Anyone else have trouble with hollow pin chains?

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Anyone else have trouble with hollow pin chains?
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Posted: Jul 28, 2013 at 13:59 Quote
So on my bike I put a new PC 1071 SRAM chain (2x10 setup), the hollow pin type. Just to pedal it around the backyard to adjust the derailleur and everything it was fine.

When I took it out for its first real ride, I had it in a relatively high gear and on the very first pedal stroke the chain snapped. Luckily I had my tool, and popped the bad link out and shortened the chain by one link, put it back together and carried on riding. get to a bit of a hill left it in a higher gear stood up and got two pedal rotations before the chain snapped again! Snapping a new chain 2 times is getting ridiculous. So I turn the bike around and start heading back, come to another hill, shift down to a lower gear this time, put some torque to it and pop! The third time in one day!

So I brought the bike home and checked a few things,

1. Chain tension slack and with a rider on with the suspension flexed
2. Chain line straightness in all gears, especially the higher gears
3. Ensured that the pin was pushed through the link straight and it protruded from the outer plates the same amount on both sides.

All of these things checked out fine. I called SRAM and talked to a tech that told me that the hollow pins tested just as high in tensile strength as the solid pins and that should not be an issue.

The last thing I can think of is that I am 230 lbs and capable of producing a lot of torque through the crankset and maybe a hollow pin setup is just too light for me?

Has anyone else had similar issues with SRAM PC1071 or 10 speed chains in general snapping?

Posted: Jul 29, 2013 at 7:12 Quote
I weigh 225lbs and run a 2x9 setup on my XC bike. I started using the PC1071 this year, and have not had chain problems as of yet. Mind you it has been pretty muddy in Alberta this year, and I tend to grab my other bike more for wet rides, so maybe I have not given the PC1071 enough abuse yet to really weigh in. I can confirm it did not break on my first ride though.

Posted: Jul 29, 2013 at 8:31 Quote
I've noticed some chains just don't like to be spit / it's like the pins never go back in the same . I've had chains break to many times now . I had to buy 2 of the same chain because the one I brought was 2 links short . But at least a carry plenty of spare links now . I also don't grease mine I just run a rag with WD ON it and run the chain through it to clean

Posted: Jul 29, 2013 at 14:26 Quote
Been running hollow pin sram for a couple of years now, no problems whatsoever.
Maybe you just had one they made on a Friday afternoon......
Shame they don't warranty them..
When you tested the length, did you remove your shock and put the chain on both largest sprockets?
It doesn't measure anything if you just sat on it....
Also how old are the cassette and chainring?
If they are used then the tension will not be even on each tooth and link

Posted: Aug 3, 2013 at 16:30 Quote
Well I switched to a 1051 solid pin chain and put it through its paces today and had no issues whatsoever.

Posted: Aug 22, 2013 at 4:13 Quote
No end of trouble with xtr hollow pin chain,snapped four times in 2 months,smooth shifting but not worth it really in the mud,kmc £10 chain on now ,no problems,reasonable shifting performance

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