Help me rebuild my first DH bike

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Help me rebuild my first DH bike
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Posted: Jun 3, 2018 at 19:30 Quote
Hi all. I’m the new old guy here. Little back ground, I was never much of a forum poster, but I have been looking around this place for ever. Used to watch all the crazy hucking videos they had back in the early 2k’s. I used to race DH in Cali back in the late 90’s, but moved to Las Vegas in 2000, and kinda moved away from all my riding buddies. I sold my bike, and other than a short time with a friends bike a few years later haven’t stepped foot on a bike. Over the last few years I have found myself out of shape, unhealthy, and looking for something to get me out of the house. Naturally, I really wanted to start riding again. So I found a older bike, (2007 ironhorse) for almost nothing. I didn’t want to spend a bunch befor I knew that I’d actually start riding. Well I did, and have been and I am having a blast. I’m back to hiking the steep stuff and bombing whatever I can find. By bombing, I mean like really slow, but hey I’m getting there. Anyway I am putting a few bucks into the ironhorse. I swapped out the coil shock for a air shock, am replacing the fork, new seat, eventually I’ll put new running gear on it. I’m happy with older bikes, but I came to the realization that if I’m going to ride 26” wheels and older geometry, I think I’d like another shot at my first DH bike. I built the bike frame up. In 97 I drove to Supergo and got myself a brand new specialized FSR. It had a fox vanilla r, and came with a rockshox Judy DHO... I built the bike with whatever I had until it got upgraded. I rode the crap out of that bike, from the keysville classic to the first year they opened the Bullet at mammoth. I want to re build that bike. So if anyone here can start pointing me in that direction I’d appreciate the help. I hope to get to talk to some of you here, and hope to learn everything a 40+ year old needs to learn to get back to riding.

Posted: Jun 12, 2018 at 5:08 Quote
If it had the dho I'm assuming it is a max backbone frame. Lot of modern builds for inspiration if you search the web. I would find a boxxer for the front and modern drive train/brakes, possibly wheels with new rubber depending on cash. If money is no issue Risse rear end. FSR hold up surprisingly well though the geo is steep by today's standards.

I was going to part with my foes but I'm too attached. So my plan is to take parts off of my big hit comp they have the same headset, brakes etc, dive into the parts bin and have a 40 lb all mtn bike to tool around on and and I still have my monster T if I want to chuck it on the front end and do stupid things. My only issue has been finding a shock I like and a dropper that will fit. I am also 40+ bought a 26 inch knolly delirium off the forums as my main ride for everything but like you can't get rid of my first love. 3 bikes is too many and unfortunately my specialized is the one voted off the island though it is going to give further life to the Foes

Posted: Jun 19, 2018 at 18:26 Quote
Well, unfortunately I did. Let it go 17 years ago, and until recently never even thought about it. Funny, I road a steel hard tail, that was hardly even a MTB. I put a rock shock Indy on that thing and would just rip the crap out of it. My buddies all thought I was nuts, when I finally saved up the money for the FSR, I felt I had arrived. Then a buddy of mine got a DHO, and I remember thinking that my FSR seemed so week. It was my first DH bike, and I have already told the wife, this winter I will be searching high and low for one, and I will build it up. Probably just to look at, but yeah, if I can find a first gen boxxer, it will go on it.

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