Bike feels sluggish, rolls slow even on down slopes

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Bike feels sluggish, rolls slow even on down slopes
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Posted: Jul 15, 2018 at 16:26 Quote
So I'm riding a Norco Forma 7.3... couple years old now.
Last year I started to notice that the bike felt sluggish at times, like I was having to pedal a lot harder than I thought I should. Had a friend that's an avid rider look it over, he proclaimed it fine!
This year, it got bad, really bad... so bad that even with a back wind, on a down slope, on pavement, 40+psi tires, the bike was slowing down unless I was on the pedals!!
I don't ride a lot in adverse conditions, I check / refill air pressure every 3-5 rides (Rides are 35-80 mins typically), I stay out of the water for the most part, little bit of mud but it's not caked all over the bike.
I use chain LUBE not GREASE, 2-3 times a season.
I DID have the rear tire hub redone, new bearings and grease, that definitely seemed to help, but still get that sluggish feeling every now and then.
Front hub maybe? Even though in the air the front rolls amazingly well it seems.
could it be the rear sprocket?
Any insight would be great!!
(No it's not me, or imagined, it happens mostly only after I've been riding for a time, so maybe heating up something?)

Posted: Jul 18, 2018 at 14:27 Quote
Did you change the tires?
for example. its not the same using HighRoller2, vs say..,Ardent
That makes ALOT of difference. I had to change my HR2 rear tire because I couldnt pedal.
Switched to Minion SS, and now its so much better

Posted: Jul 18, 2018 at 19:22 Quote
Nope! No changes to the bike (Other than pedals) since I bought it...
This is it's third season, and my back tire is actually starting to show wear on the nubs (nobs?)
Front still looks great. Will probably replace them both brand new for next season.
The sensation is almost the same when you're riding along on hard pack, and hit a small soft spot, the bike just seems to hold up and hesitate for a second, then goes back to normal... which is what's messing with me lol

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