Norco Range A1 2015 - New Bike worth the difference ?

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Norco Range A1 2015 - New Bike worth the difference ?
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Posted: Sep 6, 2018 at 4:52 Quote
Hello Riders,

Its been 2 years now that I'm riding a Range 2015 A1 with a few upgrade and I love the bike.
Been doing bike park, Whistler, Kilington and its not a DH but can handle a lot and since I like enduro..

Sometimes I look at the new Range, yes they are nice and probably better bike but the geometry look the same
when you take only a quick look.

My questions is ..Wiill I see a big difference with a 2018 versus a 2015 ?

Posted: Sep 20, 2018 at 14:56 Quote
hey I have a 2014 carbon 7.1 completely upgraded my wife has a 2013 range killer b1
we just got 2018 a7.1 ranges an yes there is a big difference. we went with 29 to try something new and u can barely tell the difference in the geometry an they big wheels like a dh pig. My carbon is a pig but doesnt even feel good compared to new one. hope that helps. and I've always been against 29ers. also 9 years living in whistler and 3 in Squamish

Posted: Oct 2, 2018 at 23:11 Quote
I just upgraded from a 2015 Range A1 to the 2018 Range A1. Both large frames. It was a big difference. Probably the biggest improvement is the suspension and the bike stability. It just so much smoother and faster. If you like going fast downhill, the 2018 does that way better than the 2015 ... and I felt the 2015 did it very well.

Going to a 1x (if you hadn't already) is likely a big change as well.

That said, I'm still getting use to it. Still working on adjusting levers, stem and seat. The 2018 is bigger, or at least it feels bigger, even though the geometry hasn't changed much.

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