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  • Canada Organic Growth 1.0

    2:47 | views: 29775

    comments: 16 | favs: 624

    Born and raised on the coast, thriving in a healthy environment and surrounded by positive influences. Cultivating creativity, and living in the moment. Life moves fast so don’t force it. Let things flow, and do what feels right. Share the positivity and love for what you do with others, and revel in the growth of the scene that lives in our backyards.

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    1:16 | views: 11941

    comments: 4 | favs: 163

    Filmed and edited by Alan Perreard The name William Robert is not known to many. Quietly, he gets on with the job in hand, whether it’s a Whip or a Cork 720! Yeah, there are crashes along the way but practise makes perfect and this guy is quietly killing it right now!

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  • Switzerland Vincent Tupin

    1:47 | views: 13086

    comments: 11 | favs: 128

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  • United States Crawling for Mountain Biking

    11:01 | views: 11000

    comments: 1 | favs: 121

    Mountain biking finds a lot of riders in a mostly seated, forward leaning position. When you sit down your core isn’t as engaged and it is hard to not round at the lower back, which means you are creating a lot of fitness on top of a weak, misaligned core. In this video, I talk about why crawling addresses this and how it can help.

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  • United Kingdom Bernard Kerr: London Living

    3:46 | views: 48832

    comments: 22 | favs: 116

    "After an awesome time on the southern side of the world, getting back home to the UK before the World Cup season starts is an important re-set (and weather reality check) gets good quick when I turn up on my trail bike and dirt jumper...Surrey is just outside of London and has some of the most fun riding in the country..." Trail: Peaslake / Surrey Hills Dirt Jumps: The Johnpound

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  • France Remi Gauvin : Shore Play - Video

    2:38 | views: 14633

    comments: 0 | favs: 105

    The North Shore is an ideal off-season training ground for Enduro World Series racing, and Remi Gauvin took full advantage this year. Remi is a new addition to the Rocky Mountain Urge bp Rally Team for 2016. Originally from Vancouver Island, Remi has a DH racing background and gets loose-as on trail bikes.

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  • France Kyle & PEF

    4:23 | views: 12145

    comments: 4 | favs: 101


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  • Russia

    4:00 | views: 7035

    comments: 5 | favs: 98

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  • Germany Ronny-Racing Gypsy TV ep.1

    3:25 | views: 4811

    comments: 4 | favs: 98

    Gypsy TV episode 1 is live, go and check all the action!! We just had the craziest first 2 months of trippin arround europe ever and we can't wait for more... Via Vanzacs

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  • Canada

    10:03 | views: 6434

    comments: 0 | favs: 76

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  • United Kingdom Henry Kerr destroys Whistler Bikepark

    2:25 | views: 3696

    comments: 5 | favs: 75

    A wet day in Whistler with Henry Kerr sending jumps, nearly crashing and railing berms. Supported by Sick Skills, Continental, Royal Racing and Melon Optics.

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  • United Kingdom UK National DH Championships 2016

    4:43 | views: 14436

    comments: 0 | favs: 74

    The UK national championship took to Revolution Bike Park in Wales to see Greg Williamson and Rachel Atherton take the stripes. With packed fields in all categories, Sunday made for some great racing.

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  • Canada Not2Bad: Trail Shredding (Full Segment)

    3:20 | views: 41919

    comments: 7 | favs: 67

    It's not often that you get seven riders from different mountain bike disciplines shredding together in one segment. If this doesn't make you want to shred your bike, you need to check your pulse. #notTWObad

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