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1flag bananito4351
2flag svenstrom4332
3flag mtb4life014320
4flag ibex114317
5flag PBNJ144277
6flag Johanvdb4262
7flag peluchen4249
8flag murphymarv4219
9flag poleczechy4134
10flag Boxmtb4133
11flag clozz4128
12flag JamesWa4114
13flag send-it-bro4100
14flag mtbikeaddict4094
15flag rob834090
16flag jkelm4083
17flag summum19944082
18flag Crossjamin4071
19flag spokeydoke4046
20flag Damo6-6-64039
21flag dolores4030
22flag mentalhead4026
23flag psauve4002
24flag DMal3930
25flag Fraenksen3926
26flag spyros23917
27flag jibbandpedal3906
28flag jayjay19893896
29flag Stainer3875
30flag merebts3874
31flag surefire323871
32flag Pedal-Bin3855
33flag lauda3850
34flag nyloracoftheshore3844
35flag MaliaMayhem163838
36flag FlorianTHT3825
37flag gggf3809
38flag Iamwarthog3800
39flag tubby15363795
40flag Gregjflynn3784
41flag JaToledo3773
42flag jake1333735
43flag Downhill-Dougie3717
44flag JordanHuschard3709
45flag viktorcsaszar3705
46flag Kerki3698
47flag rtclark3691
48flag dualcrownscottspark3688
49flag archiemarshall3670
50flag bashhard3664
51flag marcelo9743634
52flag josedominguez3631
53flag pilsz3629
54flag gammatomic3627
55flag agentM1013611
56flag Gedus733610
57flag DredRooster3586
58flag Kridesalot3570
59flag FranzvonZilli3544
60flag sluffbeardy3543
61flag JesseMelamed3529
62flag joshevs-13529
63flag fblstc3521
64flag markmcmurray3507
65flag shawn11403505
66flag Jblack893493
67flag timmyno73474
68flag tooby1113471
69flag coregrind3466
70flag mturney3453
71flag harrinki3450
72flag sspiff3446
73flag redd663438
74flag sunki3437
75flag pkezy3430
76flag robot173429
77flag trebeol3423
78flag racerfacer3423
79flag brasimon3418
80flag BikeWiZZZ3411
81flag wuhan3404
82flag Christofison3403
83flag maverickbike3397
84flag jamierussell833394
85flag benhans983389
86flag maglor3387
87flag tonittkka3385
88flag barzaka3385
89flag 1weasel3384
90flag domensta3384
91flag bigdubski3363
92flag mitochris3357
93flag exaflop3357
94flag freeskool3355
95flag BGBiker133338
96flag BrianErickson3337
97flag Jimmy03326
98flag rocoto3318
99flag Tubolito3316
100flag Segamethod3316

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  • + 10
 Just a quick advice, it makes sense to invest into good female riders, for example 4th in female gets 100 points and costs 350.000 whereas 6th in male also gets 100 points but is worth 425.000, so that's 75.000 saved for the same amount of points
  • + 4
 The coolest and fastest team in Enduro matched with the coolest and sickest people who will show steize and gnar!!!!
  • + 1
 Buzzing to see what Moir has to offer, can’t wait to get him in my team! He is looking faaaaast!
  • + 2
 Yeah Guys
  • + 1
 Looking forward to 1st race...
  • + 2
 Cant wait to race
  • + 1
 Stoked. Got zero points. Yewwww
  • + 1
 Isabeau isn't racing finale ligure, just so ya know
  • + 1
 Gl guys!
  • + 1
 Passione Enduro
  • + 1
 this is so cool
  • + 1
 dong in my mouth
  • + 0
 Hi all!
  • + 1
  • - 2
 Also hi
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