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  • New Zealand Eddie Masters Gets Fat

    5:14 | views: 80226

    comments: 17 | favs: 677

    Ed has taken a break from his Enduro training to focus on what he feels is a more important and revolutionary type of cycling. He has fully committed his body and soul to the Fatbiking era and will continue to eat and train as much as he can until he stands on top of the box at the Fatbiking World Series.

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  • Netherlands Thank You, Bicycle

    2:26 | views: 33238

    comments: 19 | favs: 597

    Time for a personal project! I've wanted to make this video for quite some time, but other things always found their way to the top of the to-do list. Now it's finally ready. I really wanted to create something personal, something that would really link filmmaking and the sport that brought me so much in life: riding bikes.

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  • United States Deity: My Cup of Tea

    2:15 | views: 33141

    comments: 36 | favs: 518

    Isaac Wallen shredding his local trail. Song: Children of the Grave - Black Sabbath

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  • Russia Evgeny Kurnikov • DISTORTION LINE

    5:21 | views: 28640

    comments: 9 | favs: 284

    I think everybody knows that feeling when you`re going to school, university or to work and suddenly while walking on the street you understand that the familiar part of town can be a real slopestyle object. Exactly this feeling in my mind originated the idea of creating my first video project in extreme unusual conditions for mountainbike.

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  • United States Drop fail

    0:31 | views: 115772

    comments: 65 | favs: 266

    My roommate "slow rolling" a drop.

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  • Canada L A G U N A

    1:29 | views: 32014

    comments: 36 | favs: 257

    Laguna is a set of trails on Vancouver Island built by Daniel Fleury.

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  • Poland Wasted Ground

    0:51 | views: 67090

    comments: 27 | favs: 220

    RKO, Wasted and Thug Life in one massive drop! @kawulafr

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  • United States All My Friends Suck...

    8:08 | views: 11219

    comments: 51 | favs: 188

    My friends railing our freshest trails. Dont even ask... Warning: Explicit Content

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  • Austria GoPro of the World clip submission

    1:37 | views: 3010

    comments: 20 | favs: 175

    This is my Video entry for GoPro of the World - Powered by Pinkbike. Mixing technical riding with huge drops is probably my signature style and that's why I decided to try this line. I used two different bikes and if I'm honest I haven't seen a POV video like this and I think that makes this short video so Special. Getting that line done was one of my biggest dreams since I heard of the contest. My village where I live is definitely a heaven for riding and it's super cool that I finally pulled some lines I was dreaming on since I'm a kid.

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  • United States Jump 2 wreak.

    0:08 | views: 84453

    comments: 44 | favs: 156

    Face dirt pizza Airon air off crash no bueno

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  • United Kingdom This is Holdshott 2

    4:32 | views: 8293

    comments: 20 | favs: 151

    Its been a pretty dry winter here at Holdshott so we made the most of it and did some filming over the last few months. Song is matt and kim - get it, zion i - unity @holdshotttrails

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  • Poland SEZON2

    55:22 | views: 23389

    comments: 9 | favs: 119

    is the second part of Polish downhill movie realized by Kuba Gzela. The premiere took place on 27th of November 2014 in the biggest cinema in Poland and welcomed over 800 spectators. The film covers 2014 season and captures the best downhill and freeride riders in Poland and their riding and starts abroad. Footage has been collected since April until October (40 hours of raw material) #gzelaeu

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  • United Kingdom Brendog in Portugal

    2:57 | views: 53724

    comments: 9 | favs: 108

    This winter Scott bikes rider Brendan Fairclough went out to Portugal to get some time in on the DH bike before the season.

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