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  • United States Specialized P.26 AM Build

    1:14 | views: 589

    comments: 4 | favs: 2

    Rebuilt my dirt jumper and decided to have a little fun with my new GoPro. Should have set it up at a better angle. Song: Ghosts and Stuff - Deadmau 5

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  • United States Breathing and Posture Tips for Improved Cardio

    4:17 | views: 5825

    comments: 3 | favs: 20

    How to apply good breathing and posture habits to how you move both on and off the bike. You can find more tips like this at

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  • United States Punch drunk

    0:51 | views: 338

    comments: 6 | favs: 9

    Kids having a little fun with LuLu.... aka too many days off from school...

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  • United States RCF early winter

    2:23 | views: 85

    comments: 6 | favs: 0

    Had the corny idea of riding but the snow was too packy and it loaded up in the frame took quick so, no bikey but LuLu sure like it.

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  • Japan 26-inch Wheel,24-inch Wheel Comparison

    1:06 | views: 1066

    comments: 4 | favs: 3

    Thank you for seeing my video-diary. I made ​​a comparison of 24 inches and 26 inches wheels. If the road surface is a good trail, 24 inches wheel bike fun to highest !!

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  • United States Trail Side Technical Tips

    1:55 | views: 813

    comments: 20 | favs: 1

    Disclaimer --- don't try this at home without your parents consent. All conversation is matter of opinion. You might do it differently.

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  • United States Better posture with this one move

    1:30 | views: 664

    comments: 0 | favs: 6

    If you watched the last video, it opened up your chest. This video will help provide stability for your upper back and allow that ribcage to sit in a more optimal position, so that your breathing is even better than just doing the chest stretch.

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  • United States Loosen up your chest and shoulders

    3:29 | views: 533

    comments: 0 | favs: 6

    This video is one of the best stretches for the chest and shoulders. It will help you have better posture as well as maximal impact absorption for big DH hits. It will contribute to better breathing mechanics as well.

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  • United States Building

    1:56 | views: 320

    comments: 2 | favs: 1

    Just a little bit of a trail I built down in SC. MEssage me about anything biking!

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  • United States product testing

    0:55 | views: 162

    comments: 5 | favs: 0

    Just testing out

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