British Cyclings Shimano BDS Rd2 Nevis Range, Fort William on May 10/11th.

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British Cyclings Shimano BDS Rd2 Nevis Range, Fort William on May 10/11th.
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Shimano BDS - British Cycling National Rd 2 at Nevis Range on Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th of May 2014.


Ranking of event:
UCI Category 1 Event.
BC National Single Points.

The Venue: Nevis Range, Torlundy, Fort Willliam, Inverness-shire. PH33 6SQ. Scotland.
Telephone: 01397 705 825, e-mail:

Located on the A82 between Fort William and Spean Bridge, the venue will be well sign posted.
From Aberdeen Distance: 154.1 miles / Time: 3 hr 31 min.
From Birmingham: Distance: 399.8 miles / Time: 7 hr 24 min.
From Bristol Distance: Distance: 481.5 miles / Time: 8 hr 41 min.
From Edinburgh Distance: Distance: 138.7 miles / Time: 3 hr 8 min.
From Glasgow Distance: Distance: 113.2 miles / Time: 2 hr 35 min.
From Liverpool Distance: Distance: 328.7 miles / Time: 6 hr 11 min.
From London Distance: Distance: 514.1 miles / Time: 9 hr 32 min.
From Sheffield Distance: Distance: 366.6 miles / Time: 7 hr 2 min.

Please do not park in the section of the car park in front of the ticket office/entrance to the gondolas.
When you drive into the venue and onto the car park main centre road, please turn:
RIGHT: If you are not in the pro pits. Please park responsibly.
LEFT: If you are in the pro pits. Please note pro pits is a pit area for pop up tents race trucks. All other team/riders vehicles will have to be parked in the racers side of the car park (on the right were you turn in). Spectating and parking will be free.

Parking is free as is spectating. Please note their is a fee for spectators to use the Gondola service, tickets are available at Nevis Range directly to purchase on the day. No advance booking is required.

The Course: The course is probably the toughest on the World Cup circuit and will be physically and technically challenging. The finish arena is large in size and will be surrounded by crowd barriers.
Riders are advised to wear suitable protection that they think suitable, walk the course prior to riding and ride within their own ability level.

Length - 2.82km.
Start altitude - 655m.
Finish altitude - 100m.
Vertical descent - 555m.
Fastest time 4:50 minutes.
Course rating (1-5 with 5 being very technical): Rating 4.

Nearest Train Station: Tom-na-Faire. Station Square, Fort William. Highland PH33 6TQ.

Nearest Ferry Port: Stranraer. Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland. DG9 7RA.

Nearest Airport: Inverness Airport (INV / EGPE) Dalcross, Inverness IV2 7JB.

Another major airport is Glasgow International Airport (GLA / EGPF), which is in Glasgow, Scotland and is 70 miles from Fort William. Edinburgh Airport (EDI / EGPH) is in Edinburgh, Scotland and is 89 miles from Fort William.

Medical: Rescue Medics will provide full medical cover:
Medical base at finish:
1 x Doctor/Paramedic
1 x nurse

On the course we will have medics covering each of the following areas:
1. Start to Tower 13
2. Tower 13 to Slabs
3. Slabs to Deer Fence
4. Deer Fence to Intake Road
5. Intake Road to Puggy Line
6. Puggy Line to Off-Beat Wall
7. 1 Floating with 4x4 ambulance
There will also be a 4x4 ambulance positioned at the Intake Road.

Camping: Nevis Range are operating on a first come, first served basis, limited camping. You can not book in advance. The car park at Nevis Range which is where the race will be held is hard standing gravel and access for big rigs is easy. Various camp site around the area, most favourable is the Glen Nevis Camp site. Do not empty your chemical toilet anywhere onsite and no fires.
You must leave site by 19:00 o the Sunday evening of the event.

Public Announcements: A PA system will be on site with announcements throughout the day. Toby Parodi, the voice of the BDS will be on hand all weekend. A Notice Board will also be on display in the Race Office/Rider Registration area for displaying information regarding the event.

