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Posted: Dec 2, 2017 at 13:52 Quote
Had to retire my Gatorskins after they got so cut up I was flatting every week, they had loads of life left in them, even the rear (on my fixie). Replaced them with Durano Plus from Schwalbe, which are heavy as f*ck but pretty much bombproof apparently. We shall see against the glass strewn shite winter roads of Essex

Posted: Dec 5, 2017 at 6:26 Quote
Been a while since I posted here! Recently started to repair bikes, mostly restoring/updating bad looking bikes to sell them as commuting bikes.

Currently working on a commuter for next year. I am on a budget and like to craft stuff, and with the risk of my bike beeing stolen, I try to spend as less as possible on expensive parts so I buy almost only used part. I won't do much more than an hour ride each time, so I cutted on quality when possible, though I tried to keep a good quality overall!

So I found a Fiori frame at a university bike cooperative, bought it for 50 bucks.
Its made for 650B tires, and I bought a set of these for 14$/tire. I had to pay 100$ for a brand new wheel set (Some basic EVO stuff)
I recovered the derailleur from and other bike I had transformed to a singlespeed, it's a Shimano 600, and I got also a 6 speed free-wheel with that. Found a seat for 10$, a seat tube from a dead bike at my father's house. Recovered pedals from the same dead bike.

Bought a used aluminium crankset, 7$, at the university bike cooperative.

I am still waiting a set of speed shifter, handle bar tape and still figuring out what wiil be my brake lever... So here is my project these times

Commuter bike in progress

Posted: Dec 13, 2017 at 13:12 Quote
Got my hands on a 2017 saggworks tarmac frameset with damaged nondrive chainstay wich im working on repairing atm.
This is my current build plans as i have a ton of crap left over in my cave.

Frameset: S-works Tarmac 2017 56cm black on black
Wheels: Zipp 404 clincher front, dont have any spare rear wheels yet but hoping to find smthn matching.
Cockpit: Enve DH bars cut to 740mm and some random specialized road stem.
Seatcombo: S-works setback post and a Fizik Arione R3
Crankset: Rotor Flow with RED chainrins (lookin terribad with aero spindle and non-aero rings haha)
Groupset: SCRAM RED 10sp gen2 FD and RD, x7 or x9 trigger shifters, not sure. Might go with 1x10 actually..
Brakes: SCRAM RED gen2 probably, not sure yet. Could aswell be DA9k
Extras: Kidture made beefy steel front rack, messlayf style!

Proper beater spec. Cool

Updating with pictures once the build starts.

Edit: build started

Posted: Jan 15, 2018 at 10:12 Quote
hey guys here are my two road projects at the moment. The Klein is being set up to compete against modern road bikes while also having that classy look. The allez is similar but with more emphasis on comfort and old school badassery lol.

to help in the comfort and weight department the Klein will soon recieve:
. Syntace P6 hiflex post
. Selle italia ti flite og
. Enve road fork
. Matching front bontrager rxl wheel
Down the road I plan to build a custom wheelset for this thing. the build:
. Dura Ace 9000 hubs, front modified to run 10mm dt swiss rws skewer
. ti spokes
. some sort of alu/ carbon ferring rims (undecided, suggestions?)

this should make for a killer setup come summer. the bike as is weighs under 18 lbs with a heavy ass fork, front wheel and seatpost. I'm hoping to be in the 15lb range when complete.
AS for the Allez, plans as as follows:
. matching dura ace brake calipers
. king headset
. wound up carbon fork
. light bicycle carbon rims with 12k weave
. sapim spokes
. hadley, profile or king hubs
. tange carbon lugged stem or if I can find one a ritchey 12k carbon stem
. Ritchey wcs carbon bars
. Specialized cotton turbos

Both have been somewhat slow builds as I spend most of my time with cars now but hey, if its nice I love to rip around on one of the bikes. hope you all enjoy

Posted: Jan 15, 2018 at 18:49 Quote
My room mate is absolutely in love with those allez.

Posted: Feb 6, 2018 at 18:53 Quote
Damn, I love that Spesh and the Klein. And all the other sexy bikes I need to look at more closely.

Sorry for the silence on the GT 700D project, i've just been busy with work/life, and broke AF.

