BABAHBIKES heard of it?

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BABAHBIKES heard of it?
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Posted: Nov 17, 2014 at 11:05 Quote
Nice! I'm first man who buy this in Russia! babah frame fly to vodka and bears!
For a start watch this video, and next time... if You want read my bad english, and want to know some more about BABAHBIKES read it all!
And this I, with my new bike from babahs!
I beggar rider from Rusia and I don't have 2 000 US Dollars for buying Yeti SB66 frame, or Commencal meta 4x, NP Rook SS, DMR Bolt or some what can be ride fast and skillfully. Yes I want short travel bike with sharp angle of headtube, short chainstays, long ETT... and I want to this was be strong!
I will go to, and search cheap and cheapest frame, and I find that!
Brandal Locojoy! 375 USD for frame, 180 USD for delivery, 20 USD for paint, 25 USD for headset, all 600 USD! Nice i bought this! Long time i told Joko how frame i want, and they listen me and memorized... every thing all right! All how i want! In a week babahs send me drawing, watch this:
"all right!, all nice!" - I tell him, let's make it best!
And Joko undertook to work... frame fabrication required long time... but I will wait!
this is she without painting, at babah's workshop
And fast it come to me, five days for delivery!
But at once it... don't assembling, something has made on myself, instead of this make Joko. Ok i coped with it, all assembled and ready to use!
Ehhaaaa let's ride! all day all night! Crash Your head and scrap Your bones!, CrMo bike really strong!
All month i ride on that, every day, nice bike! Short chainstays, and stiff suspension I can jumping on bunnyhop almost meter! I can rush all trails! my head angle 66! no fear just fun!, best best best bike!
Huh, more words, more emotions.... nice bike, but not ready for sale, i told to Joko what they must finish, and i think what every thing will be all right!

Posted: Nov 17, 2014 at 11:39 Quote
That is one sick frame dude a real work of art !

A custom made bike for 600 USD is amazing.

And even though your English is not the best , it doesn't stop the message of how much you love this bike from coming across to the reader.

Happy trails.

PS : You should post a link to the website up Smile

Posted: Jan 25, 2016 at 20:24 Quote
I want to build a Babah next,

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