Leatt DBX Comp 4 on top off POC VDP 2.0 2012 armor.

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Leatt DBX Comp 4 on top off POC VDP 2.0 2012 armor.
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Posted: Dec 30, 2012 at 12:51 Quote
Hello fellow pinkbike readersSmile

I've got this cool Christmas present from my girlfriend a Leatt DBX Comp 4 2013 Edition.

I'm already a owner of a POC VPD 2.0 armor witch i'm really happy for, it's so comfortable riding in, when the VPD foam gets warm you don't even notis wearing it.

So i'm not in the situation were i want to change armor right now, and fitting the Leatt brace under my back protector isn't possible. I see that in the Leatt Manual it is recommended to fit the brace under back protector.

Here is the question, is there any problems having the Leatt brace over the back protector in this case? the vpd foam is very flexibel and will harden up under impact, but will it destroy the way the brace should work?

I've uploaded a video where you can see how it is fitting, it feels tight and correct, but i'm still not sure it's right, maybe that's just the bad side of internet shopping, not having a specialist to tell whats right or wrong.
Im not using the chest plate so the front piece is in contact with my body, i will cut the chest plate out for the Brace to fit if i keep the brace.

I will use a jersey or even a jacket if it is raining over my POC armor and then the brace over it all, the Brace can be set to 3 sizes larger so a jacket will not be a problem.

On the photo i have change the spacer from 0 witch is the smallest spacer and one step up to 10mm and it feels tight but not to tight. Im wearying a L/XL size brace.

I´ve looked all over the internet for info off this combination and haven't found it yet so thought this maybe could help me and everybody else in the same situation.


Posted: Jan 12, 2013 at 23:56 Quote
I would say you have to try it during riding. I don`t think that there is a problem with the foam during an impact. A friend of mine is riding the Leatt over his POC Spine Tee (which is also equipped with foam in the back) and he never had any problems with it during an impact!
I`m thinking about getting the VPD 2.0 Jacket and wonder if you could give me a feedback about it- especially shock absorption during a crash. My only concern is if you hit e.g. a sharp stone will the foam work like a plastic protector or will it not absorb enough energy, have you hit any sharper stones or similar during a crash before??


Posted: Jan 21, 2013 at 11:35 Quote
I have had a couple of crashes and it absorbed it with no problems, never hit any sharp stones, but i can't see why it wouldn't absorb the impact. The foam is not that soft, and as soon it get a hit it harden up because the air in the foam cant get out under high pressure.


Iv got an email back from Leatt.

Hey Jannick

You can wear it over the protection but we do recommend you wear the brace directly on your body.

Best Regards
Chris Honnold

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