Thanks for the handlebar suggestions guys, I've had a chance to ride a few modern dirt drop bikes, (Kona Sutra LTD, Bombtrack Hook EXT, Specialized AWOL) and I'm starting to feel a bit more confident about this aggressive flare business. As this bike is going to be ridden mostly by my girlfriend, I want to give her as much leverage and control as possible, and a nice shallow drop to keep it comfy. I thought traditional Rando bars would be good, but I think they're just too deep, as Singlespeedtoday pointed out. Also, realistically I'm going to be swapping to a shorter 80mm stem. the OEM flip-flop one is swag, but just too long at 120mm.

Here are some Bike Cad mockups of what I'm thinking though.... First is with 47mm WTB tires, and the second is with a 2.35" MTB tire. Saddle should be a little lower IRL.

Posted: Feb 23, 2018 at 15:31 Quote
Things are moving along on the Tachyon. Geek

Posted: Feb 23, 2018 at 17:24 Quote
shiiiit, thats gonna turn out nice. Im starting to develop a thing for silver and brown lol.

I also got some stuff done with the Klein, creature comfort stuff but it was well worth it. I got the syntace post, classic flite ti saddle, and an enve 1.0 fork with a 43mm offset vs 45 and all I can say is damn. Almost all the road to body vibration is gone with no reduction in speed. Also sitting at a flat 17lbs now with wheels, bar and cranks to go. Next up is probably going to be a set of the red 22 11 speed cranks with the minimal lettering, the ultegra cranks are killing my feet lol.

Also not the best pic but it captures the blues well

Posted: Feb 23, 2018 at 19:51 Quote
Yeah, I think it will. I’m not really a brown guy myself, but my girlfriend digs it, and the copper. I really am a sucker for tan walls though, especially the WTB ones.

Did the Klein have an alloy fork before? I gotta say of any bike company, Klein had consistently the best paint across their entire stable. And what bothers you about the Ultegra cranks?

Posted: Feb 23, 2018 at 20:26 Quote
alreadyupsidedown wrote:
Yeah, I think it will. I’m not really a brown guy myself, but my girlfriend digs it, and the copper. I really am a sucker for tan walls though, especially the WTB ones.

Did the Klein have an alloy fork before? I gotta say of any bike company, Klein had consistently the best paint across their entire stable. And what bothers you about the Ultegra cranks?
yeah the original one was alloy as the pro version had carbon with the wild integrated headset. As for the cranks, theres a few reasons. First being the stiffness, while on a already damped carbon frame they would be welcomed, they're just too much for the already stiff aluminum frame. My feet feel like they're riding disc sanders lol. Another thing is the 4 bolt crap that shimano uses, Id rather have a 110 bcd with a decent amount of options as well as having the dark carbon look to match everything else around the bike. Anyone want some ultegras? lol

Posted: Feb 24, 2018 at 5:26 Quote
Ah, fair enough. That frame must be stiff as hell!

Posted: Feb 27, 2018 at 6:59 Quote
New Brother All Day frame

Going to put some full mudguards and a rear rack on at some point

Posted: Mar 17, 2018 at 23:50 Quote
My current project.I was gonna mount the fenders but unsure about them now...they like to flex a bit side to side....Installed a new carbon fork and front wheel...awaiting a rear wheel to get bearings replaced. Gonna remove the canti brake posts and plug them afterwards.

Posted: Mar 18, 2018 at 11:42 Quote
Should get some better SKS mudguards, like bluemals or chromoplastics

Posted: Apr 13, 2018 at 15:42 Quote
this is a old 70s schwinn Le Tour frame i had laying around. i wanted a road bike so i figured id make it work.
Im a machinist so i machined down the head tube a little and the headset cups a little to make the bike fit a 1 1/8 threadless fork. currently machining new rear dropouts and disc tabs. also need to get QR cups to get my matching front wheel on.

need to machine the new dropouts and get some more parts
need to machine the new dropouts and get some more parts

Current parts list
thomson 100mm x2 stem
Ultegra 6800 RD
FSA 42cm bars
Shimano RS505 Levers
Mavic Crossone wheels

Parts to get
Cranks (havent decided what i want yet)
Home RX4 calipers
Hope road 160mm discs
Front Derailleur (prob a matching ultegra or maybe a dura ace)
Thomson 0 set back seat post
Light bike carbon rims laced to hope hubs(down the road once i can get this thing rolling)

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