Commencal Meta SX builds - thoughts and opinions?

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Commencal Meta SX builds - thoughts and opinions?
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Posted: May 26, 2014 at 7:15 Quote
Just built up a Commencal meta SX, any ideas what could be improved on, I ride a variety of trails in the uk, Reds, Blacks, downhill, freeride jumps and all mountain.

Current spec is as follows;

Frame - Commencal Meta SX 2013
Forks - Fox FLOAT 160mm kashima + lockout 2011
Wheels - e thirteen TRS r / Hope pro 2 / dt comp spokes + Halo nipples
Cranks - Shimano SLX
Gears - Shimano SLX 1 x 10
Front chainring - e thirteen guider-ring M wide/narrow (34t)
Cassette - Shimano SLX HG81 (11-36)
Rear Shock - Fox Float Kashima CTD LV boost valve remote actuated
Seat - WTB volt
Tyres - Continental Mountain King exo protection (front) / Continental X King race sport (rear)
Bars - Nukeproof carbon 760mm
Stem - Nukeproof Zero
Brakes - Shimano SLX

Commencal Meta SX

Commencal Meta SX

Posted: May 26, 2014 at 8:34 Quote
Nice bike. I just got a meta sx frame, gotta build mine up as soon as possible. What size frame do you have, and how tall are you?

As for your improvements, First thing Id go for would be the brakes, for me it'd be a must. than the drivetrain down the road, only if you want. It all looks good for just riding, not racing, though.

Posted: May 26, 2014 at 9:23 Quote
I'm about 5 ft 11, went for the medium in the end, originally I ordered a large but that was way too big so I sent it back. Definitely made the right decision. Just took it out this afternoon to do some jumps and gaps and the geometry and sizing feels very comfortable and playful, no problems whipping it out. I can even do 180's on flat and it's really easy to manual which is good for a 160 travel bike, can't do that on my mates specialised Enduro evo or intense Uzi. I have been wondering about the brakes, I don't have any problem stopping, there's plenty of power but not a massive amount of modulation.. Thinking of upgrading the drivetrain and brake to xtr but if you have another other suggestions? Not a big fan of forumla brakes plus I want to keep eveything as light as possible, the bike weighs 14kg (31lbs). Another problem is with the rear shock, just seem to eating through the travel, basically using all of it on drops and that's with 200 psi which is at least 30 psi more than recommended for my weight! Considering a push tune. Also you gunna have fun with the internal routing took me about 3 hours, deffiantly route everything before you put any other components on!

Posted: Jun 5, 2014 at 2:21 Quote
Nice bike.

Is that a definitely a Fox Float LV shock (rather than XV)?

I ask because I have been looking for a new shock for my 2012 Meta AM and I have been told it may not fit. I am guessing if it fits on an SX it will fit on an AM. Although I am not even sure what the physical difference is between the two shocks.

Posted: Jun 5, 2014 at 5:11 Quote

It is a 2013 fox float boost valve lv eyelet shock with a remote CTD system, the lv eyelet may not be compatible with certain frames due to clearance issue because the diameter of the top of the shock where the eyelet is located I think.. It fits my meta SX fine. I asked wiggle before I bought it just to check the compatibility issue.

Here is fox's description of the lv system

I bought the shock from wiggle but it's not available anymore but here is a link to it

The main difference is weight 37g but it all adds up...

Posted: Jun 5, 2014 at 7:10 Quote
Thanks for the info.

I think the LV doesn't heat up as quickly either which with a trip to the Alps soon, would be a good thing. I think/hope it will fit!

Posted: Jun 6, 2014 at 13:51 Quote
Hey guys, I have a few questions about the SX, so thought I should post them in here.

Basically I have a HT for trail riding and a DH rig for DH and park.

I am looking to amalgamate the two into one 'do everything' style all mountain or enduro bike.

I had a META AM last year but foolishly sold it. So with the above in mind I feel the SX will cover all bases. My only concern is how well the bike pedals. Can you use it as an all day trail machine? Does it ride well? I am looking to use it for trails, trail centres, downhill, the odd trip to the alps etc etc.

Last thing I want to do is build one to find its not what I am after.

If anyone can shed some light I would appreciate it.

Thanks. Mat

Posted: Jun 6, 2014 at 15:30 Quote
SX if your fit, AM if your less fit.

