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Posted: Aug 16, 2012 at 1:35 Quote
Hi all, taking price out of the equation what bike should i choose - Nukeproof Scalp comp or Specialized Demo I. Have heard really good things about the Scalp but have heard its a bit heavy and could be a bit tricky to handle at slow speed. never heard a bad thing about a Demo but it is more expensive and I suspect you are paying for the brand and hype.

Would be my first DH rig but wouldnt want to get a year in and then decide I wanted amore capable bike.

Can aaffor either at a stretch.

Appreciate any advice

Posted: Aug 16, 2012 at 2:13 Quote
I just came from a Trek Scratch, rode an SX trail before that, basically all Freeride bikes probably like you and recently just purchased the 2011 Demo 1. Also my first DH sled so hopefully I can give some advice

Obviously I know nothing about the scalp, I love the looks of the bike that's about it.

The demo though, It feels awesome man, looks awesome. I've only ridden one day on it pretty hard, and it was a little new. I rode a jump trail my first run and I was getting kicked alot more than usual..more than my Scratch for sure, I was afraid of going over the bars and I kind of shut down the jumping for that run and just rolled them. It could be the springs though, I run a 400 in the rear and soft upfront, i'm 210lbs haha, so I need to change that and hopefully that was the problem. Maybe it was just having the long travel for me, and I just need to adjust and become at home with the bike. Especially cause everyone brags about how they can jump the Demo. But the good news I have, riding the actual tech trails was amazing. On my scratch I felt like I was always on my brakes into corners and in techy sections. The demo, I doubt I needed brakes, it killed rock gardens and roots and those tech sections like no other bike i've ridden (and I rented a Session and V10 carbon at whistler). Don't even get my started on corners, compared to my friends 2010 Demo, it absolutely pins corners. It's so low to the ground, it's by far my favorite bike for riding tecnical sections and actual downhill. I'm sure the jumping will come along, but I can give a better review in like a week if you really want to know, PM me so i'll remeber. I think the jumping is just me.

Also I really liked the session if you are open, it jumped amazing at Whistler, needed no warm-up run, I just felt at home. It didn't handle tech sections like the demo, but it was still sick. The V10 carbon, I honestly didn't like one bit. It was decent on tech sections I guess..but in my honest opinion get the Demo, I can tell it's a sick bike from my few hours of downhill. In a week i'm sure I can jump it better than my Scratch, and if you PM me i'll update you

Posted: Aug 16, 2012 at 2:30 Quote
Thanks man. Let me know how the jumping goes.

Posted: Aug 17, 2012 at 17:45 Quote
hello everybody ... any more thoughts?

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