Getting too old to keep throwing myself about like a madman..... but that doesn't stop me doing it!

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orientdave mikekazimer's article
Oct 15, 2014 at 20:58
Oct 15, 2014
DVO Emerald Inverted Fork- Review
Dan255, You sold it within a month? I am interested to hear how you arrived at that decision so quickly.
orientdave orientdave's photo
Oct 3, 2014 at 13:18
Oct 3, 2014
Oh, did we have a time with you there! Shazam, Jedi Mind Trick, Superstar were just my kind of riding, and with so much less of the attitude of other, more famous shall we say, bike parks in BC. The jersey is still going strong over here and has been responsible for many a conversation that started with "You went to Silverstar?". Hope all is well over there!

orientdave redbullbike's article
Oct 2, 2014 at 21:29
Oct 2, 2014
Video: Brendan Fairclough Finals Run POV - Red Bull Rampage 2014
"Still seems like they judge it like a slopestyle on the side of a canyon". I couldn't agree more. As an example, Andreu's line was amazing!! From 0:23 of his run down to about 0:59 on his POV it was smoother on the surface than a three year old's peachy bottom. It was a testament to the builders as much as it was the rider! I'd like to see Darren Berrecloth on the judging panel.
orientdave lindapaluc's article
Oct 2, 2014 at 18:16
Oct 2, 2014
Video: A Girl And Her Bike Are A Wonderful Thing Part Two
Cheers ericbs. Enjoy your day too. As you say, great video!
orientdave rasoulution's article
Oct 2, 2014 at 8:18
Oct 2, 2014
MUST WATCH Video: Danny MacAskill on the Edge of Cliffs
Some of those exposed ridges actually made me feel queesy!
orientdave dbaker's article
Oct 2, 2014 at 1:31
Oct 2, 2014
Endless Biking: Where Have All the Ladies Gone?
Great article as ever Danielle. At the risk of being attacked by some of the less open minded members of the PB community, I strongly believe that there is a case to suggest that one of the reasons that "the aggressive nature of downhill riding" may not be appealing to all is that there are very few examples in the mainstream media of women taking part; no-one knows about it essentially. Where I live in Japan you would forgive young girls from thinking that their sole purpose in life is to be "kawaii" (read cutesy), develop painfully thin looking legs, shop, shop and shop some more and then eat dessert at an up-market restaurant, whilst at work the glass ceiling ensures you serve tea in the office until the boss suggests to you that its time you got yourself married off (yes, it is a gross over simplification however what is served up in the media bears a remarkable resemblance). So come on Fox, NBC, CNN, BBC, Channel 9, CANAL give the girls some more coverage: young women won't go DH racing unless they see some!! For those of you here who know the Japanese media, wouldn't it be great to give the anchor roles to more women on news, sports and current affairs shows, rather than their all to common current role here of "nodding sycophant" whose brief is to look around at the men talking whilst proffering "ums" and "ahhhs" and never be asked for their opinion.
orientdave lindapaluc's article
Oct 2, 2014 at 1:05
Oct 2, 2014
Video: A Girl And Her Bike Are A Wonderful Thing Part Two
ericbs, Your contributions, expressed in the ways you have chosen, tend to weaken your arguments. Do you disagree? If so, could you explain how they do not. As others have pointed out, and with whom I agree, your choice of phrases has led to your argument becomming weak. You could make your points, which are points worth making, with much more effect if you refrained from personal attacks on people.
orientdave lindapaluc's article
Oct 2, 2014 at 0:58
Oct 2, 2014
Video: A Girl And Her Bike Are A Wonderful Thing Part Two
Hi Bruccio, Agreed. It is that simple, and as you say, that is all part of being a parent, hopefully a parent that encourages his daughter to try out lots of stuff and believe she can do whatever she wants without falling prey to peer pressure. It is really difficult at times, and frustrating, to see children being so confused, and I think that is a good word to describe what I see in my own 10 year old daughter, confused, as to what she herself should be doing or how she should be acting. There is, to me at least, signs of conflict within her about what is 'good' to do, how is 'good' to act. Often this conflict seems heavily influenced by the media. It is what it is right and we do our best to help her find meaning in it. ericbs. Could you explain? As far as I understand it, a hypocrite is someone who espouses one course of action in others, yet follows a different course of action themselves. Could you explain to me how my comments on your contribution here are as such?
orientdave lindapaluc's article
Oct 1, 2014 at 17:54
Oct 1, 2014
Video: A Girl And Her Bike Are A Wonderful Thing Part Two
Yes, this. "brianasaursus's name and profile picture speaks for itself" Weak.
orientdave lindapaluc's article
Oct 1, 2014 at 17:20
Oct 1, 2014
Video: A Girl And Her Bike Are A Wonderful Thing Part Two
"...... so she doesn't think she needs to be sexy in order to get positive attention". Agreed Layman, 100%. I am struggling so hard with my 10 year old daughter to try and find her positive images of women (especially in mainstream Japanese society/media) that do not require one to conform to the current view presented in the same of "what a woman is" as a pre-requisite for any kind of success. However, and this point is a general one made for the benefit of all readers, it is not a direct response to you Layman, so please do not take it as such, do not for a moment think it is only girls under that pressure; we are all, regardless of gender, subject to it. Subsitute "rad" for "sexy" above and nothing changes except the gender of the person being told how to act. I find the image portrayed of male mountain bikers in the media, especially on places such as PB, is that if you are a skinny, lycra-clad XC rider, you are somehow inferior to anyone under the influence of Sean Palmer, Troy Lee or anyone who has spent many an hour getting inked, ripped, who whoops alot and throws three's off everything and anything. The atmosphere here on PB requires one to have a thick skin in the face of the crowd. Unfortunate, but a reality. It can get frustrating sometimes yet, I live in the hope that there are enough of us around in the world who can, though how we act towards and treat the people around us, show young people that you can, if you believe it, succeed, even if you do not conform to how society wants you to look and act. Go on kids! Go do it. Here are some heroes for you: http://www.pinkbike.com/u/brule/blog/video-singletrack-high.html
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