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Patricio Toursbasvdl
Hi, I would like to have done this via a private message, but this is I think the only way to communicate with you. do you have a website with more information. what kind of bikes do you rent? where are you going to bike? is it all-inclusive? (think...
Sep 11, 2019 @ 4:42pm
Sep 11, 2019
Bike Colombia Clubbikingviking1
very friendly, spoke english. Riding up the longest climb in the world was incredible! #altodeletras
Jun 19, 2018 @ 7:42am
Jun 19, 2018
Bike Colombia ClubNat-Gio
An excellent company based in Bogotá that promotes everything around biking in Colombia (MTB Road, Touring). They offer tours to amazing and unknown locations, competition events that shine above the rest and even have their own Bike Magazine MontEnBike.
Mar 27, 2017 @ 10:31am
Mar 27, 2017
Paraiso Rides - Mountain Bike Tours ColombiaCyclejunky
This was an amazing experience, felt at home with the guide and truly loved the ride. This is serious Mountain Biking in one of the most beautiful regions I've been in my life. Colombian coffee cultural landscape is a very nice place for MTB lovers,...
Nov 6, 2014 @ 8:58am
Nov 6, 2014

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