Being scammed over Paypal (Read 1st post)

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Being scammed over Paypal (Read 1st post)
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Posted: Jan 13, 2019 at 22:53 Quote
TJRInc wrote:
I just had someone offer to buy my bike and pay with PayPal. I received an email from PayPal stating the money had been transferred. It included extra money for shipping and Western Union charges. It also said I had to pay the shipper through Western Union ahead of time before they would release the money to my account. I looked it up on PayPal's site and it's right on their site as one of the classic scams. I also called them and was told they don't deal with Western Union and the only emails sent are to confirm an actual payment. Mother f*cker. At least I'm not witing about how I got f*cked. It just didn't smell right and this dude wouldn't answer any questions about himself or his location.

I using paypal for more then 10 years. I give you all a big tip.
Whenever you receive an email which looks it's from paypal, warning this can be a phishing email as well.

Paypal gave me a very good valid tip to recognize phishing email or a legit paypal email.

Paypal will always refer to you in their emails as Mr/Ms. ****** (your real name that you registered when you made your Paypal account).

Phishing email of paypal will always refer to you as
Mr/Ms. (registered email address name) or Paypal User

Just a tip I got from Paypal many years ago. I get many phishing emails that attempt to scam me, because of this trick I know I never got scammed.

Posted: Jan 21, 2019 at 14:53 Quote
Why don't you just log into your PayPal after you recieve an email?

Posted: Mar 5, 2019 at 15:24 Quote
Just got the same message that everyone else has received on my newly listed bike:

Thanks for your response..I'm quite satisfied with the condition and
price and I need you to understand that i am willing and ready to
purchase it right away, end the advert, consider me as your favorite
buyer. I will be paying the PayPal charges from my account and
will be paying directly into your PayPal account without any delay,
and I hope you have a paypal account. If you have one already, just
send me the address to send it to, which is the email address you use
for it or you can send me a paypal money request, so once i receive
the details i will go ahead with the payment through PayPal and then I
will contact my shipping company after you get the payment. I will
need your home address for it to be Picked Up by the Shipping

This one was from a David Gomez, or

After the first email it sounded too good to be true (the shipping company was going to bring their own box to pack the bike in!! wow! I hate boxing bikes..this is great!) so I googled Pinkbike PayPal Scam and found this thread. Seems to still be happening Smile

Posted: Mar 12, 2019 at 17:00 Quote
Anyone ever had someone from a former Eastern Block country try to buy something and use an address in Deleware?

This seems to be the street, 2213 ogletown rd Unit B, Newark.

If you put it into google, lots of complaints come up from ebay sellers. I feel bad, a guy contacted me using this address, he seemed legit, but the shadiness is still there.


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