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Posted: Feb 4, 2020 at 17:26 Quote
Los5 wrote:
timparker wrote:
I’ve already upgraded, and added parts to this build. I did the “ride through the curb” test and was amazed! The X2 and 180 Lyrik soaked up that sharp 7” curb better than anything I remember riding.
I have carbon rims ordered, Yeti 800 carbon bars and grips ordered, custom decals in galaxy / Yeti turquoise ordered.
Adding parts from my Mach 6.

Nice ride-could go for some i9 trail wheels that are really strong and light. Cheaper that carbon wheels and take a lot of abuse. Renthal stems are also nice. The SB6 I had weighed 28lbs and climbed well.

I had Reynolds Enduro Carbon Blacklabels on my Mach 6, awesome, but non-boost. I have some carbon rims ordered, plus purple nipples and valve stems.

Posted: Feb 4, 2020 at 17:47 Quote
Here’s where I’m at with the bike today so far.

Posted: Feb 9, 2020 at 3:22 Quote
timparker wrote:
Here’s where I’m at with the bike today so far.

Nice build !! your sb6c looks new..
So my yeti is a non boost Smile 5 years of hapiness Smile

Enjoy it

Posted: Feb 9, 2020 at 13:40 Quote
Not quite an SB6 but close enough!
Plus there isn't a SB5.5 thread Frown

Just about to drop into Popty Ping over Bike Park Wales
Just about to drop into Popty Ping over Bike Park Wales!

Yeti during a local ride in the Rhondda
Yeti during a local ride in the Rhondda

Yeti over Smilog Forest
Yeti over Smilog Forest

Posted: Feb 9, 2020 at 14:21 Quote
Benjohn1986 wrote:
Not quite an SB6 but close enough!
Plus there isn't a SB5.5 thread

Nice bike
Turquoise and yellow.
Nearly a SB6c but 29” and a hair less travel.

You could start a SB5.5 thread

Posted: Feb 12, 2020 at 12:14 Quote
New Yeti bars and grips. I’ve got new carbon rims with Purple Hope hubs coming, and also new decals.

My custom build Yeti SB6C still adding new parts

Posted: Mar 16, 2020 at 16:30 Quote
Here’s my Yeti SB6C with a 180 Lyrik, Fox Factory X2 Shock. It’s a 1x11 9-50t cassette and XO1 drivetrain, Next SL cranks, Hope Pro4 hubs, carbon rims Maxxis Minion 2.6”, I9 stem, Yeti 35 carbon bars, OneUp 170 dropper and pedals, SRAM Guide/ Code brakes, 203 DiscoBrakes rotors. I’ve always liked purple.

Posted: Apr 20, 2020 at 9:29 Quote
Can I ask a request please?

The rear suspension mounting bolt above the dog bone on the rear triangle... when torqued to 7nm, how easily does it spin if you turn from one side only?

Trying to work out if I have an issue ! Mine turns really easily. If I set my torque wrench to 1nm, it spins really easily. Not sure it should.

Posted: Apr 20, 2020 at 16:23 Quote
If I remember correctly, I believe the threaded insert should be epoxied in there and not spin. I assume you are familiar with how the outer bolt wedges and holds solid that pivot axle, so the inner 10mm doesn’t need to be too tight

Posted: Apr 27, 2020 at 10:54 Quote
Tim - What saddle is that please?

Posted: Apr 27, 2020 at 15:01 Quote

Deity Speedtrap turquoise

I’m thinking about getting a Fabric Scoop teal

Posted: Apr 27, 2020 at 15:06 Quote
Quick 10 second clip of me 51 years old on a rough DH root section of a cross country trail riding my SB6C with the 180mm Lyrik.


Posted: Jul 4, 2020 at 12:33 Quote
I recently bought a 16 SB6 without a single scratch on it. I've been riding it pretty hard and my headset has started popping loud, like cracking knuckles when I turn. When I put my front brake on and push the bike forward it seems to have a hair bit of play. I think that the bearings might need replacing. What should I replace them with? Its cane creek in there now. I don't even know where to start. Thanks

Posted: Jul 5, 2020 at 0:52 Quote
If I remember correctly it’s zs44/zs56 there are different levels of Cane Creek and that ones likely just worn out or might even be the cheaper “10” model.

It’s “cool” to have a $170 turquoise Chris King
But most people just get Cane Creek 40s.

Are you bike savy? If so pull everything apart, clean and inspect. You’ll likely find the creeky culprit. If everything still looks good, pop the pressed in shells out, clean them and see if they are loose fit.

I press in headset cups using carbon grit paste in carbon frames for a tighter fit.

I apply lots of grease when assembling.

If an individual bearing is bad, you can source one online by searching.

Posted: Aug 8, 2020 at 14:27 Quote
I have a sb6c but I have no idea what year its from. is there any tell tale signs I can see that will give me an idea
thanks in advance


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