Catering: Onsite Catering providing fresh hot and cold food and refreshments from 09:00 to 18:00 on Friday, 08:00 to 23:00 on Saturday, 07:00 to 17:00 on Sunday. Nevis Range have two cafes, one at the base station (which has free wireless) and one at the top of the hill by the start line. The mobile cafe will be open by the finish line.

Toilets: Both indoor mens and womens toilets are available both at the base station and the top of the hill near the start.

Skips: One 14 yard skip will be onsite.

Nearest Hospital: Belford Hospital, Belford Road, Fort William.

Nearest Police Station: High Street, Fort William. PH33 6EE.

Nearest Showers: There are showers onsite at Nevis Range at £1.00 for 3minutes and will be open when the cafe is open.

Drinking Water: Drinking water is available onsite.

Bike Wash: A bike wash is available onsite.

Midges: They can be a nightmare! The BDS team uses Avon skin so soft. If it's raining, windy/breezy or hot and sunny you wont see any. If it's a damp day with no wind and little rain they may appear, be warned.

Organisation: BDS Events. Race Director: Simon Paton. Email:
Mobile: 07968 229 359.

2014 Race Schedule:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday directly before the BDS, the track is open for anyone to ride, please pay Nevis Range directly.
09:00 Venue open for team pits, parking and camping.
10:30 - 15:15 The track is open for anyone to ride, please pay Nevis Range onsite, no need to book.
16:00 Course open for on foot inspection only. If you wish to use the gondola please pay Nevis Range.
16:00 Commissaire course walk.
18:00 - 20:00 Race registration, please bring your valid 2014 BC/UCI Race Licence.

07:00 Course open for on foot inspection only.
08:00 - 11:00 Race registration, please bring your valid 2014 BC/UCI Race Licence.
08:30 Uplift open for marshals and medics.
09.10 Uplift opens for all riders
09:30 Open practice for all riders.
18:00 Course Closed.
18:05 Riders meeting.
18:30 Last gondola down for marshals and medics.
18:30 Course open for on foot inspection only. No transport to the top is provided or permitted.

07:30 Uplift open for marshals and medics.
08:10 Uplift opens.
08:30 Open Practice for all.
10:15 Last Uplift Leaves.
10:15 First Uplift for racing.
10:45 Course Closed.
11:00 Timed Seeding Run followed by one timed race run.
17:30 Podium for top five in each category.
18:00 Last gondola down for marshals and medics.

Event Entry: The race is pre-entry only via the British Cycling Website.
Race entry is £75.00 and you will need 100 British Cycling points from your 2013 season to enter on January 4th 2014. Then is spaces are available those with 1 British Cycling point or more can enter on February 1st 2014.

Racer numbers will be available at the race office where all riders must sign on and present their valid National Federations race licence and membership. Failure to do so will result in a £10.00 fine payable to British Cycling. Once paid, the rider can then complete registration and compete in the event.

Riders will be given one number board for the series. It is your responsibility to look after the number board. A lost number board will mean an immediate £5.00 cash charge for a replacement front number board and £3.00 for a rear number board. As will a number board that has a modified shape, sponsors logos removed or both. No defacing of number boards is allowed. The number boards remain the property of BDS Events until the end of your race season.

Rider Registration opens: Friday from 18:00 to 20:00 and Saturday 08:00 to 11:00.

Note: For series overall positions, four out of five rounds count, including seeding points.

Race Categories and running order for both seeding and race run:
Juvenile - DMR 13-14 years (975-999)
Youth - NS Bikes 15-16 years (900-974)
Grand Veteran - Nuflex 50 and over (800-806)
Veteran - Dainese 40-49 years (700-749)
Master - Marzocchi 30-39 years (600-699)
Women - Flare Clothing 13 and over (525-549)
Elite Women - Schwalbe 19 and over (500-524)
Junior - Outdoor Tech 17-18 years (400-499)
Senior - Spank 19-29 years (200-399)
Expert - X-Fusion 19 and over (100-199)
Elite - Schwalbe - 19 and over (1-99)

