AM/Enduro Rigs that can handle the Bike Park.

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AM/Enduro Rigs that can handle the Bike Park.
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Posted: Jul 25, 2014 at 12:57 Quote
The most fun bike I've ever threw a leg over. Yes its a franken bike with 26's in a 29er frame. Will get a new custom HT in the fall that has a bit shorter stay, tad longer reach and slacker ha.

Rips everything in a bike park, albeit not as fast on chunky chundery bits. Just a plain good'ol mountainbike. And yes that is over 10k vert in meters in one day on a HT with a dj fork

10 303 vert meters in one park day on a ht

Posted: Jul 25, 2014 at 16:15 Quote
nate35 wrote:
arnie86 wrote:
WasabiJim wrote:

how often you looking at hitting the park up? if you're gonna be riding locally like 5+ times a month, but doing the bike park the odd day here or there just a few times a year I'd settle for 160mm max, even a "stocky" 150mm. you can always run a second heavy duty wheel set with massive 2.5in+ tires at the park. you'll still enjoy the park days but wont hate your regular rides.

Probably 5 to 10 days a season. Im a light guy (150lbs). I planned on at least a second set of tires depending on how durable the stock wheelset was, different rotors and maybe a coil shock.

With regard to the norco range, i was wondering anyones thoughts on this mod

That bb height is way to high......
I imagine that bike would feel extremely top heavy. that's the downside with doing modifications like this. You might improve something but really screw something else up big time

there's no reason to try out engineer the professional engineers of norco.

I had the old Norco Fluid LT, the predecessor to the Range from 2008. i ran a fox 36 plus a coil shock for 160mm of rear travel. I applied it to several days worth of park riding and the odd DH track, evening racing for kicks. I was more than happy with how it went. I now have a 150mm "trail" bike and tbh I feel just as capable on it than that old Nocro. I'd expect the latest Range or equivalent from another brand would be even more so. Sounds like you're psyching your self up and freaking out about the big bad park, or all your mates talk about the need for 7in+ . I think you'll be fine. Look at what they do on light weight endro race bikes, or the bikes that do best at the Mtn of Hell and Megavalanch races.

Posted: Jul 25, 2014 at 16:27 Quote
Thanks for the input Jim. Just trying to get the most out of the one bike quiver I guess!

Posted: Jul 25, 2014 at 17:02 Quote
arnie86 wrote:
Thanks for the input Jim. Just trying to get the most out of the one bike quiver I guess!

join the club! Salute

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