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WAKIdesigns ollyforster's article
Feb 13, 2016 at 8:05
1 hours
Randoms - The London Bike Show 2016
Thank you for answering Olly. It is incredible that the market is flooded with 2.3" versions in all disguises and wheel sizes, but 2.5" in 27,5 aren't to be found anywhere. I guess it will be Specialized Butchers for me then... I guess Maxxis won't cry because of that :D
WAKIdesigns ollyforster's article
Feb 13, 2016 at 4:57
4 hours
Randoms - The London Bike Show 2016
Olly Foster - thanks for the great report, now, Have you maybe asked Maxxis when will 2.5" Minions Exo be available in Europe? I need theeem! Two more weeks and I'm buying fully available Specialized rubber instead... Damn you Maxxis!
WAKIdesigns paulaston's article
Feb 13, 2016 at 2:33
7 hours
Do You Replace Your Helmet After an Impact? - Pinkbike Poll
No helmet will ever PREVENT concussion, it is impossible. It takes you several meters to accelerate your bike, body and brain to a higher speed and helmets are only around 2 inches thick, with 1,2 inch of compression zone to decelerate your brain at best. But stating it like that on it's own that helmets are not preventing concussion is extremely inconsiderate as it insinuates that helmets's are useless and protect only against abbrasion. There are some dumb people out there and they may easily misunderstand what you are saying. Children from 7 to 35 are particularly susceptible for such things. Every helmet decreases concussion to a certain small degree, with MIPS and 6D doing it better. I can't tell you to what point but anyways it is simple physics once you can understand vectors and forces. It is not just about EPS foam, it is about helmet sliding on your head redirecting part of the force in other direction. If you have no helmet your brain will move inside the skull and smash it from the inside in exactly same point where the force was applied during the crash. Therefore the only thing decreasing that force is resistance caused by fluid between brain and skull. Finally skull fracture is an important factor in head injury and helmets totaly help with that, by distributing impact area to a wider surface on skull. While I am not sure if riding in crashed helmet is thaaat bad, riding without one, definitely is Very bad mmmmkay? Same goes to people who ride regular DH park and Enduro competitions in Enduro or pisspots helmets since Enduro and Slope Style became popular. Protecting chin and against skull fracture matters. It does.
WAKIdesigns mikelevy's article
Feb 12, 2016 at 14:08
19 hours
Just Relax Already - Opinion
Can I be on EPO and testosterone instead?
WAKIdesigns zeman's article
Feb 12, 2016 at 13:11
20 hours
Beskidia, the Movie - Video
Yeaaaaa! My home town REPRESENT. Super Trail Brothers rock, amazing job with tracks guys! Kuba Gzela, amazing movie, you are probably better than this Kabat dude ;) Great stuff, very heart warming to see this movie and then to see it on front page of Pinkbike. Murzyn na glownej - ale jaja hahah
WAKIdesigns mikekazimer's article
Feb 12, 2016 at 11:59
21 hours
SRAM Announces NX 1x11 Drivetrain
I can't eat mushrooms, I get visions that my arse is Niagara falls or my mouth spits out diced carrots and tomato skins. Play Karaoke from Miley Cyrus "Wrecking Ball" and sing with me: My arse is like a waterfaaaal, when diarrhea hits me hard, all I wanted was to eat that tart, all it ever did was, purged me, yea it, puuuurged me. Then I wake up under some porch in the city center, covered in my own sick
WAKIdesigns mikelevy's article
Feb 12, 2016 at 11:48
21 hours
Just Relax Already - Opinion
Bladi bla, don't you have any other argument than: "why don't you ride moto?" I will tell you why, because I don't want to get injured and I hate fear, adrenaline rush is not worth shittin myself if I'm going too fast on a 100+ kg machine that can brake my leg just by tipping to the side after losing balance. I hate the thought of riding a motorcycle with cars around, I played too much GTA to realize how easy it is to die on a fricking two wheel thing that easily goes above 60MPH. No problem with cars or geared gokarts but I hate motorcycles. Also motorcycles ruin trails unlike motor assisted pedalling. So to sum it up: I love E-Bikes, they are an honest representation. Of what people try to achieve by upgrading their bikes with new forks, wheels or drivetrains. Aaand I didn't want to start a war but some unfulfilled frustrate had to come and state his infantile opinion based on nothing in a way typical for a teenager enslaved by hormones. You may as well say E-bikes go to hell - Allah Ackbar. It would be equally intelligent :) Peace!
WAKIdesigns mikelevy's article
Feb 12, 2016 at 10:56
22 hours
Just Relax Already - Opinion
Yaaaawn... You were saying... You are bummed that it is illegal to burn witches isn't it? :D but if you must know, yes I will be testing an Spec 6Fattie Turbo Levo this year, you'll be able to read about it. I'll PM you! :D
WAKIdesigns mikelevy's article
Feb 12, 2016 at 9:19
24 hours
Just Relax Already - Opinion
Wow properp, something tells me, that there are very, VERY few people, who are aware of your labeling system :)
WAKIdesigns mikelevy's article
Feb 12, 2016 at 9:11
1 days
Just Relax Already - Opinion
The best thing is to change between riding with faster, equally fast and slower people. Some show you what's possible, some push you and some just boost your ego. Trust me, if you have 2 or more small kids, or a super intensive job, making you a wreck of a human being, feeling completely useless: go ride with a single dude that sucks - it is the best thing that can happen to you at this stage of your life... I often ride alone, but when I do in a group these are usually much faster blokes. Once I met a random dude at similar level to mine and we rode three times together. A tiny true competitive edge made me better instantly. Then in quite dark times I rode XC with this fast I only ride park dude. He was worthless in XC, unfit and no climbing skill what so ever. He made me feel like I'm worth something...
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