The truth about your stolen bike...

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The truth about your stolen bike...
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Posted: Jul 21, 2017 at 13:39 Quote
I hang out in the bad part of town to buy stolen bikes and resell them 12 hrs away.... the truth is i get about 20 to 80 bikes a month at next to talking 7grand bikes for $200... lol me selling your shocks and brake setups alone pay me 4 to 10 times what i payed for the whole thing... first tip write down your serial number from your shocks not just the frame you have to understand your million dollar shock setup is all any one needs to see a profit from your bike... ive scrapped thousand dollar frames cause the greed is not worth the visit in jail.... second you have to understand that drug addicts do go out of there way for a living... it does not matter how far you live or if your at the jump park crack heads have access to cars.... and they do not care about your camera setup around your house or at the gas station you stopped to fuel your car... a rack that goes on your car is useless with out a sniper team watching your six... infact these are the types of grabs that turn out the best for me... your driving with a couple million dollars hanging off the back or even the roof rack... everything is deserved you must understand that.... they will follow your car until you need to stop weather it be for gas at your house.... funny part is know one tginks it will happen to them then thats your own fault because 90% of the bikes i buy run clean in the canadian cpic data base.... this is not just funny but supports people like me.... taking your serial number down is a start but listen if the police stop someone and the number is gone... (bondo and factory touch up paint sent right from the legit bike company) its as easy as telling mister officer the bike has a lifetime warranty and you damaged the original frame now bike company sent new frame to replace broken one but it did not have a s/n due to the fact its a replacement... this sound stupid but the psychology behind it is our mind does not go were it does not know... for example jesus is god you either believe ir or not because it is so out of our brains capability of u understanding we accept it or dont try to process it... second thing any thief can do when he gets a stolen bike is.... scratch your serial number off... report to the police that his bike was stolen.... then a few days the thief calls the police and tells them some kid was riding it down the street and that he had tooken his bike back from that kid... then mention to the police that his serial number has bin scratched off... the police will tell you to bring the bike to the police station so they can stamp it with you driver's license number... then bam bike is clean under the thiefs name.... but the whole time it was tour bike and the thief is the one who stole ot and made the whole story up to the cops to legitimatetely claim the bike as his.... if you care about your bike you will be 1 with it never lrave or put it down no were dont tell your self im gunna run in mcdonald grab a burger for 2 mins.... they only need a second... they see it and do it they dont debate with there self they just do it because if they do not do it right there in then they may be dope sick in the next few hrs and you wont understand whats thats like but its bad enuff for him to justify stealing your shit or he literally wont be able to hold his shit...squirts

Posted: Jul 21, 2017 at 13:53 Quote
Also stop reporting your bike under the s/n number en14766 this is not a serial number it a approval stamp to be brought into canada... about 40% of the bikes i get have this number on them... and police run that number and literally a list of 400 bikes comes up.... lol then they realize how ignorant your average bike owner is and laff at you for not putting in the real effort and never take the bike or second they take the bije but will not let the real owner claim the bike because there is no real proof its your due to the fact there is to many listed under that number and the police always go the easy route. And after a 30 day hold peried the thief can pick up the bike from the police lot.... the police do not give a f*ck i know and you know infact there probally laff at you... because they know how it is and in there pride assume your an idiot for not knowing... the police are like this in all situations talk to you like a baby because you do not no what they know and assume wat they know is everyday knowledge

Posted: Jul 21, 2017 at 15:10 Quote
Step away from the pipe!

You could try learning to write in paragraphs, then people may understand you.

Posted: Jul 24, 2017 at 13:48 Quote
Is this simple lesson in what we know already or a simple lesson on why to use grammar...?

Posted: Sep 13, 2017 at 6:53 Quote
There's actually a lot of good info there.

Posted: Sep 13, 2017 at 19:26 Quote
So this is a crackheads perspective? IF I were to ever steal a thousand dollar bike I'd be riding that for months straight not doping up...

Posted: Sep 13, 2017 at 23:58 Quote
pretty interesting tbh

Posted: Sep 18, 2017 at 2:30 Quote
This isn't the crack heads view player, this is the view from their dealer who takes it from them as payment for the next fix, or its the mate who buys it from the dealer and parts it out exactly as described.

Problem is, there's not that many 'PRO' bike thieves, most is just opportunistic theft and that's down to complacency by the owner. Like the OP says, don't think it's safe unlocked even for 10 seconds because your 2 grand bike only takes 1 second to jump on and ride off and junkies can moooove when there's a score to be made, just look at Lance Armstrong! ????

I can't speak from experience really as the only bike I've ever had stolen was my trike when I was 5 and I got that back the same day, the thief tried to sell it to my uncle and got a hiding!

My personal tactics involve pretty much never getting off my bike and if I do, I still sit on the top tube or hold on to the seat.

Locks are just a deterrent at best, has nobody lost the key or forgotten the code for one of those steel wire locks? Less than a minute to cut through with standard household wire cutters and less than 30 with a set of bike inner cable cutters and less than 2 seconds with a small set of bolt cutters. And you know how YouTube is great for learning new skills? Go have a look for videos on how to break bike locks!

I come from a pretty crappy area with loads of junkies and have been offered loads of stuff including many nice bikes, I'm not interested in the stuff but you all know there's plenty of other people that will be.

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