Juvenile - Riders must be in the year of their 13th or 14th birthday.
Youth - Riders in the year of their 15th or 16th birthdays.
Junior - Riders in the year of their 17th or 18th birthdays.
Senior - Riders in the year of their 19th birthday then the Senior category is the appropriate aged based category. See below for how riders can attain Expert or Elite status.
Master - For riders aged 30 to 39.
Veteran - For riders aged 40 to 49.
Grand Veteran - For riders aged over 50

Prize Money: The fastest riders overall from the Male Junior, Senior, Expert and Elite will receive prize money and UCI points in accordance with the UCI rule book.
The fastest riders overall from the Female Junior, Senior and Elite will receive prize money and UCI points in accordance with the UCI rule book. All prize money will be paid directly by the race organiser to the riders by bank transfer. You will be contacted within 48 hours of the event with a request for your bank details and will then be paid with 48 hours. Please note there is no series overall prize money.

Mens UCI cat 1
1st 665 euros
2nd 530 euros
3rd 400 euros
4th 265 euros
5th 200 euros
6th 130 euros
7th 100 euros
8th 65 euros

Womens UCI Cat 1
1st 530 euros
2nd 400 euros
3rd 265 euros
4th 130 euros
5th 65 euros
6th 65 euros
7th 65 euros
8th 65 euros

UCi Cat 1 Points
1st - 60
2nd - 40
3rd - 30
4th - 25
5th - 20
6th - 18
7th - 16
8th - 14
9th - 12
10th - 10
11th - 8
12th - 6
13th - 4
14th - 2
15th - 1

For each remaining race category the top five will be invited onto the podium and will win a voucher to cash in at the end of the series after the last round. The race organiser will e-mail each winner directly on Tuesday the 16th of September 2014 stating exactly how much you have won and put you in touch directly with your category sponsor to claim your prize. If you have won for example £100.00 worth of vouchers you can purchase a £120.00 item and pay the difference yourself. If you purchase an item worth £90.00, you can not be refunded the difference.
You must claim your prizes by 18:00GMT on Friday 31st October 2014 or you will loose your prize.

Prize breakdown for each category*.
£100 for 1st place.
£80.00 for 2nd place.
£60.00 for 3rd place.
£40.00 for 4th place.
£20.00 for 5th place.
*This excludes the Grand Veterans category who will receive prizes at each event and also excludes the Elite Male and Female categories.

Rose Bikes Biggest Winning Margin £100.00
The rider who beats the rest of the field in their category during their race run by the biggest winning margin (There must be 10 or more in the category). In the event of a tie, the rider with the fastest race time will be declared the winner. Prize money will be paid directly by the race organiser.

Ethic Watches Fastest Time of the Day £100.00
The rider who records the fastest time of the day in their race run. In the event of a tie, the rider with the fastest race time in seeding will be declared the winner. Prize money will be paid directly by the Ethic Watches.

Works Components Fastest Time Through the Speed Trap £100.00
The rider who records the fastest time of the day in their race run. In the event of a tie, the rider with the fastest overall race time will be declared the winner. Prize money will be paid directly by the race organiser.

Podium: The award ceremony will take place ten minutes after the last rider has completed their race run. The podium will be located in the finish arena.

Instant Pop Up Shelters are kindly supplied by Surf & Turf who are supporting the BDS with Instant Pop Up Shelters at every round.

Uplift Procedure: Gondolas will transport both riders and bikes. Bikes will hang from their seats outside of the gondola, please ensure your seat and seat post are tight and up to the job. Please fill every hook on each gondola, failure to do so will result in longer queues. We will provide an uplift marshal at the pick up point. We aim to lift at least 200 riders per hour. The route is a circular uplift so the gondola has no need to stop.

Those who have purchased a ticket to ride on the Friday can use that ticket in the afternoon as an uplift to walk down the track, after 15:15.
If you just want to purchase a gondola ticket on the Friday afternoon as an uplift for you to walk the course then your best bet is to get 12 people together at the same time with one person making the payment having collected cash from the others. This would give you a group rate of £9.50 per person.

