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Starting off in Downhilling...
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Posted: Oct 12, 2014 at 9:14 Quote
Ok, I'm wanting to start off in downhilling or biking that has got a bit of an adrenaline kick. I don't know where to start ( for those of you who are into this sort of thing I must sound like a right idiot but we've all got to start somewhere!). I'm based in Lancashire, are there any groups or clubs that do this regularly that I could join in with?

Posted: Oct 12, 2014 at 9:19 Quote
Have you gotten yourself a bike already?

I'm not sure about too many places in Lancashire, I'm from North Wales but there is plenty of places to ride here which are excellent for beginners to experienced alike.

I know of one place, called Farmer John's in Stockport. It holds regular races that are really good fun and great atmosphere. Usually has a number of tracks that you can ride (I think for a small fee, I've only been their on race days) other than that I think you might have to do a bit of travelling. Though someone local to the area might have some better ideas.

Posted: Oct 12, 2014 at 9:43 Quote
Yes I've got the bike, (all the gear and no idea) Smile
Thanks for that, North Wales isn't too far for me to venture for the weekend if I have no luck with anything round here, I'll look into Farmer Johns too and see what that brings up. Thanks again

Posted: Oct 12, 2014 at 10:14 Quote
If you don't mind travelling too much, Antur Stiniog which is North West Wales is brilliant to start off with. Has two blue, one red, a black and a double black graded route. Can book your uplift online and everyone there is extremely friendly and helpful.

Say it has one of the best uplift service in the UK.

Posted: Oct 13, 2014 at 9:17 Quote
Hi, ive beed mtb riding for about 25yrs. I have got very excited by downhill, so I have bought a bike...

.I have a set of 661 kyle strait knee and elbow pads from trail riding. I ride clipped in at the moment, so I know im going to ride with flats. That to me means I may need new hard knee and shin armour. Any recommendations.

I have an expensive FORCEFIELD back protector that I use for motorcycle racing and skiing.I have seen the forcefield pro shirt that has chest, elbow and shoulder armour, but optional back armour so I can use my current back protector.I also like the forcefield shorts as they have hip, thigh, buttock and coccyxs armour.

I have fullface helmet from motocross.I dont want to get hurt, but crave the adrenaline. Im nearly 50 yrs old and want to limit damage when I fall off.Does anyone have any observations or recommendations?


Ian in North Wales

Posted: Oct 13, 2014 at 14:25 Quote
If you are starting off in Downhill, riding flats is a must. Especially as the tracks and drops are much bigger and steeper than anything you will find in XC. So being able to quickly detach from the bike is a must.

I used to ride with 661 knee and shin all in one pads. But I always found with the roughness of the track they would end up falling down my leg which was annoying and often move from the areas it is supposed to protect. I've now switched to a good knee padding and sacrificed the protection on my shins... risky and have plenty of scars but at least my knee is always protected which wasn't the case with the knee/shin armour.

Something not mentioned, is a good pair of shoes (if you are using flats). Something with a good strong toe protection and good grip for the pedals. Toes can catch on rocks and floor.

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