Rockshox Monarch Plus compression tune on Ironhorse 6point frame

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Rockshox Monarch Plus compression tune on Ironhorse 6point frame
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Posted: Dec 24, 2011 at 15:07 Quote

I'm going to change the shock on my Ironhorse 6point frame, from the existing Fox dhx air. I'm pretty sure I'm going for the Rockshox Monarch Plus RC3 shock, but have a few questions about the compression tune.

On Chainreactioncycles, you have two different options in which compression tune the shock should have, regarding which leverage ratio the frame have. You have "low" and "medium" compression tune available. The Ironhorse 6point frame should have a 2:5:1 leverage ratio, and have 160mm of rear wheel travel. If I put the Monarch Plus shock with a 2.6" stroke on, it would have about 165mm of rear wheel travel. Will the leverage ratio change with the longer shock?

According to this diagram: the 2:5:1 leverage ratio is right in the middle of the "low" and the "medium" compression-tune. With 165-ish mm of rear wheel travel on this frame, what would be the proper compression tune for me to choose?

I weigh 80kgs/176lbs, I enjoy good pedaling performance on my bike, and ride hard on the downhill sections. The bike will primarily be used in aggressive all-mountain conditions, and sometimes at the bike park.


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Posted: Sep 22, 2019 at 19:54 Quote
I've always heard you're supposed to have a Low/low tune for these bikes. I think with most shocks these days that means you cannot just turn both the rebound and compression all the way out to the left. Most of the time I think you need to do something internal. Shim stacks or what? Not sure really whats involved for that. Was replying in hopes of someone more knogdeable would chim in who has a knack for these Ironhorse 6 points.

I have a ROCO coil and was looking to switch to an air because lighter and I heard this bike was not designed for coil. I have like a 450lb spring currently and still has too much sag. Going up much higher seems ridiculous but I donno. ..??

Also was wanting to know if there is much market for these bikes if fully kitted and polished raw frame, wonder if I could sell for some decent dough to fund my next bike. thoughts?

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