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Tandem MTB

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Posted: Nov 11, 2018 at 11:10 Quote
Any tandem team racers to give advice ? I have been an avid racer for a number of years (by myself) but never ridden a tandem. My wife bikes a little- no racing though.
How much time does it take to be a somewhat efficient team, or could we just hop on and go ? Would be looking at doing some midwest races like Chequamegon, Ore to Shore, nothing technical.
What price range is a decent used tandem- if there are any ? Anything to avoid ? Not looking to be on the leaderboard by any means but would like to get my wife involved in some races instead of waiting at the finish line.
Or should I just say the heck with the whole idea?

Posted: Nov 24, 2018 at 21:17 Quote
My suggestion, having grown up riding tandems and currently ride one with my girlfriend, is to not push the racing angle. If she's interested in trying it out it would be best to spend a lot of time on familiar trails without trying to push the pace.

Being a stoker (riding in the back) can be unnerving when starting out - adding race speeds/pressure (even if not looking to be on the leaderboard) isn't something I'd recommend adding early on.

I'd highly recommend finding someone with a tandem & lots of experience who will take each of you on a ride on the back. That way, your wife can have a smoother first introduction to tandem riding and you can learn what it feels like to be the stoker.

That being said, riding a tandem is a blast! Expect to do a lot more upper-body work as the captain, especially on trails, but MTB can be super capable (provided the switchbacks aren't too tight or the rocks too tall). Tons of traction, super stable, and absolute climbing machines - there's no way that front wheel is going to lift up!

Just remember - the stoker is always right!

Posted: Feb 19, 2019 at 15:53 Quote
I agree with what Something says. Absolutely don't jump straight into racing. MTB Tandems (in Georgia) is the goto interweb source for tandems and they host events around the south east for demos. The Ventana ECdM is the goto bike in the US. Older ones can be found for around 3-4 grand with plenty of life left in them until you decide to get serious and build one up from scratch. I race Enduro's on my tandem with my kids. Wife is not the slightlest bit interested (she rides road but not mtb), but 3 outta 4 of my kids love it and therefore its my favorite bike to ride becasue of who I get to ride with and where I get to take them which is basically everywhere. There's a pretty active MTB tandem facebook page "tandem mountain bikes".

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