Beachwood Bicycles

Name Beachwood Bicycles
Type Bike Shop, Club
Phone 732-349-2333
101 Hwy 166
Pitman, New Jersey
United States flag
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One of the premier bicycle stores in New Jersey. One of the few shops that actually has all the right stuff in stock. The inventory is second to none and with long-term employees, Beachwood Bicycles has the experience to properly guide your cycling needs.

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2 Reviews for Beachwood Bicycles

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 I have purchased several bikes from Greg and staff. Best word to describe them is "AWESOME" not only do they sell but they live to ride. I have and will continue to highly recommend them to all of my family and friends. Must see the shop to believe the selection they have in stock!
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 Owner needs to learn some respect ... Let me preface my experience with the fact that I have bought two bicycles from this place totaling over $1300 in the past 4 years... I also say this because the owner is not the one to sell me the bikes because if he had I'm sure he would treat me a lot different (then again maybe not). Three weeks ago I stopped in with my fiancĂ© because she really wanted a beach cruiser. I was told that the bike would be in within a week and that I needed to put down a deposit so they could order the bike. I called eight days after I put down the original deposit and was told that the bike had not yet been ordered because they "couldn't place it until they had more customer orders and it wasn't worth placing a special order for 1 bike unless I wanted to pay for the shipping to the store". This is not what I agreed to it all, so I called around and found that the bicycle shop in Belmar, New Jersey happened to have the exact bike and color that I had put as an order with Beachwood bicycle. I then called back Beachwood bicycle and told them that I did find the exact same bike up in Belmar and wondered if I could cancel my order... The original sales person (Chelsea) got on the phone with me and placed me on hold 4 times (she was obviously asking a manager or owner what to do) and left me on hold each time about 5-6 minutes... Chelsea then advised me that they would be able to cancel the order and that I would be refunded for my deposit... After the final hold she got back on and then asked me if it would be okay to give me back my deposit in cash so that they did not have to be charged a fee for the credit card transaction (my deposit was held with an American Express card) . Even though it's an inconvenience for me to go back down to the bike store I told them it would be no problem and I would come down and pick up the cash... Well today I went in to pick up my deposit in cash and was told by the owner that I would have to pay a 10% fee. I explained to him the situation in about 20 words and before I could finish he rudely interrupted and said "I'm the owner and it's my decision"... I simply told him "no problem I will dispute the charge with American Express" and before I was done speaking he was already looking behind me at the next customer and said "do what you have to do". As a person who owns their own business I would never treat a customer that way or speak down to someone. This guy needs to learn how to respect his customers and follow through with what he says he will do. There is nothing worst than buying from somewhere that you can't even trust. Side note, I did wind up buying the bike at a bicycle shop in Belmar and the price of the bike was $35 cheaper... As I have shared my experience with some neighbors they told me I should have gone down to Lacey because apparently the owners reputation of being a jacka$$ precedes him.
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