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1flag AgentRacing6887
2flag Jaavin6657
3flag Thaleshow6589
4flag robot176587
5flag tattywelshie6558
6flag kilsby36541
7flag davzx6513
8flag Pico176510
9flag lerouge6505
10flag ciaosonomauro6503
11flag finnvanleu6496
12flag R-DH6495
13flag lizashirley6493
14flag krzychhh6479
15flag thewho076466
16flag shadowsmind6463
17flag Fran19816461
18flag MtnBear16453
19flag matL6440
20flag AlanMcCrindle6430
21flag bungalow6426
22flag Quinny856426
23flag onemanarmy6425
24flag yukikushima6424
25flag sloangel6419
26flag Ryno76417
27flag SpokeGuy6407
28flag happychappy796406
29flag anders-valeur6404
30flag jonnysmash6402
31flag ButtersNZ6392
32flag MarcelPatulacci6383
33flag tomprytherch6382
34flag okanna6371
35flag RonnieGee6370
36flag jon-boy6366
37flag JoelSuthO6365
38flag Bexorious6352
39flag the-deakinator6349
40flag dirty5056344
41flag ck11776341
42flag IvanMueller6337
43flag Paul4g636332
44flag Enduro-guy6325
45flag Dat-PandaDH6319
46flag cky786311
47flag descendor6311
48flag nvinish6301
49flag GipsyKing6283
50flag Cbyronoh6279
51flag sambo-r6278
52flag Lane76274
53flag bookem136271
54flag Deuce336271
55flag phil-dh-oakley6269
56flag kkelsey206269
57flag GWil6265
58flag richie716265
59flag chasingthewind6265
60flag kiklus6263
61flag AdamOdh6256
62flag TKershaw6253
63flag sommer6253
64flag Hazzard-Racing6249
65flag ta46456248
66flag Weazelmtb6242
67flag monkdog6240
68flag stormyMonday6239
69flag Tommesh986232
70flag Mntneer6230
71flag FerriThOne6226
72flag LaXcarp6224
73flag JamesWa6224
74flag FabianAffegsicht6222
75flag kingtut876216
76flag Gvus20016213
77flag chrisherondh6204
78flag hazza926201
79flag plavinas6201
80flag Fipsi6200
81flag brendannz6200
82flag Laurenrpn6199
83flag brycervan6196
84flag theblackflash6195
85flag wenschz6192
86flag steviez6192
87flag skimtb16189
88flag monz9dk6187
89flag sonora966187
90flag nicbodii6186
91flag Banislav6184
92flag OKdeeboy6183
93flag karlosfandango826183
94flag parasg6182
95flag top-fuel6181
96flag stemcaps-com6180
97flag matteoretiks6174
98flag ShreddingMolehills6173
99flag gkabush6173
100flag lucyul6172

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  • + 25
  • + 3
 did you say CATALINA WINE MIXER?!?!?!?!!
  • + 3
 Last year was 39th at global ranking, will see what happen this year, i'm tied for first place for DH and EWS fantazy league at the moment, LMAO, tooo much pressure for the french baguette i am!!!
  • + 1
 How can I get an extra $1.5 million? It's really hard with such a low bank roll. I was out of money after my 2nd pick. Had to go in and change-up the plan. I picked a few loose cannons that you can get cheap but might also surprise you.
  • + 2
 That will be the only time I see my name on the top, Lol. I was really bad at this last year.
  • + 2
 Fantasy league, fantasy bike.
  • + 2
 Maaaaaaaaa the fucking meatloaf
  • + 2
  • + 1
 What' s next to do when you choose your riders , yup first timer.
  • + 1
 I'm so poor I can only run in DH !!!!
  • + 1
 how far the results will come in?
  • + 1
 rain spoils the party. i equipped my team for the dry
  • + 1
 I really need a new bike but I have 0 chance of winning
  • + 1
 My country wasn't available so I chose france
  • + 1
 Hardtail did not survive..i have no life
  • + 1
 Even if I could win a bike,the size would be way too big for a 5'4 guy
  • + 2
 Try being a 4’11 chick ????????‍♀️
  • + 1
 i need a bike...SENT A BIG JUMP ON A HARDTAIL BROO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • + 2
  • + 1
 Will there be a fantasy league next season?
  • + 1
  • + 1
 Catalunya Racers
  • + 1
 Bring it on
  • + 1
 Begin THE SHOW!
  • + 1
 let's get the bread
  • + 1
 I want a bike
  • + 1
 i just want a bike
  • + 1
 First Brazeeel \m/
  • + 1
 Congrats on third! Just stoked to be in top 100!

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