BMX tricks for any environment (long)

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BMX tricks for any environment (long)
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Posted: May 30, 2011 at 22:31 Quote
hey! so im currently in the city, I have everything from Mississauga's residential cyclist (mostly road) friendly stuff, to downtown Toronto at my disposal (short of the dirt park in high park recently torn down by Native Mohawk "canadian" liars. or pricks as I call them.) but only for a short time. Im at beginner stage, for sure. Always been a rider, was always intimdated by street and park bmx til recently though. focused on XC and drops for the most part, and as of last fall a bit of flatland.

Anyway i've always been intrigued by stunts/tricks, the whole works. everything BMX, i loved and decided, finally to pick it up for myself. I'm 20 now and have major balls so im ready to take on the pain, and thus far, me and my bike(s) have both done so.

So, im movin back to my home-town area, which has a skate park, city scape, aswell as major offroad sht that I found when i lived there. I'm really trying to find out what type of stunts I can do in any terrain.

In this thread id like to kno what kind of stuff I can do on a bmx regardless of where I am. chances are the park will be the last place I hit. I dont like groups of ppl watching me learn. by learn i mean mess up royaly lol.

So what can I do between dirt and reg street obstacles to get my techniques and tricks down? thus far, iv had no luck finding a rail (or other grind-able object) thats suitable for a beginner, which may not be the case when i move next month. Grinding has always been a high priority to me cuz it looks fun as hell. any suggestions on regular obstacles that others have found would be awesome. around here i only find rails goin down steep sets of paved steps, which i dont want to attempt yet, and unwaxed paved oversized curbs. wrecked a set of pegs on those.

Ill build dirt jumps if need be. should be easy since im moving outside of a small city. but if i have to hit the city, ill do it. All suggestions welcome! (other than quitting)

sry this is long, just thought d list off my experiences thus far. :p

Posted: Jun 1, 2011 at 20:20 Quote
manual and bunny hop as high as you can. 180s are tits too. i still won't hit a rail, they scare me. ledges all day though. wake up early and hit the park at opening, like when the kids are still sleeping. i suck and people are okay about me riding around. i'm also way bigger and more tattooed than most of the kids so they might be a little frightened...
if you have some property and some tools get some wood and angle iron and make a box that you can grind on and manual on. make it like only a little high and narrow enough you can flip it on its side if you want to grind higher. and get hub guards! good luck!

oh yeah, learn to ride fakie hella good, too. then you barspin every trick you know. and then baller status!

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