Is "RestoMod" allowed or even tollerated here?

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Is "RestoMod" allowed or even tollerated here?
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Posted: Jul 21, 2021 at 15:04 Quote
I had a retromod 95 Zaskar - didn't look as pretty as yours. I'm of two minds - I love a really nice retro restoration of a vintage bike, but retromods make a lot of sense and if they are done tastefully look great. I've seen some really nice Kona's.

I'm also super partial to retro drop bar conversions.

Posted: Jan 1, 2022 at 8:29 Quote
Hi Dave...there's nothing wrong with your build. I consider myself a purist to and have also been bit by revisiting my mtb roots with hard tails I could never afford when I got into the sport. My builds my not be spec correct but they are period correct. I have taken the fine line though on a few 98/2000 era builds by going to 2x10 drivetrains vrs. the 3x10's. If you really want to experience the world of snobs buy a 97/98 Klein (98 Attitude Comp in my case.)and have these guys tell you it's not a Klein anymore because it's under the trek umbrella....same bike as a 95/96 with ALL the Klein attributes and still made at the Klein factory and employees in Washington and listen to them thumb their noses at you say it's not a real Klein. 99 and newer I would concide to that way of thinking but would still never insult or belittle anybody. Not all Klein people are like that but the ones trying to sell their Klein's for3,000 - 4,000.00 are, I hope those Klein guys are reading this.....anyway nice bike I have 2 Zaskar LE's in my corral

Posted: Jan 12, 2022 at 4:43 Quote
I hate that so many bikes get chucked or just sit the the basement until the next generation those them away because people feel they are too old to keep going. I have two bike that I keep rolling long past when they are cutting edge. One is a 26" Fat chance YoEddie that every component has been replaced on at least twice. (I think the handlebar is from the original build,. But everything else is newish). I keep this bike running with modern stuff I has been built with XT, it has been built with X.9 and currently sports a Box Prime Nine group.

The other one is an old rock hopper that I keep functional. I loan it out to neibohood kids and friends who want to ride with us or who's bikes are broken at the moment.

Posted: Jan 13, 2022 at 19:11 Quote
How do you post pic...

Posted: Jan 13, 2022 at 20:55 Quote
BengtAberg wrote:
How do you post pic...

This thread may help you:

Good luck.

Posted: May 3, 2022 at 7:07 Quote
What current day parts would you put on a resto-mod?

I’ve got a 1995 Cannondale F700 (bought it when I was a Alison Sydor and team Volvo-Cannondale fan in the 90’s), and I just got my wife a 2008-ish Specialized Nyka (basically female fit FSR I think).

On my Cannondale, the Headshok front suspension was toast. Couldn’t find any parts to fix it, and little info how to anyway. Ended up modifying a headset adapter (with a hacksaw) so that I could put a basic Rockshox Recon on it (the only new fork that still had v-brake posts on it so I could keep running my XTR V-brakes). New Maxxis tires, that I am switching over to tubeless setup. Gripshift X-Ray shifters died as well (that clear plastic just cracked and fell apart), so I switched them out for some Microshift grip shifters (the only grip shifters I could find for a 3xCool . Otherwise all the other parts are mostly late 90’s or early 2000’s (Spinergy wheels, Speedplay Frog pedals, Easton carbon handlebar, Raceface cranks, XT derailleurs, etc).

The wife’s Specialized got a 1x conversion using a Microshift Advent 9 spd. Swapped out the handlebars and stem for something cheap that could give her a more upright riding position (she didn’t like the hunched over XC style). Will be swapping out the tires and running tubeless soon. As a novice rider, she appreciates the simplicity of a 1x drivetrain as opposed to 3x (she was getting cross-chained every so often), and a more relaxed posture.

I’m just getting back into mountain biking after nearly 2 decades away from the sport, and I have to say that I really appreciate tubeless, and 1x drivetrains quite a bit. Never tried a dropper post yet, but not sure it would work on old bikes anyway. Disc brakes are amazing, but I love my old XTR V-brakes still. And even the budget suspension fork works much better than my old Headshok (mainly because it has double the travel), albeit at a huge weight penalty and slackening of my headtube angle.

Which new components do you like on old bikes?

Posted: May 16, 2022 at 15:42 Quote
I think it really depends. Personally I'm fine with 3X on my vintage mountain bikes so I'm more interested in updating to 9 speed so I don't need to replace the crank and the rear derailleur.

If I wanted to go super modern I'd be looking at a nice 1X build - maybe AdventX - to get the benefits of wide range rear and no front derailleur. I'd probably stick a dropper post on it if the frame took a 27.2 seat post. Riser bar and shorter stem. I might mullet the brakes with a disc up front for a bit of extra stopping power in the wet / steeps. If I was going crazy I'd get rear disc tabs welded on and repaint.

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