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  • Canada Whistler Bike Park Crash- And then a kid got in the way

    0:26 | views: 143

    comments: 3 | favs: 0

    Reminder: Please always be aware of your surrounding while getting on a trail from where you are not supposed to. This time aside breaking my phone and knocking my head pretty hard everyone is fine but things could have easily turn out differently for both of us. Don't be the one who make it happens again next. Use your common sense on the trails.

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  • Scotland Crash

    0:30 | views: 52

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  • United States Backy fail to the max!

    0:10 | views: 162

    comments: 1 | favs: 0

    My friend just getting sendy for the boys! Rider Jake reed.

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  • Germany Manual to OTB

    0:27 | views: 211

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    As you can see, I wasn't able to land in the manual properly so I came up short into the landing and went over the bars. Luckily nothing happend and we laughed off very hard :D

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  • Portugal Fail !!!

    0:08 | views: 220

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    #fail #gap #sorrybike

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  • Syria The New Hesh

    2:19 | views: 220

    comments: 9 | favs: 3

    The bottom half of a trail me and one friend have been working for a while now, still have the whole upper section to build and a few improvements on this half. yeet

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  • United States Anthills Drop

    0:16 | views: 297

    comments: 7 | favs: 0

    After hitting this jump multiple times without a hitch I was probably due for one of these. Separated my shoulder here. Reconstruction surgery and a long road of PT. Good news is my new wheel just got in!

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  • Austria Tuck No Hander Fail

    0:16 | views: 666

    comments: 2 | favs: 7

    Tuck no hander fail @ Trail Area Schöckl never call it last run

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  • Canada Whistler A-Line Flip Crash

    0:36 | views: 715

    comments: 6 | favs: 6

    Flipping the tombstone hip on A-Line and corpsing out. Cheers to Anton Thelander for filming and running me over!

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  • United Kingdom Riley Jenner Whisper Bikes Backflip Attempt

    0:09 | views: 951

    comments: 1 | favs: 4

    Riley Jenner of Whisper Bikes attempting a backflip in the trick off at Round 3 of the grass roots race series from Downhill Freeriders at PORC.

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