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Rider run mtb shop in Norwich. Sole stockist of stanton bikes in Norfolk and Suffolk

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4 Reviews for Pedal Addiction

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 I sold the shop owner, Scott Cordy, a Trek Ticket S frame over 3 years ago and have still not been fully paid for it yet. I wouldn't trust this shop with an owner like that. If anyone knows Scott, please remind him that he owes me money... as he has blocked and ignored me on all forms of communication.
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 Scott Cordy is not to be trusted. Still owes my mate money over a deal from 3 years ago
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 Some good experiences in the past. I've had a front wheel built better than I've ever seen, and some really good budget-friendly advice, leading to purchasing several upgrades from your shop over the past year or so.

But, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do the following

1. Give us itemised receipts as standard without us having to ask you further down the line for them (like every other shop). I don't know you very well, so trust just isn't enough. Something that means we can claim warranty direct to a company without having to ask for proof of purchase from you would be good enough
2. Be more beginner-friendly and less aggressive in your group rides. It feels ridiculously cliquey, and the only time I came out, you guys were all getting annoyed at me for holding you up. What did you expect if I hadn't ridden much before?..
3. Make sure you get on with your customers. A large number of people have told me not to bother with you and go elsewhere. These things spread fast, you should deal with it literally right now, rather than later.
4. Beware of Facebook. I recently saw something about foam in tyres, and also having a go at someone for not buying a bike from your shop. People have a choice of what to buy/where to buy it from and are not bad just because they have a difference of opinion. Why would I risk being the subject of one of these posts?

Unfortunately won't be using your shop again because of above. Sort these out and I bet you'll get more business!
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flag pedaladdictioncollective (Aug 21, 2018 at 12:40)
 not many companies and certainly none we deal with will do warranty direct with consumer it would always be through us thats one of the main benefits of buying from us we go above and beyond to sort any issues our customers have and pride ourselves on it.

I'm not sure which shop ride you joined on but i'm assuming i wasn't there as that never happens and i always make sure new guys who join are made to feel welcome and the pace is ok for them i often ask them through out the ride. I apologise that this is how you felt and i can assure you thats not what the rides are aimed at in the slightest all the guys that go out with us are super friendly and we have a great bunch of guys on the rides obviously not everyone are best best buddies but theres no hostility towards anyone regardless of skill level you only have to look at some of our live videos on Facebook to see that and the variety of levels of rider.

i get along just fine with my customers i'm always happy to help and often go above and beyond. Unfortunately the bike scene is pretty small and tit for tat and rumours i keep out of not that i don't know there are certain individuals who like to talk shit about me thats fine i leave them to it its upto you if you want to take notice of that and believe it rather than making your own mind up. you state at the start you have always been happy with the service you have received including a wheel build

i haven't had a go at anybody about not buying a bike from me period i have highlighted a story recently where a customer who i know well enough to share the story brought a bike online that i had in store for a cheaper price and in his own admission literally did not think of me even though he's always been happy with the service and loyal customer i was simply highlighting the fact its always worth dropping me a message to see what i have before making those online impulse purchases.

all in all apart from the receipt thing and possibly some lies you have been told i see no reason why you wouldn't want to shop with us in the future unless i'm missing something? i feel your being rather over the top yes i admit i speak my mind and thats the way i would rather be i'm straight with everyone and honest what more could you want from a shop owner?
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