Aberdeenshire to Londonshire?

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Aberdeenshire to Londonshire?
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Posted: May 18, 2018 at 4:16 Quote
So, my wife and I are considering moving from Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire, to South London. She would transfer to her Sutton office, so we're looking at the Ewell/Epsom/Ashtead area (but open to suggestions!) I work in Building Services doing 3D modelling stuff and there seems to be plenty opportunities for me, so that's not a huge concern right now. We did like the idea of Dorking since there's riding to be had from the doorstep but I don't know how crazy a commute that would be into the City (if I do have to work there). My wife would like to be close enough to sort nursery runs and have a short drive or cycle to work, hence why we say Epsom area as it has the Common for wee loops, dog walks and a balance bike fanatic to zoom about on. We have friends in Richmond and Chipstead that we visit quite often, so it’s not completely alien to me but I appreciate it is a very different way of life. My wife lived in Croydon for a long time during her party days before moving back to Scotland. I guess there’s a few questions to come out of this public brain-fart.
Is Dorking manageable/reliable/financially feasible enough to do daily (and worth staying that far out)?
Any experiences/opinions on Epsom and surrounding in terms of both bringing up our 2.5 year old and being a mountain biker/trail runner/outdoorsy kinda guy? Is it a bikes in the van job and drive to Peaslake or is there anything decent nearer? I’m happy to break out the CX bike and bosh out a semi-offroad loop and I often have the dogs with me for ‘proper’ riding, so I drive to my local stuff that’s only a few miles away anyway.
“if it was me, I would move to [_______}”
I know lots of you have relocated but anything similar to this? Most folk seem to do it the opposite way around. Are we mad?
Any idea how the riding compares? What I’ve seen of the Surrey Hills is heavily manmade and manicured DIY bike park looking stuff- is that a generalization? Anything steep, tight and rooty?
There’s obviously more to it than biking and I’m looking forward to having a greater cultural experience than wat we have now. There’s no great pubs or restaurants nearby. If we go to a gig, it’s usually a 3 hour drive to Glasgow. Going abroad would be much easier and of course revisiting my childhood holidays in Devon and Cornwall is a possibility. A day trip to Bike Park wales would be the same as our day trip to Laggan or the Tweed Valley(there I go with bikes again) and of course nicer weather and an extra few hours daylight in winter. But…your tap water isn’t very tasty though. Sorry. ????
Any suggestion etc would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Craig.

Posted: Nov 3, 2018 at 10:09 Quote
Hi Craig

Appreciate it that your post was back in May, but thought I'd let you know that I live in/around Sutton - Epsom area and so if you're still curious/considering a move down this way, let me know and I'll try & assist if you have a question or two.


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