1999 Norco Team DH w vanilla rc


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Category: DH Frames
Frame Size: L
Wheel Size: 26"
Price: $1 USD
Restrictions: Any offer, Will consider any Trade, Local pickup only

you don't HAVE to read all of this... just know it's a clapped out '99 Norco Team DH frame, and I want you to convince me to sell/give it to you for something undisclosed in return.

This is a passive idea. In other words, don't feel obligated to take this from me, and I may not actually want you to have it, depending on how cool you are, among many other variables.

This was my first legitimate mountain bike, because I'd rather not consider my REI brand Novara hardtail, what came and broke before it, to be legitimate. Upon being a total major badass and mostly just desperate and clueless, breaking my Novara hardtail in Whistler, snapping a stanchion, tearing apart the wheels, bending the cranks and bars, popping COUNTLESS INNER-TUBES(!!!!), seizing the the headset and hubs, I got the Norco used in late 2004. If you're wondering why, I rode my Novara down Whistler because my parents wouldn't pay for the decently expensive rentals... I love them for their authoritative stance given the situation, because It's made me more of a man. It's made me into the slightly manly woman I am today.

Since I got my second DH bike in late 2008, the bike has sat in my basement, left to disintegrate. I'd made the attempt, after being slightly influenced, to lightly modify it into a chainless gravity bike. I didn't permanently alter anything. I only stripped it down, put some slicks on and flipped some rise bars upside down to get the front end low. haha. well, anyways, I never followed through with actually riding it down any long paved mountain roads as I had dreamed of... I'm just saying that I think I'd be safe with parting with this thing without feeling like I've left a gap within my practical lineup of steeds. Further plans would have been to put foot pegs on the rear axle and to replace the seat/saddle with hefty padding along the top-tube... NOPE! didn't happen... but you could still do it yourself! I'm just giving you ideas... It has been wholesomely replaced by my current beauty, a Banshee Legend II... which, unless I were to, again, be working at a bike shop, to be making a decent steady income or were to be overwhelmingly convinced otherwise, I plan on keeping the Legend for the same time and rough-n-tumble as the Norco recieved in it's hay day. just saying... I don't know why. I guess you may just like to get the life of the bike and owner before you take my baby from like, like with any adopted child.

The Vanilla RC shock was serviced right before I got my next bike. The amount of times it's been compressed could be counted with my fingers, the same fingers which did the compressing.

If you're interested in other old-school'ish parts, I also have a '99 Monster T with new-and-still-shiny black crowns. The crowns were replaced in 2007, after I'd cracked the upper of the old set. Badass? That's how I'd like to feel about it. The glossy black crowns look great with the raw legs of the fork! Indeed, it's quite the contrast between old and new. I modified a boxxer-mount FUNN stem to fit as a direct* for the marzocchi crown, so I guess I could cope with parting with that stem as well. Don't worry, the work done on the stem was minimal. I slowly, carefully and stringently reshaped the bolt interfaces for the different spacing. No, I won't guarantee it is fail-proof. That's my way of saying, "I told you, so you can't sue me." I don't have the bike with me in Bellingham, so I can't list off all of the parts that came with it, which I'd be willing to part with as well... actually, ignore that shit. I'm not selling my Monster... That thing's sick! I'm gonna go put that on my hardtail RIGHT NOW. It's still smoother and obviously stronger than half the shit out there right now! booyah... I'm keeping the old mavic rims with bombshell hubs... the front will be my Whistler wheel, the rear, my hardtail wrecker wheel! the front has ceramic bearings, so don't even try... no brakes either. or shifting. bars? I forget what they are. Actually, just forget about everything I just said in this paragraph. I'll keep it here though. I like writing/talking to myself.

alright, sooo... you're probably wondering what's wrong with it, and why I don't care what happens to it, and why I may just hang it up on my wall, to stare at and wait another 7 years to sell it to a museum as a 20 year old artifact? The rear end pivots are clapped out. the pivots can no longer be mended of their wobbly side-to-side play. The bushings wore through long before I got the thing, so the process of wearing down continued, through my riding, no matter how many times I replaced the bushings... WAHHHH!!! I know... you feel for me.

it has a 73mm bb. I'm not sure on the seapost size, so I'll throw in the seapost/clamp just to say sorry... obviously not being new* enough, it rocks a 1-1/8th headtube. Would I give you the RaceFace headset that came with it? Convince me... It has a 135mm quick-release rear end. The shifter housing guides have been drilled through to allow for full length housing. The frame has been be-ridden of the large, heavy, gray stickers on the sides. I may still have them if you want... convince me to look for them! geometry? don't make me laugh... a standard DH geometry didn't exist back in '99... probably not even up until 2004'ish? I know, there were a few that got it right... Rotec... caugh*... I don't know what that means, but it's Freeride geo, so think "stumpy" in terms of geo; shorter wheelbase, tall bb, 67'ish headangle.

It has a REAL HORST LINK!!! Braking performance is great going through the rough stuff, but you won't know it, because the hollow, kinda-one-piece frame will echo a worlds-worth of noise through the stratosphere, distracting you from any real-world, quantitative benefits coming from the otherwise high quality frame design. Do you want to be noticed? Do you like attention? Do you wear flashy colors and do cool tricks? Well, the powerful noises harnessed within the tubing enclosures will give you everything you've ever wished for, all within the dimension of noise! I know, you'd never thought of getting attention this way, but it really does work. It's great for warding slow or standstill riders off the trail, oh yeah, and bears! That's why this is the perfect whistler bike.

Enjoy my selection of pictures to post with the ad. The first head shot of me shows how much I'd enjoyed such a loose rear end. the 2nd shot of some wood shows what you can do with such a huck-fest of a bike.

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