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The Outdoor Gear ExchangeGnarGod
Great place! The bike mecs know what they're doing, and the prices aren't too high. They also have a huge range of gear and have almost everything and anything you need.
Mar 7, 2018 @ 2:10pm
Mar 7, 2018
These guys are awesome in many ways. My wife and I recently came into the shop looking to figure out what bike to purchase for her to help her get into the sport. The salesman was friendly, knowledgable, and had been with the shop for quite a long...
Mar 30, 2014 @ 3:49pm
Mar 30, 2014
I've been going to these guys for the past 2 or 3 years. They've always been EXCELLENT customer service wise. I've had no issues, their pricing is very fair on parts/bikes/service. They're willing to work with you to find the right size and fit, even...
Dec 17, 2013 @ 7:38pm
Dec 17, 2013

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