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  • Canada Remy Metailler Attacks The Whistler Mountain Bike Park

    3:26 | views: 108661

    comments: 48 | favs: 2461

    Remy Metailler Terrorizes the Whistler Mountain Bike Park. Project presented By: @raceface// @whistlermountainbikepark // Production Provided By: Influx Productions

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  • Canada The Burn

    3:04 | views: 59137

    comments: 28 | favs: 840

    BC’s coastal rainforests are known to be some of the most lush and beautiful forests in the world, but this summer things changed. Everything was up in flames. This presented an opportunity we couldn’t pass up, it was time to take out the tools and load up the camera gear. Music : Paul white – Lolita Courtesy of One-Handed Music

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  • United Kingdom Rawreel - A Loose 2015

    2:39 | views: 33842

    comments: 23 | favs: 697

    A round up of all the footage on my camera from a year travelling the world racing! cheers to all involved @Loosedoglewis

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  • United States Cam McCaul - 3 Bikes, 3 Minutes

    3:00 | views: 29628

    comments: 15 | favs: 695

    On the dusty trails of Bend, Oregon, a freeride icon shows why he's regarded as one of the most consistent and stylish riders to have ever thrown a leg over a frame. In three minutes, Cam McCaul flies high and fast on three Trek models—Session, Slash, and Ticket S.

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  • France Getting Canuk’d up With ShapeRideShoot

    5:06 | views: 23067

    comments: 15 | favs: 654

    August was a really busy month for us. We spent two weeks in Whistler and then drove to Retallack and Nelson to join Kurt Sorge and the Fest crew. After enjoying the best loamy trails we’ve ever ridden in the company of the best dudes to ride with, we had the chance to spend our last couple of days riding at Coast Gravity Park. It was the trip of a lifetime and here is a recap of what happened.

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  • Canada That Whistler Feeling with Blake Samson

    3:34 | views: 27788

    comments: 19 | favs: 573

    Everyone knows that feeling you get when you first roll up to the lift station, eyes wide, heart pounding and an uncontrollable grin from ear to ear! Animal Clothing presents "That Whistler Feeling" with Blake Samson - Laurence CE -

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  • Canada Remy Metailler - Whistler Bike Park Hucks

    1:51 | views: 29987

    comments: 34 | favs: 490

    Chris Ricci and I are working on a new shredit. Get ready for some new lines. Here is a behind the scenes kind of. @remymetailler. Thanks RaceFace and Whistler for making it happen again.

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  • United Kingdom 15-Minute Post-Ride Yoga Routine

    14:53 | views: 31559

    comments: 8 | favs: 445

    This routine is designed for bikers to practice after a ride. It stretches the calves, hamstrings, hips, groin, lower back, chest and shoulders.

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  • United Kingdom The Dudes of Hazzard - The Dudeumentary, Big in Japan

    11:22 | views: 29599

    comments: 9 | favs: 291

    Off to Japan for Joe, Liam and Ferg to sample the local culture and see what excellent biking they can find. Leaving from Tokyo the boys get themselves a small van to do a lap of the island. They find some perfect trails, friendly people and secure Japan firmly in their hearts. Things went unbelievable well and a trip back is soon in order.

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