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Posted: Apr 14, 2021 at 18:03 Quote
Sn0rk wrote:
stoweboarder720 wrote:
Hey guys, wondering if anyone had experience with getting a replacement linkage on a 2nd gen Strive? One of the screws broke off in the aluminum pivot plate and my LBS couldn't get it to budge. Also, looking for any tips on how to tap the top of the shapeshifter pivot out of these two plates? Do you have to remove the plates themselves or can you tap the rod out with a mallet? Either way, I filed a warranty request with Canyon since I was loosening the screw and the head sheared off, which I don't really consider my fault given that I haven't removed it since I received the bike. Thanks!

I haven't had any experience with getting a replacement linkage, but I did have a similar issue with those screws. I was putting them back in and hardly Put any force through and the head snapped off. I managed to get it out with a screw extractor kit and just bought a couple replacement screws from a hardware store. I regards to getting the pin out, once you have both screws out yep all you need to do is tap it out. I generally use an Allen key on the pin and then hit it with a mallet. When putting it back in try use some lithium grease, I had some issues with creaking around that area and lithium grease on the bushings the pin sits in solved the issue.

Awesome, thx for the tip for the pin. Unfortunately, since the LBS already gave it a go, there's not much left to grab on to. That said, I did end up buying the silly kit to get the screws (I guess good to have on hand though), do you know what size you got from the store just for future reference? I guess I can give it a go with an extractor kit, but I'm worried if the shop couldn't get it, 0 chance I'm gonna have any luck. Glad to hear I'm not alone though!

Also, since you took the thing apart, how did you torque those inward facing linkage bolts? The ones at the top of the seat stays. I can't fit a torque wrench in there and thus I'm left with just using a regular allen key, but getting 20nm out of that alone is A. tough and B. imprecise. If you have any tips, that'd be huge, thx!

Posted: Apr 15, 2021 at 2:23 Quote
jppizarroc wrote:
Yetichon wrote:
jppizarroc wrote:
Hello Gunner Friends:

Let me tell you that I have a Canyon Strive 7.0 2020 (Size S). The thing is, I just bought a Shock RS Super Deluxe Ultimate, in addition to buying the MegNeg. (I haven't installed anything yet, because I lack a tool to install the shock).

Now I want to change my fork from the current RS Liryk 160mm / 51mm Offset to a ZEB Ultimate 170mm / 51mm Offset. The question is, is it convenient to keep the 51mm Offset or is it advisable to go down to 44mm Offset ???

Currently I have been very comfortable with the fork, the change is simply because the ZEB looks better and increases the travel.

I have a chance to go up to 180mm / 44 offset fork travel but I find it to be a lot for the frame geometry.

What do they say ??? ...

PS: Excuse my bad English XD

Greetings from Chile

---- Mensaje en Esañol

Hola Amigos Cañoneros:

Les cuento que tengo una Canyon Strive 7.0 2020 (Talla S). El tema es que acabo de comprar un Shock RS Super Deluxe Ultimate, además de comprar el MegNeg. (Aun no instalo Nada, porque me falta herramienta para instalar el shock).

Ahora quiero cambiar mi horquilla desde la actual RS Liryk 160mm/ 51mm Offset a una ZEB Ultimate 170mm/51 mm Offset. La pregunta es, es conveniente mantener los 51mm Offset o es recomendable bajar a 44mm Offset ???

Actualmente he estado muy cómodo con la horquilla, el cambio es simplemente porque se ve mejor la ZEB y aumentar el recorrido.

Tengo la oportunidad de subir a el recorrido de horquilla a 180mm/44 Offset pero encuentro que es mucho para la geometría del cuadro.

Que dicen ??? ...

Saludos desde Chile

Be sure to get a 60 and not 65 mm stroke on your S Strive, only the bigger sizes can accomodate it.

Regarding the fork, the bike has been designed with a 44 mm offset initially. I've no idea why, but on the 2020 models using RS forks, they used 51 mm ones. This was not the case in 2019, not the case on the 2020 models with Fox suspensions, and still not the case either in 2021.
So, if you have the choice, get a 44 mm offset fork (that being said, the difference is small, it'll work as good with both offsets).

For the fork, keep in mind that the Canyon EWS are using long travel forks, and that it works really well. For example, Jack Moir is running a 180 mm Zeb, plus a 10 to 15 mm spacer under the headset. It's nearly 40 mm higher than the stock bike (Jack is a tall guy tho). You can also check the recent test of Enduro-mtb with that setup, they say it's great.
Not that you should do the same, it's very downhill oriented, but it can be an option and it won't ruin the geometry.
I myself use a 180 Lyrik and a 10 mm spacer on my Strive. Feels great, and not that bad on the climbs.

Thanks Friend, you have photos of your Strive to see how it looks with 180mm, please.

The one I have available is a ZEB 180mm / 44 offset

As it goes uphill, does the geometry change a lot? Is it uncomfortable for very long climbs?

Regarding Shock, buy size 230x60


Last year picture :

Keep in mind the Lyrik has a 5 mm lower stack, and that being a B debonair, it's sucked down quite a bit. It's equivalent to a 170 mm Zeb I guess.

Posted: Apr 19, 2021 at 13:52 Quote
Wondering what style of bash guard/chain guide mount the 2018 strives uses, because I just bought a one up ISCG 05 bash guide and it doesn't fit. Do I need and adapter, if so could you please link, thank you.

Posted: Apr 23, 2021 at 6:49 Quote
Could anyone help me find out about what kinda headset I need in a 2015 Grand Canyon CF ?

Thanks in advance

Posted: 15 hours ago Quote
Guys, does anyone knows the shock hardware mounting sizes for the new canyon strive frames?
I need to order it, installing a fox dpx2, but I'm struggling to get this information (even canyon said they don't have it in their technical documents =/).

I measured bottom mount 25x8mm and top 16x8mm.

any thoughts?

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