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  • United Kingdom Home to Roost - Episode 1: Olly Wilkins

    3:07 | views: 19897

    comments: 6 | favs: 101

    Juice Lubes, makers of all things slippery and wet for your bike are dropping in with Creative Concept to bring you the Home to Roost series - the quickest riders letting it all hang out in there favourite local spots. #hometoroost www.juicelubes.co.uk

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  • Poland SEZON2

    55:22 | views: 23086

    comments: 9 | favs: 262

    is the second part of Polish downhill movie realized by Kuba Gzela. The premiere took place on 27th of November 2014 in the biggest cinema in Poland and welcomed over 800 spectators. The film covers 2014 season and captures the best downhill and freeride riders in Poland and their riding and starts abroad. Footage has been collected since April until October (40 hours of raw material) #gzelaeu

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  • Canada Matt Macduff Hit the Roof

    3:17 | views: 35389

    comments: 30 | favs: 608

    Matt MacDuff teamed up with filmmaker Louis Lhomel and went on full beast mode to create this insane video at Joyride 150.

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  • United Kingdom Live To Ride - Blake Samson's Catalyst

    5:09 | views: 28155

    comments: 15 | favs: 242

    Blake Samson had a tough year in 2014, after breaking his leg and being off the bike for over 6 months he was able to give some serious thought into future projects. Stay tuned for a lot more from Blake in 2015. Please follow LTR on FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Live-To-Ride/146467645423724?ref=hl

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  • Switzerland Bikes on Bikes 2.0

    4:00 | views: 19473

    comments: 17 | favs: 69

    After the KTM Adventure Rider Rally, Chris joins Russell Bobbitt, Nick Fahringer, and Cole Kirkpatrick for a two-day mountain bike camping trip just outside of the Taos Ski Valley.

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  • India Riding on Thin Air: Kelly McGarry + Jeremy Lyttle Take on Khardung La

    3:33 | views: 18487

    comments: 11 | favs: 127

    Mercedes-Benz took pro mountain bikers and best mates Kelly McGarry and Jeremy Lyttle to the highest and most remote place they have ever taken their bikes: Khardung La in the Ladakh region of India - and let them have the downhill ride of their lives from approximately 18,380 feet! www.mercedes-benz.com www.colabcreative.co.nz https://www.facebook.com/kellymcgarrymtb

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  • Austria What happened last Sunday - Fabio Wibmer

    6:03 | views: 73942

    comments: 63 | favs: 1250

    Riding a mountainbike can be different when you mix MTB/Trials/Downhill and Enduro in one session. Check out my page on Facebook: facebook.com/wibmerfabio

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  • United States 10 Year Old Jackson Goldstone Jumps Mega Ramp

    2:21 | views: 94784

    comments: 37 | favs: 332

    10 year old Jackson Goldstone is no stranger to danger. For the few years he has been coming to camp he has always turned a keen eye toward the massive MegaRamp in our backyard. Used to jumping huge gaps, Jackson knew that one day he would conquer this beast. Check him out as he does just that. Filmed and Edited by @nysecretweapon Check us out at http://www.woodwardwest.com

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  • El Salvador Vaya Bien: El Salvador

    5:42 | views: 26147

    comments: 16 | favs: 170

    With no expectations and a keen sense of adventure, we packed our bikes and left Whistler to explore some of the less travelled regions of Central America.

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  • Russia Cherrybomb ep.3 – Nitro Circus and beyond

    15:52 | views: 34988

    comments: 13 | favs: 138

    Nitro Circus Live is the show that brings action sports to new levels and places it has never been seen before. Pavel Alekhin joins the infamous Nitro Family to hit the ramp in Moscow and St. Petersburg stops, but what happens next, is more then anyone could expect. Previously on Cherrybomb: Episode 1 – https://vimeo.com/67282706 Episode 2 – http://www.pinkbike.com/video/390418/

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  • United States Deity: No Trails For Christmas

    3:04 | views: 22493

    comments: 17 | favs: 166

    The cold can't keep Deity's Cody Gessel from blasting in this edit by Andy Fitzgerrell, "No Trails For Christmas"! www.deitycomponents.com

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  • Iran 17000 ft to go

    7:36 | views: 19938

    comments: 20 | favs: 51

    Same call it The axis of evil, for me it's the country with the most hospitable people ever, Iran. And it hides one of the highest descents on this planet, the altitude difference of the summit of Mount Damavand is bigger than from Mount Everest to it's Valley… Would you have the balls to ride there? On a Unicycle?

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