Posted: Jun 7, 2014 at 13:55 Quote
Hi Matt,

I built my Meta SX with the same thing in mind, a bike that I could ride all day hitting long reds and also shred downhill and hit big jumps and gaps.

I've gotta say it rides really nicely all round, it particularly feels great going downhill, very responsive around corners and in the air due to the fairly short chainstays. I built mine with the Fox Float 36 and Nukeproof carbon bars as the frame is very stiff and responsive and I think 34's would flex a little and not be as good a match considering the frame stifness (or so I've heard), anyway it feels super stiff and bombproof at the front end with a 36 + carbon setup. The rear is great as well with short stiff flickable rear triangle and a suspension system which feel like 7/8" rear end rather than 6". Sucks up the trail nicely, takes the big hits in its stride.

Although I would ask what rear shock you where thinking of getting, I have a fox float CTD boost valve LV 2013 and it eats through the travel really easily even with high psi therefore I'm getting a PUSH tune from TF to give it a more progressive feel and stiffen up the 'climb' mode. You might not have this problem with a different shock but its not major issue as can be sorted with a tune..

To make the SX a good climber I think weight is the key, as with any any bike the majority of components are located around the middle and rear of the bike so therefore reduce the weight where ever possible. I would recommend, getting the lightest but still strong rear wheel setup. I opted for the e thriteen trs race rim which is super light for an all mountain rim, I think it come in at around 380g which is very rare considering its strength, pretty sure it beats any mavic rim weight to strength ratio. I had some Hope Pro 2 EVO's lying about so I built of these hubs, reliable, serviceable and a modest weight. I had a few more quid I would have gone for something lighter (maybe e-thriteen hubs) but they ride very nicely anyway.

I dunno if people realise how much your tyres choice can effect the wheel weight and rotational mass I have continental X-king Racesports a super light (560g), compared to maxxis high roller 2 (1155g).

Tyres can make a really big difference the conti X-king racesports are spot on, I much prefer them to maxxis, more grip and less rolling resistance on contis across the board in my opinion.

Also I would suggest using a XTR rear cassete to reduce weight further unless you get a sram 1x11 setup which would be great.

To reduce weight further I went for a 1x10 shimano setup with a 34 narrow wide ring on front so I didn't have to run any chain retention device of front mech. Never dropped a chain. Also got an extended range rear cog 40T, just what you need to get up the hills on a single ring set up with out forking out for a sram 1x11.

If your thinking of getting one you wont be disappointed if you build it up nice a light on the rear end.

I love mine so much fun!

Posted: Jun 8, 2014 at 1:27 Quote
Your build looks similar to mine and it sounds like we both enjoy the same kind of riding although I'm not fussed with weight and have gone for strength and reliability. I'd definitely add a dropper post to the build, it's completely changed my riding.

Here's mine, it's an SX1 complete build so unfortunately it has the CTD 34's (they do flex under my weight) and float rear shock - I personally hate the CTD with the remote lever, all I want is a good tune, I don't want to have to mess about with different modes so mine stays in descend (running 265PSI in the rear and I still blow through the travel...!)

Quick trial photo of my Commencal Meta SX. e thirteen TRS wheels and chain guide Saint brakes shifter mech amp pedals reverb Fox kashima 34 s.. Just the chainset bars amp stem to replace.

Large Meta SX
eThirteen TRS+ wheels
Saint brakes, pedals, shifters & mech
eThirteen chain guide
Reverb dropper
Renthal ring
FSA chainset (to be replaced)
SDG saddle
Commencal stem and bars (to be replaced)
Onza Ibex tyres (w/ tubes)

Posted: Jun 8, 2014 at 2:53 Quote
Your SX looks really nice, are those the scandium rims on e-thirteen hubs? also what stuff do you ride on it?

If you want your rear shock sorting TF will do a good tune for £140 I've heard it can make a world of difference, mines booked in next week so i'll let you know how it feels when i get it back.

Posted: Jun 11, 2014 at 11:32 Quote
What are you guys running for headsets and stems? Are you running any spacers?

Posted: Jun 11, 2014 at 15:39 Quote
Running 1 spacer and a Nukeproof zero 50mm length 0 rise feels good to me..

Posted: Jun 15, 2014 at 10:44 Quote
Thanks for the reply Davereflex. I appreciate the info.

Anyone else got a SX they care to share? I wanna see more rides!

Posted: Jun 25, 2014 at 12:00 Quote
Just ordered a VIP frame! Whoop!

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