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  • Australia Stop Motion Bike Build

    1:06 | views: 595

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    Got bored while at home sick so i decided to rebuild my bike and make a stop motion video of it. Sorry the lighting is shit, will make another one with good lighting when i get my new bike.

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  • Macedonia My old hub

    0:33 | views: 211

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    Hub sound WTP Supreme

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  • Bosnia tire problem

    2:06 | views: 473

    comments: 11 | favs: 0

    problem solved :)

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  • United States fun in the snow ------again

    4:06 | views: 148

    comments: 2 | favs: 0

    showing the peeps living near the equator what this snow stuff is all about.

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  • United States Enduro MTB Training- Shoulder Self Therapy Tip #3

    7:25 | views: 332

    comments: 2 | favs: 2

    Continuing our videos on helping you with your shoulders, video #3 focuses on the big lat muscle that helps transfer power from your hands to your pedals, and also can contribute to overall shoulder dysfunction and pain. Do all 3 videos regularly for the maximum benefit! Questions- shoot us an email at or check us out at

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  • United States

    0:44 | views: 70

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  • United States BunnyHop How-To

    1:00 | views: 1879

    comments: 1 | favs: 8

    just a little how to vid

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  • United States Enduro MTB Training- Shoulder Self Therapy Tip #2

    6:28 | views: 249

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    Part two of taking care of the muscles of your shoulder to help you improve your range of motion, stability, decrease pain, and make it easier to ride after a shoulder injury!

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  • United States Enduro MTB Training- Shoulder Self Therapy Tip #1

    4:31 | views: 289

    comments: 0 | favs: 1

    IF you have any kind of issues with your shoulders either on or off the bike, then making sure the muscles that make up the shoulder are pliable and free of adhesions and trigger points is crucial. Get your lacrosse ball, follow along and do regularly! Oh and follow this up by watching video #2.

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  • United States Hip Hinge vs. Squatting - The most important lower body training video you'll see

    6:19 | views: 9304

    comments: 2 | favs: 54

    In this video I explain the difference between a Hip Hinge and Squat and how these two movement apply in the gym and on the bike. I also explain why you want command of both pattern and how we can hold back out improvements when you don't. Be sure to visit http// for more tips like this and to sign up for the FREE Trail Riders Fundamentals mini-course.

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