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  • United States Southridge 23rd Annual

    3:43 | views: 11

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    27-34 Sport 6th place finish. 50mph winds on course, and 50mph headwind on wall. Worst race of my entire career!! Worst race course!!

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  • Italy Going Fat in Livigno

    5:45 | views: 27

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    I got to know Livigno thanks to Telemark. The first time I went there was to ski at the most famous Telemark gathering in the world, the Skieda. This video is about what happened in the same magic place with a friend of mine, Zanna. Autumn, great colours and gorgeous landscapes. VIDEO AND EDIT: Martino Vincenzi TAILORED MUSIC: Paolo Spagnolo #fatbike

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  • Italy La Grande Corsa

    5:45 | views: 141

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  • United Kingdom A Life Worth Winning - Episode 4

    20:04 | views: 2265

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    Episode 4 is the final instalment of the "A Life Worth WInning" series. Take an inside look into the homes of Loic and Loris as well as watching the final World Cup of the season unfold in the French town of Meribel. Could the team perform in front of the home crowd? Grab a brew and check out the final episode to find out... @SramMedia @LaPierre-Bikes @Dainese

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  • United States 2014 SRC 23rd Annual Challenge

    3:51 | views: 78

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    Last race of the 2014 year. Treated to 25+ MPH winds! Yay! The wind didn't effect me too badly at the start, however, when I got to the bottom (2 minute mark) I was battling the 10+ MPH head wind all the way to the finish line... *sigh* ... Came in 6th but I put together a clean run so I have no regrets... Good season looking forward to 2015!

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  • New Zealand #LUDH 2014 lyttelton urban

    4:19 | views: 18

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    lytteltton urban downhill 2014 bit of practice and race run on board with Sam Howey from Loose Riders Christchurch coming in 2nd place in open men on a sprained ankle that happened in practice.

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  • Sri Lanka Rumble in The Jungle 2014

    2:08 | views: 5133

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    A short highlights from 2014's Rumble in The Jungle! Held in the beautiful country of Sri Lanka high up in the mountains. The race spanned over 4 days with riders from 17 countries competing. Camera op: Ben Walton & Richard Lynch Edit: Ben Walton Pinkbike @benwalton

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  • United States 2013 UConn Cycling Highland & Karpuska

    21:32 | views: 31

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    Finally I have completed this girthy edit of 2013 UConn Cycling season ender. Enjoy! Note: This video presents the raw pleasure that uconn cycling is. If you are looking for some hyped up Goldstein video I suggest you pull out. 1080p wouldnt upload btw...ya'll gonna have to deal with the wrath of pixels.

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  • United States Southridge challenge

    4:10 | views: 272

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    23rd Southridge challenge @southridge_usa Glad to be racing again! #southridge #mtb #keepfitpersonaltraining #gopro #morroabaixo #lucasludolf #ludolf @freitasdh #cali #california

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