What do you think of committed so far

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What do you think of committed so far
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Posted: Oct 20, 2010 at 7:27 Quote
Ho everyone , im researching Pinkbike subscribers opinion today.
I wish to know what do you think of all my work so far and if i got a chance at selling my frame to the mass public one day : im really trying hard to offer something out of the ordinary in the field of Dh, my fondest wish since i started was to offer a bike that would outlast his rider, something heavy duty , solid and that can be ridden very aggressively.
Since the beginning of 2010 i strive to develop something that would resist and toughen out the worst punishment someone could dish out, and for this i"ve enrolled my two cousins that ride quite hard , and with there help i was able to come out with two bikes that do the job, but lately a lot of people that were interested in my frame and wanted to buy them have decline , why is that , i know these days people want light crappy bike that dont last and cost a fortune , i really dont understand that , why would someone would waste so much of there hard earn money on something that would eventually break in there face, ??????.
I really went all out when it come to find someone that could build my frame for me cuz most of the comments i always get is my weld , so i did the next best thing and got someone else to volunteer to build my bike professionally so that i could offer a frame set that would look good and work as well as i intented, i also add up a replacable derailleur hanger (wich cost extra for me to build ) to be sure my frame would fall within acceptable perimeter, i dont expect to sell hundred of frame on my first year of production , i only wish to see my bike here and there once in awhile and see people riding and surpassing themselfs with confidence on a rock solid Dh bike and they would enjoy it year after year like a Good Norco,
so please let me know what i could improve beside all of what i mention above , as for many they ask how much it weight , both my frameset weight in at 12lbs with no shox , wich i consider if you build a full bike with good part it could reach a decent 45 lbs like my cousin bike, on this please dont spare my feeling this is research and im looking to offer what the people want , but also bare in mind that this is my design and i dont plan on doing another style of frame because i would have to sell it for twice as much i think that 1000$ for a frameset that offer ajustable shox position and if lifetime warranty is a good deal , so thank you all in advance and have a good day

Posted: Jul 20, 2011 at 5:34 Quote
wow its been 8 months since i wrote this and i didnt get a single response, there a lot that happen since this post and my bike design have improve a lot ( machine out part , computer design frame) new welder etc etc .
give me your frank opinion with what i have at my disposal and the meager budget i have , what could i improve , cheers

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