Life after 50....Is this the beginning of the end?

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Life after 50....Is this the beginning of the end?
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Posted: Jun 13, 2018 at 22:31 Quote
allmountainripper wrote:
Man, just have fun with riding! I badgered my dad forever to start riding and he started at 45. Now he is doing races (10-70 miles) and loving it. It has even crossed over to my mom. Ride the bike as much as you want to, don't worry about the watts stuff, go to the gym in the winter and in the summer a bit if you enjoy it. My dad does suffer from some cramps but has found help with hammer heed and pickle juice. Stuff gets difficult with age, but if you enjoy it don't stop! If you can't hammer as hard as before, does it really matter? Maybe, but what really matters is if it is still fun to you.

Well said!Cool

Posted: Aug 1, 2018 at 8:45 Quote
metro50 wrote:
What's up fellow cyclists!
Long story short, I started this sport at a late age of 50.

I was able to average 250 watts at age 51 (tremendously motivated),
but have steadily declined 15-20 watts a year.
Now at 55 I'm struggling to keep 200 watts ave.
Mileage declining.
Trying everything in the book.

* Creatine Monohydrate (German creapure)
* Beta Alanine
* I eat only organic
* Drink 1 gallon of water a day.
* No sugar, refined garbage yahta yahta
* Go to the gym twice a week (Legs & abs mostly)
* Sleep 5-7 hours a day 11pm nightly (could use more but aching back wakes me up lol)
* Can it be because I'm not riding as much? Rode about 8,000 miles a year age 51 but
only half as much because I rest 1-2 days in between now.

I can probably list more, but um well you get the picture.
Is this the beginning of the end?
My friend says it's all in my mind.
I don't feel completely motivated then I did at 51
Any thoughts, rants, advice?

No. It's all in your head, without a doubt. There are guys in their 40's that have raced the TourDeFrance. One of the best cyclcross racers of all time didn't retire until he was 39 and was still extremely competitive.

Ned Overend was/is still competative in his 60's. In his late 50's he was still smoking guys 1/2 (or less his age):

We have local guys in their early 50's that are still podium contenders in very competitive Cat 1 XC race fields.

I ride with a guy who is a beast who is mid 50's. Granted, he is an ex elite level rider, but point is it is possible. He's also a sports doc. I've talked to him, he'd likely tell you the following:
1) your are on the right path with your diet
2) you need to sleep more
3) about #2, get your back figured out
4) rest is key
5) eat more salt - this is the one he is a big advocate of, more salt, in general particularly for athletes.
6) more fatty meats and veggies.

My opinion is, hire a coach and get your workouts dialed in and you are going to have to ride more. I'm guessing lack of riding and lack of consistent sleep is really holding you back.


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