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Freestyled in the mid to late 80's, raced BMX 2 years in 90-91, bought my first MTB in 91.

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oldschool43 pinkbikeaudience's article
Jul 30, 2014 at 9:03
Jul 30, 2014
Course Preview Released For the 10 Rider Mass Start Downhill Race
I always thought the Kamikaze downhill should have been a mass start of 20 and have rhythm sections, step ups, step downs, doubles, triples and a quad only a few people would attempt.
oldschool43 rachellefrazer's article
Jun 27, 2014 at 10:19
Jun 27, 2014
Kitsbow Women's A/M Softshell Short - Review
That price does not include the chamois/liner either. It's $170 for the liner. That would make it $439. Our company is doing work for them, thought "Cool. I'll check them out".. Total shock at the price of a 2 piece short. That's a full Fox kit, jersey, short with liner, helmet, socks, gloves AND a pair of 5-10's. Good luck to them I guess.
oldschool43 ClayPorter's article
Jun 17, 2014 at 12:53
Jun 17, 2014
Won't Back Down - Online Premiere
This makes me feel old. "Back in the day" was when I started. "I had that helmet, those gloves, those shoes... Am I that old?" Guess so.. Haha
oldschool43 brule's article
Jun 4, 2014 at 7:18
Jun 4, 2014
Video: Singletrack High
I got "when are you going to grow up and get a car" all the time from everyone when I was in high school. I was into freestyle in the mid to late 80's and wanted to ride in other cities, like Chicago or Milwaukee. So I basically bought a car to drive to new riding locations. My driving friends would see me riding 40 miles away from home, ask "When are you going to get a car?" I say "I have one, how do you think I got here?". But I didn't just get a car. I bought the biggest, cheapest car I could find that had the biggest trunk (boot for the rest of world) a Golden 75th anniversary Limited edition 1978 Lincoln Continental 4 door!! Everything was gold, inside and out. Best part, paid $120 for it in 1987. No rust, 460ci V8, 21 feet 6 inches in length. And the best part, could fit 3 bikes in the trunk and close it, even with a full sized spare tire.. I've since moved on to pick up trucks as my transporter of choice. Still ride if I don't have to drive. Ride my supermoto if I need to drive somewhere. America doesn't have bicycle friendly roads, so it's safer on a motorcycle, but if could, I could get a 5 mile mtb ride on the way to my 15 mile ride to work. But with roads with no shoulders, I don't trust cars and it's the same stretches of roads where cyclists are killed every year.
oldschool43 JGSConcepts's article
Apr 16, 2014 at 7:14
Apr 16, 2014
Video: DH Winter Bike Race At Alyeska Resort
It was a straight line event the first year, then it became a slalom event. The last year they had it, it was on the boarder/skier cross course. Think Palmer and Giove won it. They didn't have it after that because the ice they used for that course made for some crazy crashes. Think someone even broke his back when his front tire slipped on the lip while trying to jump a triple at like 35mph.
oldschool43 mikekazimer's article
Apr 14, 2014 at 10:54
Apr 14, 2014
RSD Bikes Triumph Hardtail - Review
700D was a mess. We were a GT shop and had some 700D's in there, but dropped GT a few months later. No spare rims or tires in our stock. Talk about angry customers. You can still find NEW 700D's. They go for $160 each for basic gumwall.
oldschool43 mikekazimer's article
Apr 14, 2014 at 10:18
Apr 14, 2014
RSD Bikes Triumph Hardtail - Review
@justgiveme.... Yeah, Cotic only moved up in ht size so taper forks will fit, not really a functional move. My BFe front end is stiff, even with the old 1/8, that's more from the oval top tube.. Think the straight 44mm ht they use on the new BFe was a prediction that steer tubes would end up a straight 1.5 steerer for 150mm+ forks. 1.5 were available around 2010, when the new BFe would have been designed. Only boutique bikes and a handful of mass produced bikes would fit straight 1.5 forks and could make a return someday. I heard the 1.5 crown's were a bit lighter and the stem area was stiffer, but everyone was up in arms because nobody had 1.5 frames, headsets and stems.. Good thing no one has come out with a new wheel size the last year or so, could u imagine the uproar that would cause? @z-man My 853/631 frame is really nice. Everything a quality steel frame should be. Can only imagine how much nicer a full 853 Soul would ride like. I hear you can feel a difference.
oldschool43 mikekazimer's article
Apr 14, 2014 at 6:41
Apr 14, 2014
RSD Bikes Triumph Hardtail - Review
Cotic had a taper headtube last year. Steel tapers are pretty new and rare. Mine does not have one and I looked for a steel frame with a taper 2.5 years ago, no luck. RSD came out a few months after I bought my Cotic BFe and had an oversized headtube. If I had walked into a bike shop and paid retail for my Cotic BFe, I'd have paid $4800. But with some killer online sales and slowly buying parts I spent around $2500. Yes I do feel kind of bad not supporting my local shop, but having bought 10 or so bikes from them in the past and seeing what they had on the floor and what they could order, I choose have an XTR/XT, Marz 55 Micro Ti, matching Hope hub/brake equipped bike for the same price as a SLX/XT Fox bike. And I paid for it when I had the extra money, not in a single purchase. A Cotic is rare in my neck of the woods, but that's part of what a boutique company offers. Just a frame that you can build with what you like or a parts spec to get the ball rolling. I could have just done a parts swap and saved $1900, but I built it my way. If you add $500 to the total price of the Triumph, most fs frames are $1500+, the pricing is in line with some fs bikes of the same spec. Does that mean it's overpriced? I don't think so, it's a steel frame that will likely last years past what most fs bikes will and cost $0 in maintenance. And a 160mm hardtail is a fun ride, climbs like a goat and is always ready to go.
oldschool43 pinkbikeaudience's article
Apr 8, 2014 at 8:17
Apr 8, 2014
FOX Unveils a New 36 RC2
Wonder if Marzocchi will go all Specialized on Fox for using an arch that resembles the classic M-arch?
oldschool43 RichardCunningham's article
Mar 26, 2014 at 9:07
Mar 26, 2014
First Look: SRAM Guide Trail Brakes – Power, Precision and Control
That's cool. I wasn't so concerned about weight, more function and easy bleeding and they are kinda rare in my neck of the woods. The lever adjustment is awesome. Had 2 pairs of Hayes and ran 2 pairs of Avids and they required something every couple months. Borrowed a pair of XT's and they were nice, but the rear needed a bleed after a winter of 60 degree days and 10 degree days. I bled them fine, but thought "Why hasn't someone made brake's that bleed like a car or moto". Tech's came out a few weeks later, watched the "How to bleed" video, bought them that day and have never regretted it. Can change the contact and reach if it's cold or warm. No bleeding or air in the lines in 3 years!! Nice to because my Cotic has matching hubs, rotors, levers, res caps. Maybe it's a good thing they aren't popular...
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