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RECAP: Adrenaline Festival
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Posted: Aug 9, 2012 at 19:45 Quote
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On the weekend of July 14th-15th was held the Adrenaline Festival at Sugarloaf Mountain, New Brunswick. The weather was hard to predict due to the Atlantic proximity. Luckily, the rain forecasted for Saturday was postponed to Sunday night It rained a bit on Saturday evening but not enough to change the riding conditions.

For those that don’t know, the Sugarloaf trails were made by Gravity Logic, Whistler trail builders. We rode the 9 downhill trails on Thursday. Even though the mountain is small, the trails are extremely well maintained.

Dakine Pumptrack Challenge

Anyway, the festival started with the Dakine Pumptrack Challenge on Friday evening. More than 25 riders did the race which consisted of 2 timed laps back to back. In the end, Samuel Thibault (Cycles Performance) got the win by pedaling his hardtail like a maniac. The highlight of the night was Hans Lambert (Xprezo-Borsao) with hid 2nd place on a BMX. He showed everyone how versatile he is on bikes. He does know how to find crazy lines .

Vincent Poliseno showing everyone how old-school he is

Bastien Major

Samuel Thibault

Top 5

1. Samuel Thibault (Cycle Performance)
2. Hans Lambert (Xprezo/Borsao)
3. Yann Gauvin (Kona/Race Face)
4. Marc-André Roy
5. John Cowan (Cowan Bikes)


The next day, riders prepared for the ProX Sports Air Downhill which consisted of a a race down an A-Line style track. But before attacking the course, they were invited to participate in a pond-crossing race. This event gathered more than 20 participants.

The Bromont Crew invading the pond-crossing race

"Funniest commentator of all-time": Quinn Lanzon

The goal was to cross the pond riding their bike on a pontoon less than 30cm wide built from wooden boards and tires. Hans Lambert not only crossed the pond without being sketchy. He pedaled as hard as he could to make it under 10 seconds.

Julien Laramee with the most elegant crash

Safety first

Top 3

1. Hans Lambert (Xprezo/Borsao)
2. Vincent Poliseno (Sports Aux Puces)
3. Bastien Major (Néron/Specialized)

ProX Sports Air Downhill

Pond-crossers swiped their boardshort and sandals for their full-face helmet just in time for the Pro X Sports Air Downhill to start. From Amateurs to Pros, they all enjoyed racing the dusty course. The track consisted of more berms that you can imagine and perfectly shaped jumps. Some pros even admitted touching the brakes less than 5 times. The fastest run of the day went to Hans Lambert.

Guillaume Laramee

Hans Lambert

Women Podium

1. Maguy Lavoie 03:00,220
2. Emmanuelle Boudreau (Xtreme Bike Shop) 03:02,470
3. Kate Powell 03:03,460

Amateur Podium

1. Michael Macbeta 02:44,920
2. Etienne Bloin 02:45,770
3. Marc-André Roy 02:46,460

Expert Podium

1. Christophe Perreault (Maaxx Events Faction) 02:34,700
2. Eric Beauchamp-Lachapelle 02:35,320
3. Keven Turcotte 02:36,340

Pro Podium

1. Hans Lambert (Xprezo/Borsao) 02:23,970
2. Samuel Thibault (Cycle Performance) 02:24,860
3. John Lefrançois (Cycle Néron/Specialized) 02:25,660
4. Yann Gauvin (Kona/RaceFace) 02:26,200
5. Josh Thibodeau (Mike's Bike Shop) 02:27,090

Cowan AM-Jam Slopestyle

While downhillers were practicing their whip skills on the Air Downhill track, some others were practicing their flip skills. In fact, they were dialing their tricks for the slopestyle later that evening. A dozen of Quebecors and guys fromm New Brunswick threw down amazing runs on the course made by the one and only John Cowan. The course was made on a dirt pipe and consisted of one hip, one banana wood structure, a wall ride, one more hip and a step-up. John Cowan made everyone realize he still has many skills on his carbon hardtail by doing corked out backflips. Big shout-out to the youngster Marc-André Roy who was the only competitor going huge with a perfectly executed backflip. Too bad, he landed outside of the top 5. 2nd place finishers André Martin and Devon White (yes there was a tie) had amazing runs. André 360ied the banana wood structure and was doing clean tailwhips on the last jump. Devon White got the crowd going wild with his Superman seatgrabs. Eventually, the gold medal went to Michel Bourgoin, from Nova Scotia. His run was clean from the beginning and he finished his run with 360 tailwhips on the step-up. Congratulations Michel!

André Martin

Marc-André Roy

Michel Comeau

1. Michel Bourgoin
2. (tie) André Martin and Devon White.

Vélo Xtreme Bike Shop Downhill

Finally, Sunday came faster than we thought and spectators were eager to watch the downhill race. The course was located one the Acadienne, a really tight, almost singletrack double diamond trail with more exposed roots than dirt. Even the pros had problems gaining speed outside the tight runs on the lower portion of the track. The rain on Saturday night made the dirt more tacky but the roots coming out made the whole course slippery. This event didn’t see a lot of amateurs and experts attending due to the extreme factor of the course. The times were tights as riders came at the finish line. Hans Lambert, probably furious for not having won every single event here at Sugarloaf, won by a margin of 5 seconds over Yann Gauvin.

Yann Gauvin

Hans Lambert crossing the finish line

Women Podium
1. Emmanuelle Boudreau (Xtreme Bike Shop) 02:30,390 (note: she beat all the Men's Amateurs)

Amateur Podium

1. Jason Winchester (Pro X Sports) 02:33,890
2. Gabriel lavoie 02:39,510
3. William Giasson 02:45,760

Expert Podium

1. Eric Beauchamp-Lachapelle 02:11,890
2. Christophe Perreault (Maaxx Events Faction) 02:16,040
3. Jonas Nadeau-Ouellet 02:17,540

Pro Podium

1. Hans Lambert (Xprezo/Borsao) 01:54,150
2. Yann Gauvin (Kona/RaceFace) 01:59,820
3. Samuel Thibault (Cycle Performance) 02:00,510
4. Julien Laramee (Cycle Néron/Specialized) 02:02,160
5. Guillaume Laramee (Cycle Néron/Specialized) 02:04,220

In the end, the fourth edition of the Adrenaline Festival was a great success. Mother nature was once again on our side the whole weekend. Riders, organizers and spectators all contributed to the festival to make it one of the most exciting events of the year. It was nice to visit the Maritimes and especially to meet new riders. The mountain bike scene may be smallwe here than in some other provinces but with the caliber they brought to the game, we're sure many future top riders will have Sugarloaf as their home mountain.

We would like to thank all the staff at Sugarloaf Bike Park, Dj Fiza for entertaining the crowd and riders all day long, Pixedd for being our awesome photograph, Vincent Allard for the incredible recap video and finally all the sponsors; Dakine, Major Cycles, Pro X Sports, Vélo Extreme Bike Shop and Super 8

See you next year!

Vincent Allard

Dj Fiza

The Maaxx Events crew

Posted: Aug 9, 2012 at 19:55 Quote
The weekend was simply unreal! Everything was perfect and hope to see even more persons to show up next year! This recap deserves to be on the pinkbike home page! Just wondering where can we see all the pictures taken by "pixedd" during the weekend? Also the slopestyle winner is Michel Bourgoin from Moncton NB, not Michel Comean haha...

Thanks Maaxx events!

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