
hmm....something fishy going on here, has waki hacked the pinkbike mainframe and removed all evidence of a good banter?
forkbrayker longnguyen's article
Sep 20, 2014 at 3:39
Sep 20, 2014
Day 2: DH and Legends - Kamikaze Bike Games
yeah bro, thats like that gnarly day i had last winter where the trails were too dry to ride skids properly, as i rounded past this damned smooth bit, 4 smoking chicks in bikinis jumped out,...bikini's duuuude in middle of winter WTF it was like 20 degrees or something unbearable like that, so as i pulled a rad to the power of sick bunny hope (nope, bunny hopes aren't gay) past them they all cheered and sprayed cans of monster bull over me, jeez, some of it even went on my disco brakes, which sucked, as i couldn't slow properly for the next corner and hit like 90kph, wind flowing in my hair .. just the long bits hanging out of my carbonstickered helmet, not that i have a mullet, its more like a ratboy thing but short at the front,. any way the hair flapped about and obscured my vision which meant i hit this small jump and aired for like 40ft. the chicks though this was cool and said i should enter some Zakimaze race they were going to, but i was like na! i dont like blue skies and fast trails with chicks holding cans of monsterbull as it distracts from my riding. plus i aint got monsterbull logo for my bike, i had one it was special edition tin model, but some kid beat me up holding a banana...i though it was a gun, but it was a banana. i know it was a banana coz i ate it after the kid ran off with my logo. anyway all that aspirational shit does my nut in. so i just went home and sulked.
forkbrayker laurenjenkins's article
Sep 20, 2014 at 3:24
Sep 20, 2014
Results: Kamikaze Bike Games - Kamikaze Downhill Race
not enough 'slo-mo' for his next teaser
forkbrayker laurenjenkins's article
Sep 20, 2014 at 3:23
Sep 20, 2014
Results: Kamikaze Bike Games - Kamikaze Downhill Race
out of interest why the minutes difference between nearly everyones first and 2nd runs? 10-15secs i can understand but a minute??? was it something to do with the format of the race? like no chain on first run and... um... no brakes on second run lol
forkbrayker laurenjenkins's article
Sep 20, 2014 at 2:47
Sep 20, 2014
Results: Kamikaze Bike Games - Kamikaze Downhill Race
GREG HERBOLD!!!!! no freaking way, life in the old H-Ball yet
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