Using a 27 vs 29/27+

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Using a 27 vs 29/27+
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Posted: Mar 20, 2017 at 9:12 Quote
Hi there,

On a 27" bike will using a 29/27+ change the bike geometry?
I'm using Magic Mary 27" x 2.35" tires.
I could only find references about the benefits of 27+ (although I'm not convinced).
I need to get a new fork and I found a good deal on a 29/27+ fork. Not sure it is a good idea though.

Any thoughts or anyone having experience going that way.


Posted: Mar 20, 2017 at 16:56 Quote
I demoed the jamis, Santa Cruz and Trex 650B plus bikes in the rain I found them all to be a little slick on the rocks and slow on response. I also Demoed the KHS 6500 Plus at Interbike and found the suspension system FAST to help with the response that is lacking on plus size FS bikes.

Posted: Mar 20, 2017 at 17:13 Quote
I'm confused. Are you trying to put bigger wheels on your 27.5in-wheeled bike? I guess you could get a bigger fork and run one up front, but I think you'd be better off taking the money you'd spend on a fork, sell your existing bike, and get one designed for those big wheels, rather than a janky solution like that.

Having ridden a ton of bikes with a bunch of different wheel sizes, I'm totally sold on 27.5+ wheels, it's just a different style of ride than the 27.5; more about keeping your line and staying planted, and less about moving your bike around to pick your line.

Posted: Mar 21, 2017 at 12:42 Quote
To clarify I'm not trying to put bigger tires on my 27" bike and no intention to buy a new frame. I'm just rebuilding the frame with new suspension. I got the rear figured out (it is 216 x 63mm or 8.5×2.5″) and now I'm looking for a fork. I'm running wide rims (30mm) and big tires so it will get some of the 27+ feeling, or not.

So it looks like I should just fork the money and get the a 27 fork. The Pike 29/27.5 has a very, very good price and it is next door to me, oh well.

BTW how much are you guys actually using the dual air/talas on your forks? I mean I see how that can be useful when you climb especially with a slack head angle bike but are people actually using it or just set it on full extension most of the time.

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