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Suggestion: Props +ve/-ve/neutral
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Posted: Aug 18, 2014 at 10:49 Quote
Perhaps due to an over-sensitive mouse and the possible early onset of Parkinsons, I've on more than one occasion hit the negative props instead of positive. Problem is, once it's done it's done. Set in stone.

I think the props system could be made a lot more user-friendly, in case of such incidents, if it acted more like imgur's.

Ideally, both arrows are grey until props are given either way, and then they remain the colour for the appropriate props thereafter. This means it's easy to identify to which posts you've given props and don't try to give them again, just to get an annoying pop-up, which is not very graceful.

Click up once to add props (arrow goes green), click it again to remove props (arrow goes grey again). That's not the same as neg-props, you've just decided it didn't deserve anything positive.

Same with neg. If you click once, it neg props (goes red), click again it goes back to neutral (back to grey). Useful if you did it accidentally, or decide a comment wasn't as heinous as first thought.

If nothing else, it would be nice if you could use pos and neg props to alter your decision after-the-fact, but the imgur system would be brilliant.

Thanks for reading.

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