Continental Trail King or High Rollers

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Continental Trail King or High Rollers
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Posted: Jul 19, 2016 at 17:36 Quote
Hey there, need to replace my rubber pretty quick and as always budget is a factor. Ride a Stumpjumper hardtail with Zoch Bomber forks, and 26" wheels. Mostly singletrack both up and down and most types of terrain. I am considering Trail Kings or High Rollers as they seem to fit the criteria of price, wear, all round terrain use and sizes. Thoughts on both in size(width), front and back, and tire.


Posted: Jul 21, 2016 at 11:55 Quote
I have Conti Trail Kings 2.2 and they have been great especially the front side knobs, Not seeing any wear and even though the side walls are roughed up from alot of large rocky rides I havent gotten a flat, Havent gotten into the mud with em yet but they stop and dig in much better than the race kings, of course they dont roll as fast but worth the trade off much more confident over the front end dropped the psi below 30 and good to go

Posted: Jul 21, 2016 at 16:00 Quote
I'm currently running a Highroller on the rear... Only a cheapo compound one, think its 26x2.35... Impressed by the grip and rolling speed, looks nice and fat but i have loads of clearance so its all good. I did run one on the front, but i couldnt get any confidence turning in hard with them...

I use to run Trail King, or Rubber Queen as it was called back in the day, on my hardtail. Used a 26x2.2 Front and Rear, before moving to a 26x2.3 Baron Front and Rubber Queen 26x2.2 rear. These tyres are huge in volume, but the grip and performance was very very good, and its probably what i'll move to when i replace my tyres

If you can afford it, the Black Chilli compound is apparently very good. I was running the cheapo compound, and although the grip was good, and the tread wear was minimal, i did suffer some problems regarding the bead of the tyre. Its happened to a few conti tyres now, and it starts to break away and tear the sidewall... However, the tyres were cheap as chips so it never bothered me too much!

Posted: Jul 22, 2016 at 1:57 Quote
I've had both. I'd have miles more confidence in grip especially in the wet with the HRII's. The TK's or RQ's are very light and good in the dry and may be a good choice for single track. But if you were doing more technical riding I'd go for the HRII's.

Posted: Jul 22, 2016 at 2:17 Quote
I have both tires, on different bikes.

I find that the trail king rolls faster, but I have more cornering confidence/ traction with the High roller.

No issues with durability or flats for either.

Posted: Jul 22, 2016 at 11:48 Quote
Great info guys. Thanks a lot! Let you know what i decide and how it goes.

Posted: Jul 22, 2016 at 11:56 Quote
never used the conti's, although i've userd both HR2 and Minions DHF. Just got a DHF 2.5 Maxx Grip and like it better than the HR2. Much more grip when turning and on technical stuff.


Posted: Jul 22, 2016 at 16:40 Quote
Ya, I was actually looking at the dh minion. Buddy of mine rolls it and he swears by it.

Posted: Jul 22, 2016 at 22:42 Quote

take a look at these Mic's

my pal just went on those
used it on front for some time
and also now replaced DHR2 on rear
i myself go on DHF/DHR2
im very happy with them
so them or the mics

i think the mics tread looks very good
the tread looks like
somethinginbetween those 2 Maxxis
and have massive side nobs

Posted: Aug 7, 2016 at 17:51 Quote
Well, I didn't end up with either of the tyres i asked about. Haha. I mounted a Maxxis Minion DHF EXO MaxxPro 60a 2.5 on the front and a Maxxis Advantage 60a 2.25 on the rear. Got both for around $100 total from Chain Reaction Cycle. Both barely fit on my old rig. Lol. Haven't been out on them yet, but pretty confident they will be a far cry better than my 20 year old Manitou Fang and 15 year old Panaracer...gotta give those two old skins credit though, they held up for all of my recent rides!

Thanks again for the input people!

Posted: Aug 8, 2016 at 9:49 Quote
MAXXIS HR for sure!

Posted: Aug 9, 2016 at 16:47 Quote
Stumperella and her new rubber slippers. Ready for the dirt ball!

Posted: Sep 21, 2016 at 16:15 Quote
Been out a few times now on my new tyres and as suspected they are far superior to my old ones. Way more confident doing everything. Will definitely try a High Roller on the back next time.

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