2015 BDS Rules and Regulations.

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2015 BDS Rules and Regulations.
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Race Regulations:The event will run under BC and UCI Regulations and Penalties. The BDS has the best safety record in the history of mountain bike racing in the U.K. Friday 15:00 we will hold a course inspection with the Chief UCi/BC Commissaire and the Race Director. Any recommendations will be immediately implemented.

UCI Commissaires: A minimum of two UCI Commissaires will be present as the UCI sanctioned events.

British Cycling Commissaires: A minimum of three BC Commissaires will be present at the BC sanctioned events.

The course will be covered by BDS marshals all aged 21 years of age or older. They will have red and yellow flags, radio communications and be briefed each morning.

BDS rules incorporate those laid out in the current BC and UCI handbook of 2015 and further additions as listed below. These are the 2015 rules that BDS Events insist on at each of their races.

Penalties are shown in brackets ( ).

If the BDS medics advise the race organiser that due to medical reasons a rider should be withdrawn from the event the: The rider will have their number board removed and they will be withdrawn from the event. No refund or transfer will apply.

Whilst attending the podiums, all riders must wear a race jersey and appropriate attire.

Re-Runs will only be permitted by the UCI/BC Commissaire after a red flag has stopped your race run. Please note that catching a rider will not constitute a re-run.

To compete in the final race run, all riders must at least start their seeding run and cross the start line. You do not have to cross the finish line. You will be added to the front of the race category for your race run.

All riders must sign on before they practice or race on the course (Unable to ride or race).

Riding the course without being entered (one year ban from any BDS Event).

Failure to sign on before registration closes Saturday at 11:00a.m (Unable to ride or race).

Riding the course outside designated practice and race times (Unable to ride or race).

Competitors must have completed two full runs on the course by the end of practice (Unable to race).

No defacing number boards. The number boards remain the property of BDS Events until the end of your race season at the BDS (£5.00 to replace your front number board and £3.00 to replace your rear number board).

Chest mounted cameras are not permitted (Disqualified).

No headphones/i-pods/personal music systems whilst on course (Disqualified).

Helmet strap undone first time (Disqualified from Sundays race run).
Helmet strap undone second time (Disqualified from riding for the remainder of the weekend, number board removed and returned to registration).

Helmet strap not properly attached first time (Held in finish arena until Commissaire speaks to you).

Helmet strap not properly attached second time (Disqualified from Sundays race run).

Helmet strap not properly attached third time (Disqualified from riding for the remainder of the weekend, number board removed and returned to registration).

Skin suits or lycra shorts may not be used during timed race runs. Peaks must be correctly attached to your helmet as the manufacturer intended (Disqualified).

Under suspicion of theft, the police will be called and you will be detained until their arrival. Anti-social behaviour, vandalism, riding mini-bikes, motorbikes, driving recklessly at the event (Disqualified).

Acts of violence, intimidation or vandalism (Life time ban).

You are not allowed to run your own uplift at any point over the race event, that includes the Friday prior to the race weekend (one year ban from any BDS Event).

No drone helicopters/planes are permitted at the event. (Racing will stop and you will be asked to leave the site).

Juvenile and Youth you must wear the following body armour: Protection for Spine, Elbow and Knee (Disqualified).

Anti doping: Riders participating in National Events shall be subject to In-Competition testing. Any rider including any rider who has abandoned the race shall be aware that he/she may have selected to undergo testing after the race and is responsible for ensuring personally whether he/she is required to appear for sample collection. To this end, the rider, immediately after finishing or abandoning the race shall locate and proceed to the place where the list of riders who are required to appear for sample collection, is displayed and consult the list. A list of Riders who are required will be posted at the Finish Line and also outside the Anti-Doping Control Office. We will provide a secure location for anti-doping following the guidelines.

Uplift Procedure: Tractors, trailers, coaches, gondolas and 4x4s will be used to transport riders and bikes up the hill. Riders will be separated from their bikes and will be required to wear their helmet on their head at all times (except in gondolas, coaches and mini buses). We will provide an uplift marshal at the pick up point. We aim to lift a minimum of 200 riders per hour.

This list is non exhaustable. You will have to wait in the finish arena until the appointed UCI/BC Commissaire comes to speak to you regards any of the above. Please be aware that the Commissaire may well be up the course and you may have to wait some time before they are able to speak to you, thus loosing you valuable practice time and you even missing your race run.

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