Top Ten GoPro Dirt Diaries Teasers
Time to vote on your favourite video teasers to help determine who will compete in The GoPro Dirt Diaries film event at Crankworx Whistler. Rank these teasers now and help determine the TOP 6 that will complete a 6 minute film to be shown at the massive live event at Whistler Olympic Plaza to a crowd filled with the who's who of the bike industry and to be judged by legendary mountain bike filmmaker Derek Westerlund of Freeride Entertainment.

Ranking will close at midnight PDT, July 28, 2012.

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Liam Mullany

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Views: 12,542    Faves: 0    Comments: 13


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Views: 15,254    Faves: 105    Comments: 24


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Views: 11,516    Faves: 79    Comments: 21

Scott Secco

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Views: 8,046    Faves: 1    Comments: 10
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Mitchell Winton

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Views: 12,240    Faves: 80    Comments: 15

Leo Zuck

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Views: 10,323    Faves: 113    Comments: 18

Jordan Olthuis

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Views: 7,336    Faves: 83    Comments: 21

Max Berkowitz

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Views: 13,613    Faves: 259    Comments: 41

Andrew Santos

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Views: 9,016    Faves: 77    Comments: 11

Ali Chapple

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Views: 7,516    Faves: 63    Comments: 8