Gondola pricing and opening times for the week before the event, including the Friday. Just note the DH race track as used for the BDS will be closed at 15:15.

Gondola pricing and opening times for spectators:

Race Timing: the UK distributor for Tag Heuer.
Results will be posted in the main arena on completion of each event and online by Sunday 21:00.
Wireless communications will be used. The riders will start from a covered area and will cross a laser beam to start the timing. The finish line will use laser beams again to capture the rider crossing the finish line. A large T.V screen will show the results live at the finish line. Live split timing will be provided. Provisional results from each category will be printed and displayed within five minutes of the category finishing.

Race Regulations: The event will run under BC and UCI Regulations and Penalties. Please make sure you aware of the additional BDS rules:

Protection: Juvenile and Youth are required to wear the following body armour:
Full Spine, Elbow pads and Knee pads.

Refunds, Transfers and Cancellation of the Event: Refunds and Transfers:
If you wish to cancel a booking please note the following cancellation conditions:
29+ days notice: Entry fee minus a £12.00 administration charge per round cancelled. Refunds will be credited to your bank account. Please contact the race director stating which round you want to be withdrawn from and what category you are in. Also your bank account sort code and account number to
28 days or less, no refund.
Transfer requests with 29 days notice are applicable for any remaining events in the BDS series that year.
Transfer requests 28 days or less notice are not applicable.
Please note you can not swap your entry with another rider.
The race weekend starts from 15:00 on Friday (Course open for inspection) therefore the timescales above mean all e-mails must be received by our deadline which is 4 weeks before the 15:00 on the Friday of the race weekend.
The above policies are not dependant on circumstances and are final.
Please email please note we will not deal with any cancellations over the phone, by text or Facebook. Inform us of your full name, category racing and which rounds of the BDS we are dealing with.

UCi Elite Team managers, please inform the Race Director within 72 hours of the event (Friday 15:00GMT) if an Elite Team rider can not make the event. Failure to do this will result in a £75.00 fine. Payment must be paid in full before the next event, failure to comply will result in the team being unable to sign on for the next event until payment is made.

Force Majeure: If the BDS is prevented (directly or indirectly) from performing any of its obligations under the entry agreement by reasons of act of God, strikes, trade disputes, breakdowns, government or political action, interruption of transport, acts of war or terrorism, acts of omissions by a third party for any other reasons whatsoever outside of the BDS control, then the BDS will be under no liability whatsoever to you and may as its option, cancel the event.
If a BDS event is cancelled we will not be liable for costs of travel fares, hotels, or any other expenses that may be incurred.

It is your responsibility to ensure the race is going ahead before travelling. We will do our best to inform you if the race has to be cancelled but we do not accept liability if we are unable to contact you. We strongly advise that you check before making travel and accommodation arrangements.

If the event is cancelled we are unable to refund or part refund any entry fee, we are also unable to transfer your entry to another event.

Please follow the British Downhill Series on Facebook to ensure you are kept up to date.

Media Manager: Our Media Manager will manage the media and provide all our sponsors and media with photographs from the weekend.

UCI Commissaire: Drazen Orescanin.

British Cycling Commissaires: Kelvin Hoy, Andrea Lockhart, Paul Farley, Dominic Scott and Ian Jones.

Course Marshals: 30x marshals will be in place on course both Saturday and Sunday. Each marshal will be easily identifiable by wearing a high visibility vest. Marshals will also be supplied with a working two way radio, a whistle, a red and yellow flag and refreshments. We aim to ensure all our marshals are aged 21 or over and fit and able.

Rider 999 Richard Davidson is the rolling marshal during practice.

The marshal briefing will be carried out by the organiser and Chief Commissaire at 08:00 on the Saturday morning at the registration tent and then on Sunday morning at 07:30.

Insurance Document:
British Cycling have issued the insurance document and this has been forwarded to all Commissaires and and will be on display at race registration.

Course Map:
Will be presented to the Commissaires, Medics and Head Marshal on the Friday evening of the event. The map will also be displayed at race registration.

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