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Heading to Canada
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Posted: Dec 17, 2016 at 11:58 Quote
Hi guys

This is going to be a long one...

My girlfriend and I are planning to head over to Canada and live a year where the most important task is to enjoy our hobbies (MTB and Skiing) as much as time and our pockets will allow. This will most likely be in Spring 2018.

MTB has been primarily XC(only because we're situated in a flat country), but we both ride Enduro as well - with this we mean that the nearby trails doesn't necessarily have to be with lift access. With regards to skiing, it's primarily back-country skiing.

I have a bunch of questions for all of you who are actually going to read through all of this, please reply even if you only have a suggestion for one of the questions. Smile

Where to live?:
A friend of mine has had a couple of summer seasons in Whistler and suggested that we should try to accomodate ourselves in Squamish as it is upcoming, meaning awesome trails, not to crowded and the area itself is affordable. However, I'm more hooked on Whistler, since we also need to take our lust for skiing into account. What do you guys think? If Whistler, Is there any specific places that are nice to live? If you have links or know anyone who rents out rooms or apartments, then please share that would be much appreciated as well.

Where to buy bikes?:
Your favorite bike store, north of Vancouver or it could be in Vancouver as well.

Job situation:
Do you know the best/easiest way to get a hold of a job, when living in Canada or more specific Whistler? Do you know the job situation with regards to ski instructors (relevant for my girlfriend). I majored in Mechanical Engineering and if possible it would be nice with an engineering job, do you know any engineering companies in the Whistler area?

Now this question is kind of weird especially because this isn't really in the near future, but anyways. We are going to need some contacts when we finally get to Canada, preferably locals that can help us when we have some basic questions - Could this be you? - This is a kinda sucky task especially because you don't know any of us, but we would like to make up for that by buying you a beer or two when we arrive. Wink

Btw. I know that we could probably have browsed our way to the answers of some of these questions, but we chose to ask instead because maybe you have a good hint or similar, that could make us aware of something that we had forgot. Smile

Thanks a lot all ready if you got to this point. Smile
Martin Søndergaard

Posted: Dec 19, 2016 at 11:46 Quote
Personally, Id probably live in Squamish but I don't ski/board. That being said, if the housing situation stays as bad as it is right now in Whis, you wont have a choice and will have to live in Squam or Pemby. Im paying 750/Month for a single bed in a shared room, and thats pretty good price wise right now, which is mental.

Whistler is amazing, but not cheap. Squamish is a little cheaper.

But a lot could change by 2018.

Job wise in Whistler, they are everywhere, you will not have trouble finding a job!

I just cant wait for summer when I can ride park allll dayyyy again!

Posted: Dec 19, 2016 at 17:07 Quote
If you can make Whistler work it will be better for skiing. There is backcountry touring around Squamish but it can be hit or miss depending on freezing levels and some access is pretty far without a 4x4 truck and/or snowmobile. Problem is Whistler is very expensive. Not sure what the work visa requirements are for Danish folks but that could complicate getting a job as a professional. Ski instructors do not make good money in Canada (compared to Europe) until you have a lot of experience built up.

Either Whistler or Squamish have enough trail riding that they will blow your mind in the summer. Squamish you can usually mtn bike Feb through Nov whereas Whistler has snow cover for longer.

If you are worried about costs you might want to look at places like Revelstoke, Golden, Rossland etc. World class biking/skiing/touring and a bit cheaper to live in.

Posted: May 15, 2017 at 12:56 Quote
Hi everyone, I'm sorry for the delayed reply! Everyday life has caught up with me over the last couple of months, but I can finally focus on our trip again.

Thank you for your comments! They've been very helpful.

@Gramboh, with regards to snowcover, that was very good information. The main reason for choosing whistler is merely to have the best options with regards to riding in a local bikepark and have great conditions when it comes to skiing. However, our plan is to have a vehicle in the period so we will be able to transport ourselves.

Costs does worry me and living situation does as well, however, primary target is Whistler, but I will look into Revelstoke, Golden and Rossland if nothing comes up. Smile

Btw. with regards to work permit, Denmark and Canada have a program called :"The International Experience Canada - the Working Holiday Program", which benefits young people from both countries travelling between these two countries.

@VolatileMike, Some of the response for your reply are similar to the one I gave to Gramboh. However, a quick question, where did you find the room that you are living in right now?

Again sorry for the delay Smile

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